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2016 Financial Report for Naturopathic & Shamanic Services, Inc., and How We Do Our Work 

While our primary focus is to do and teach Cherokee Medicine, and the ways of the Tibetan Kapalika Aghora Path, we strive to assist all other forms of Matriarchal spirituality in their ability to do their work no matter where they may find themselves in this world. In 2016 we did a better job of this than we have ever been able to do before due to our sales to customers, 100% of which goes to this purpose, and due to $2,000.00 in designated offerings for specific projects. Because of this we were able to either fully or mostly equip seventeen Bon tribal and Hindu Shamans, help to furnish a Shamanic Kali Temple here in the USA, and to fully equip a Congolese Medicine Man who is one of the rarest of men fully trained in Congolese Women's Medicine so that he can serve the Congolese refugees living in Pittsburgh, PA. And, we were able to provide training to people in tribes around the world who don't have money in the sense that we understand it, and some financial assistance to a Unity Church teaching Meta-physics to primarily former fundamentalist Christians and others.

Here is how that broke down financially:

We received a total of $49,000.00 USD in both internet sales and donations, and our expenses for all of what was covered in the first paragraph above cost $33,735.52 USD. This included some of the donations from my Apprentices that I am supposed to live on, but the mission always comes first. That left $15,264.48 USD for me to live on which averaged out to $1,272.04 USD per month. Considering that I work somewhere between 12 and 18 hours per day seven days per week, and sometimes more when it is needed, then I can assure you that one really must love this work to do it, and now you know why we are what is called a "501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation".

If you are interested in a life of service then visit the "Aghora Apprenticeship" page on this website, and see if this Path is really for you. Maybe one out of ten thousand of us will ever get rich in money, but we are blessed beyond degree by the blessings of the Great Mother Goddess who is known as Monolah in Cherokee, Mahakali in Sanskrit, and Troma Nagmo in Tibetan. They are all one and the same Goddess. There is only one ultimate Creator. Fortunately, She doesn't much care what we call Her since all things come from Her anyway, and be it a male or female name, as long as we do so with respect.