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The "Words of Power" Blessings

"The Words of Power Medallion is a powerful technological device that empowers the user with the ability to speak Words of Power. The device was conceived during deep gnostic meditation by Dr. Mitchell Gibson. During this meditation, he saw a biognostic device capable of charging the subconscious mind of the user with Actus energy. This energy is derived from the music created by the sound created by the movement of the stars, planets, and galaxies. The medallion draws the energy out of the domain of space-time surrounding the user, channels it into the aura and subconscious mind, and charges the brain with Actus energy. To activate the medallion, the user must wear put it on and sit quietly for one hour. During this time, the device links the subconscious mind of the user to the energy of the Actus signal.  

Each device links only to one user. After the user links with the device, the device may not be used by another for the empowering process.

After the linking process is complete, the user may then speak Words of Power. The user must wear the Words of Power medallion while speaking the Words. As long as the user wears the medallion, he/she will continue to absorb the energy of the Actus signal. The longer the user wears the medallion, the greater the Actus energy becomes. For this reason, even those who have been personally empowered by Kathy and I will benefit from wearing the medallion." 

Such is a part of the description of this device as given by Dr. Mitchell Gibson. Unfortunately, it really is set up so that only one person can use each medallion, and it is also unfortunate that they cost $300.00 USD for each one. Now I will tell you for a fact that the energy is pretty amazing, but besides the fact of the price preventing most people from getting them, the Gibsons have a very annoying habit of making only a limited number of their medallions, and then not making anymore when they have all been sold. I recently purchased another from them only to be told a week later that it was no longer available, and that they just hadn't gotten around to removing the listing from their website. Suffice it to say that I was a bit aggravated by that. But what is of greater concern to me is that these energies which are transmitted by these Words of Power are energies that the vast majority of the people in this world need, and that most do not have access to by other means. That is the reason for what follows.

This energy is set up so that I can share it, but not attune you to pass it on. And, while it only takes a few minutes (8 to 10) to send the energy to someone, it is set up to send to one person at a time. There is energy in place with this that prevents it from being made into an attunement. Because of that, I can only share it with someone one blessing at a time. And, in working with the energy for these blessings, I have also discovered that they are intended to only be shared in the order in which they are given as each one builds upon the energy of the next. I have also found that this a very subtle but powerful energy, and that doing too many at a time can cause a major detox in the average person that is far from pleasant. As such, I will offer these to people on a donation basis, no more than one per week, and insist that you do them in order. I am well aware that a few of you will want to receive the last three first, but that is not going to happen. So, know that each Word of Power Blessing listed below is in the order in which they must be received. I shall keep a special file for these which I will check when you make each donation to see if you have done the prerequisite Blessings first.

Each Blessing will be sent during the process that we know as the Divine Puja which happens every New Moon as well as every Tuesday night. As such, you will also receive the energies of the Divine Puja for that night at further cost to you. And, you do not need to be doing anything special during the time of it's transmittal to receive it. All that you have to do is be open to receive it, and you shall do so no matter where you are, what you are doing, or how you are dressed. You can read more about this Divine Puja (Pooja) process at this link:

Notice: There are no refunds for donations or purchases made on this website so be certain that it is what you desire before you finalize your transaction.

Here are the Word of Power Blessings, and what they do:

1.The Cleansing Light of Mahakali is also known as “The Christ Light” or “The Buddha Light” in some other traditions, and yet it is a very powerful Divine Feminine healing and nurturing energy that will tie you strongly into what is known as the Mind of Kali, Christ Consciousness, or the Buddha Nature. Having this cleansed and empowered form of consciousness with make you a more pure vessel for the energies that follow this one. You can call it whatever you will, and receive it however you will, but if you desire the blessings that will follow during each Divine Puja after that then you must receive this one first.

2. The Attraction of Blessings to yourself causes energy within you that has repelled blessings in the past to change into an energy that magnetically attracts all forms of blessing to you according to what you consider the definition of blessings to be.

3. Projection of Blessings to others helps you to see what other people need, and then by your desire for them to have it – in a way in keeping of their own view of blessings – the energy automatically flows to their higher self where they are presented with the option to either accept or reject the energy subconsciously. There is no need to talk with them about it first nor any believable reason to take any credit for their blessings later on. Simply be grateful for the energy that did the work for them, and then it will continue to work for others as well.

4. Mahakali Consciousness is the ability to see beyond the limitations of this world, and the distractions that it presents to us. If you have ever wondered about the effects of your decisions in a year, a decade or a thousand years, or about what you can expect in future lifetimes due to actions and events that are happening now, then you are able to do that if you have strategic view of Creation from beginning to end.

5. The ability to rise above your negative choices is a major blessing! We have all made choices in the past that we have regretted later, and we have often seen their negative consequences play out afterward that have left us feeling powerless to reverse them, or to recover what was lost by those actions. This energy makes it possible to move on with our lives, and leave the energy of those bad choices behind., there have been a few “bad choices” in my life that have resulted in massive spiritual growth, and I have no desire to lose that, but there have been other repercussions from those events that I would just as soon have not continue to haunt me. This “Word of Power” makes that possible.

6. The Generation of Divine Thoughts and Words is about the way that you think. Most people are not really thinking for themselves, but are simply responding to the stimuli in the atmosphere around them, and others are limited by their responses to nothing higher than the collective consciousness of other humans, and to what is going on in the etheric realms around them. This, sad to say, is often true of many Shamans as well. This “Word of Power” plugs you in to the thought process of the Great Mother Goddess allowing you to access much higher and purer thought forms and energies, and allowing you to realize the greater truths behind all things.

7. The Ability to Speak with Angels/Yakshini in their own language is another great blessing here. Perhaps some of you have tried to learn the language of the Angels, known as Enochian, and have discovered that it makes the most difficult of human languages look just a bit tame. Well, Angels exist to serve all of those who call upon them, but the level of success in that service is based upon how well they understand what you desire. This particular “Word of Power” is like having the Babylon language translator online program only on steroids. It allows you to speak to the Angels in your own language and have them understand you perfectly. Couple this with any of the books by Damon Brand on Angel Magick, as I have done, and you can expect to see powerful results quickly just as I have.

8. This one adds Miraculous Healing Energy to your souls (all four of them), body and aura allowing many things to heal that would not heal before. Personally, I expect my ventral “hunch gut” (hernia) will be healing up very soon. The MD’s say that it is “irreparable”. But, what do they know? Their science is very limited.

9. Blocks all Evil Energy from entering your life. Translate this as blocking all energy that does not serve your highest good, or that interferes with your desires. Your desires and whatever serves your highest good are not always one and the same, but in the final analysis, anything that interferes with either of those processes generally falls within our definition of what is evil to us.

10. This “Word of Power” Heals and Blocks the Malefic Effects of both Stars and Planets. Now, we have many things that help with our own sun, moon and the planets of our solar system, but this goes far beyond that. For example, did you know that we are affected by all of the suns closest to our solar system as well as by the central suns for our galaxy, constellation and this universe, and that it is also possible to be effected by the central suns for three of the four other universes that we know of in the multi-verse? I have an Apprentice in Malaysia who is very sensitive to such things, but after receiving this “Word of Power” then the malefic effects of those suns will no longer affect him while the positive aspects of them will be multiplied in his life. The same can be true for you.

11. This one causes you to Achieve Prophetic Dreams, but only if you so desire to do so. Considering how this world appears to be heading, many folks would just as soon not know what is coming, but knowledge is power, and you should gain it wherever you can.

12. This “Word of Power” enhances your ability to consciously and powerfully Engage in Astral Travel. Now, everyone does so just about every time that you go to sleep unless you have some form of hematite on you as that stone will forcefully ground you so that you cannot get out of your body. But, many people who experience it nightly still have no control over where they go, and what they either do or have done to them when they get there. This will put you in the driver's seat, so to speak, and in control of the process.

13. This one Heals Financial Karma. There are some folks in this world who have been less than bright in either this or previous lives, and someone has talked them into taking a vow of poverty. There are words for people who get folks to do such things, but none of them are polite. Such vows can sow havoc for many lifetimes! Then there are such things as stealing from people, cheating them out of their money, and making financial promises that you have no real intention of keeping. All of this and more falls within the bounds of financial karma that this energy will heal. When this happens then you can expect much greater wealth, prosperity and abundance to manifest in your life when you take the actions that make it possible.

14. Have you ever consciously abused someone emotionally in either this lifetime or another? Have you ever taken your anger out on some faceless person on the phone simply because you knew that you could? Have you kicked your dog or cat out of frustration, or railed at your family members since they are stuck with you anyway? This “Word of Power” removes and Heals that bad Emotional Karma, and it cautions you against doing more of such things in the future.

15. This one Heals Sexual Karma which is the worst of them all! Whether in this lifetime, or in previous ones, if you have sexually abused, molested or raped someone, or used a position of power to convince then to have sex with you, then this is definitely one that you will not want to miss. There are some people alive today who are women, and they think that they always have been. This is simply not so. Most of us alternate between being either men or women until we reach such a specialized level of function in our process of enlightenment that we lock into one or another, and then there are those of us who enjoy being both, and we alternate from one to the other quite often just for the fun of it.

But, there is even more to the sexual karmic puzzle than most people ever think about. For example, did you know that a full 52% of rapes in the USA are committed against men and boys, and that many of their rapists are women and girls? And, if you are a woman or a man, and you tease someone sexually, and lead them on to the point that they do something to you out of frustration, or you just leave them to suffer, then that produces bad sexual karma for you too? And, when they fixate upon what happened to them then they will often become victimizers themselves later on. Whatever bad karma they accrue in that way not only applies to them, but it also applies to you. Are we having fun yet?

The implications of bad sexual karma are immense, and getting it often involves destroying the security, self-confidence and self-respect of those to whom it is done. Therefore, this is the worst and hardest karma to overcome. That is why this one is last in this process.

The descriptions given above come from my exploration of these energies since I received this medallion.

So, there it is. I don't particularly like it when people do things like this, but it is what it is, and as I have been looking for what many of you need to help you along the way, and this is what I was led to, then I will do what must be done to facilitate your ability to receive these energies. You will be able to receive it yourself, but because of the way this medallion has been limited, you will not be able to share it directly with others. Accepting limitations is a concept that simply does not fit well with Tibetan Kapalika Aghora, and so we will always find a better way, and especially when other people say that we can't. But, so far, that way has not 

presented itself.

This will be a very powerful time for all of us as we go through the next several months. We have known that this would be a very prosperous year (2015) for us, no matter what happens with the world economy, but it simply remained that we needed to see how it would happen. These powerful energies will make much of it possible, and what remains to be done to make it happen will be for each of you to discern the actions that you are to take along the way, and to step out and take those actions. These energies will bring you many possibilities, but you have to physically sieze the opportunities when they present themselves.

There is another thing to be aware of, and that is that it sometimes seems to get worse before things get better. Sometimes Mahakali and the spirits have to get some things removed and out of our lives to make way for the good and new things that are coming to us. If you seem to be going through some rough times then remember this, and know that it will be much better soon. Suffice it to say that the three days following my empowerment to this medallion were very powerful, but they were anything but fun, and I can now see the good that is coming from it. But, a difference between me and you was my getting all of this energy at once. Getting each energy a week apart will make this much easier for you.

There is another interesting thing here. You may have noticed the reference to “Actus Energy” before. It is present in everything concerning this medallion, and is one of the most interesting parts of it. The best definition that I could find in a non-occult source was from the Roman Catholic Church. Here is an article of theirs:

A technical expression in scholastic phraseology.

I. The terms actus and potentia were used by the scholastics to translate Aristotle's energeia or entelecheia, and dynamis. There is no single word in English that would be an exact rendering of either. Act, action, actuality, perfection, determination express the various meanings of actus; potency, potentiality, power, capacity, those of potentia. In general, potentia means an aptitude to change, to act or to be acted upon, to give or to receive some new determination. Actus means the fulfillment of such a capacity. So, potentia always refers to something future, which at present exists only as a germ to be evolved; actus denotes the corresponding complete reality. In a word, potentia is the determinable being, actus the determined being. The term actus, therefore, has a much greater extension than act or operation. Every operation is an actus, because it is the complement of a power; but all other perfections and determinations, whatever be their nature, are also actus. On the other hand, the being in potentiâ is not to be identified with the possible being. The latter belongs to the logical order; it is a notion whose elements involve no contradiction. The former belongs to the real order; it exists in a subject which, though undetermined, is capable of determination. Potentia is more than a mere statement of futurity, which has reference to time only; it implies a positive aptitude to be realized in the future. It would also be a mistake to identify the scholastic actus and potentia with the actual and potential energy of physics. These terms apply only to material substances, and are exclusively dynamic; they signify the capacity for doing work, or the actual performing of work. The scholastic terms apply to all, even spiritual, beings, and refer to any reality which they possess or can acquire. The Aristotelian "energy" (actus) as such, i.e., considered as actuality, can never be potential, these two terms being opposed to each other. Actuality and potentiality are mutually exclusive, since one means the presence, and the other the absence, of the same determination. Yet, in all beings except God (see ACTUS PURUS) there is a combination of actuality and potentiality; they possess some determinations and are capable of acquiring others. Moreover, the same reality may be considered as actuality or potentiality, according as we take a retrospective or a prospective point of view. In man, skill and science are actualities if we compare them to human nature, which they presuppose. But if we compare them to the actions themselves, or to the actual recall of acquired knowledge to consciousness, they are powers, or potentiae. If we keep the same point of view, it is impossible for the same thing to be at the same time in actu and in potentiâwith regard to the same determination.

Aristotle and St. Thomas explain this theory by many illustrations, one of which will suffice. The statue exists potentially in the block of marble, because marble has an aptitude to receive the shape of a statue. This aptitude is something real in the marble, since many other substances are deprived of it. It is a receptive potentiality. With regard to the same statue, the sculptor has the power, by his action, to carve the marble into the form of a statue. His is an active power, a real skill or ability which is lacking in many other persons. In order to have the actual statue (actus), it is necessary for the sculptor to exercise (actus) his real skill (potentia) on a substance which is not yet a statue, but which has a real aptitude (potentia) to become one. I can form no idea either of the marble's potentiality or of the sculptor's skill unless I first know what is meant by an actual statue. In the same manner, the man born blind is unable to understand what is meant by the faculty of vision. In general, potentia has no meaning, and cannot be defined except through the corresponding actus.

II. The distinction between potentia and actus is at the basis of, and pervades, the whole scholastic system of philosophy and theology. Whatever is determinable is considered as potential with regard to the actual determination. Genus and species, subject and predicate, quantity and shape, child and adult, matter and form of the sacraments, etc., are examples of potentiality and actuality. Here we must confine ourselves to the fundamental applications in metaphysics and in psychology. (1) In metaphysics the distinction runs through the ten Aristotelian categories. All being, whether substance or accident, is either in actu or in potentiâ. The essence of creatures is a potentiality with regard to their existence. Material substances are composed of primary matter and substantial form (see Matter and Form), matter being a pure potentiality, i.e., wholly undetermined, and form being the first determination given to matter. Efficient causality is also an application of potentiality and actuality; the cause, when at rest, remains able to act. Change is a transition from the state of potentiality to that of actuality. Generation, growth, and evolution suppose a capacity which becomes fulfilled. (2) In psychology special emphasis is laid on the reality of the potentiae, or faculties, and their distinction both from the soul and from their operations. External senses are determined or actualized by an external stimulus (see Species), which gives them the determination necessary to the act of perception. The internal senses (sensus communis, phantasia, memoria, aestimativa) depend on external sensations for their exercise. Memory and imaginationpreserve in potentiâ traces of past impressions, and when the proper conditions are verified the image becomes actual. We have no innate ideas, but in the beginning human intelligence is simply a power to acquire ideas. By its operation, the active power of the intellect(intellectus agens) forms the species intelligibilis or the determination necessary to the intelligence (intellectus possibilis) for its cognitiveact. All tendency and desire is actualized by some good which one strives to acquire. In rational psychology man is conceived as one substantial being, composed of body and soul, or matter and form, united as potentia and actus.

There is a tendency today in nearly all the sciences towards "actuality" theories. But, if analyzed carefully, such theories will necessarily yield potential elements. In all things we find capacities for further development and evolution, forces and aptitudes which come to be utilized little by little. In scholastic terminology these are now real, but not actual. They exist only as potentiae, which, to manifest themselves, await the proper actualization.

The highlighted portion above is the main part of interest, but the rest of the article will flesh it out very well for you. Yet, in relation to the occult view of the term Actus (which is related to the goddess Venus), consider that the sum total of every conceivable action by these Words of Power can be manifest in your life as well as in the life of anyone else that I activate the words to serve. And, that whether you use what you receive for yourself or for others, that energy is moving through you to do it's work. Further, that by simply wearing the medallion, what it does for me is to make all of that ability able to manifest more and more easily. So, the more that I wear it the greater will be the potential effects of the energy as it is activated on your behalf. That means that when we get to the final three “Words of Power”, which everyone will most likely desire the most, then the energy for them will be so strong as to be be almost unfathomable. Because of this, the energy from each Blessing will be sent in what we know as a "Buffered Orb" that will feed the energy to you as much as you can handle at a time so that you will get it all without being hurt. And, we will give you an Orb of Life free of charge to use as you will so that you can learn more about this wonderful energy.

As with all of our attunements on this website, this energy will also be set up in such a way that it will update in frequency, and will follow you from lifetime to lifetime. And, it will prompt you concerning it's being there for you as well as how to access it. True Shamanism is about empowering people, and not only for just this lifetime. This is what we teach our Apprentices to do, and we will set up the same process for anyone who makes a purchase or gives a donation for something on this website.


Jai Mahakali

Baba Prajna Shiva Kalidasa