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Advanced Kali Naga Sorcery

I have told people many times that Sorcery is not what most people think it is. It has been vilified over and over again by the mainstream patriarchal religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism) because it is virtually impossible to control a woman or man who is a fully empowered Shaman and/or Sorcerer, and they hate anything that they cannot control. After all, controlling people is what religion is really all about as to the empowerment and self-awareness of a free spirituality. In truth, Sorcery is the ability of an individual acting alone to tap into the unmanifest energy of the Void of Kali, and create or manifest anything that they so desire.

In Tibetan Kapalika Aghora we ask that all of our Apprentices go through a process whereby they build a firm foundation upon which to manifest true power. Those who do so become very powerful indeed, and those who don't get frustrated when things don't go the way that they want. Those latter ones deserve that frustration since they were warned. And, the foundational courses that are required of them are also required of anyone who wants to move into this higher realm of power. You do not have to be an Apprentice of mine to do these same courses, and all of them are available here on this website. Those courses are:

1. The Kali Naga Shamanic Power Package:

2. The Universal Shaman Empowerments:

3. Power of the Nepalese Shaman:

4. The Tibetan Sorcery Initiation, and it's prerequisites:

5. The Kapalika Aghora Initiation:

6. The Kali Naga Sorcery Package:

7. And, The Mahakali Package:

You can do all of the prerequisites to this advanced process in one year of constant daily work, and still maintain a full time job and family life, but the Advanced Kali Naga Sorcery course takes five years to complete, and is only allowed for my Apprentices and those of the Dragon Mother to receive. There are eighty-two attunements in the process, and you are more than able to finish them in the course of an eight year Apprenticeship. Here is the first course:

The Vajra Kapala Empowerments

This Kapala comes from the skull of one of the most powerful Tibetan Sorcerers that has ever lived. We will share a bit of his story here, but not the powerful empowerments or his Mantra of Power. If you want those things then you will have to satisfy the prerequisites to be able to receive this course. Here is his story from 1,000 years ago:

High upon the cliffs of Mount Kalash journeyed a powerful naked old man with a small pack slung over his shoulders. Immune to the cold, and able to breathe the thin air of these high regions due to his powerful spiritual practices, he searched for a cave that had been shown to him in a dream. Seeing a curve in the rock wall above him, the old man moved to the left side to the only place where the cave in his vision could be seen, and there

was the crack in the wall just over a thousand feet higher on a sheer stone wall. Taking a meteoric iron Phurba in each hand, the old Sorcerer began to chant his mantra, and shortly thereafter, he began to float upward in the air. In just a few

minutes he was standing just inside the mouth of the cave, and was completely hidden from the army that had been sent to stop him, and his followers who prayed for him, in the desert wastes below.

There were great crystals embedded in the walls of this ancient cave of initiation, and they allowed the light of the sun to fill the cave. Moving forward, the mighty Sorcerer found a hole in the floor from which volcanic gasses escaped. There he opened his pack, set out a tiger skin rug upon which to sit on the south side of the hole, and arranged his ritual tools around him.

Drinking some water from a seep in one wall, he also half filled his kapala with water, and returned to his seat. Releasing a few ounces of ###### ###### ####### into the skull bowl, he next opened one of the cuts received on his climb, and added an equal amount of his blood into the kapala as well.

Next, he loaded a sacred pipe with tobacco and two leaves of ######. One leaf was all that would be normally used, and two was bordering on dangerous and foolhardy, but that is what is

needed for this most powerful of Kali Naga Sorcery initiations.

Lighting the pipe with an ember from a small fire, he took the kapala in his left hand, smoked the pipe with his right hand,puffed on the pipe, and ###### ###### ###### the kapala, and chanted the following mantra 108 times:

(You have to earn the right to receive this Mantra of Power!)

After each mantra he puffed and blew ###### ###### #######.. Over time, it took on a hazy appearance as it was filled with the power of the elements of which all are present

within the sacred pipe.

There is earth in the pipe, air in the breath, fire to burn the tobacco, water in the moisture without which there can be no airflow through the tobacco, and spirit in the sacred smoke that carries the prayers of the Shaman. When he had finished with the sacred smoke and the mantras then he drank all of the contents of the kapala, and turned it upside down over the hole in the floor of the cave.

Pausing only to rest, relieve himself, drink from the seep and to eat a handful of cold, pre-cooked black rice twice per day, the old man continued to chant the mantra until he had fulfilled ###### repetitions. When he had rested again then he moved the kapala to the side, drew a ###### ####### over the hole in the cave floor, and placed a bell in the north, a kartika to the east, and Vajra to the south, and a Phurba in the west with all of them on the floor before him in easy reach.

Sitting in meditation, he contemplated all that he knew about each symbol. Each of these ritual items incorporated the Vajra within them except for the Vajra itself which had one on each

end. Here is some of the commonly held wisdom of our day concerning each of them:...

Suffice it to say, at this point, that the story goes on much longer, and that there is great power shared in each part. In fact, I have no doubt that you can feel some small bit of the power here, and so will give you this warning. There are powerful curses built into the protection of this process, and anyone who attempts to steal or misappropriate these energies in any way will be laid waste by them. Here, specifically, is what such a person can expect: 

Violate this and every disease that I have ever helped anyone to heal from (many hundreds) will be visited upon you before you are allowed to die, and all of your worst nightmares will be compounded and will play themselves out in your life. After all, no evil deed should ever go unpunished. There shall be no mercy!

In Kali Naga Sorcery we strive for balance in all things, and that includes a balance between Darkness and Light, We do not try to get rid of either - as it is the presence of both that makes this a free will planet - but I have no doubt that some of you are offended that I would put such a curse upon someone who attempts to violate such an energy as this. Well, if you are one of those offended people then my recommendation to you is that you leave this website at once, and go to one filled with frivolous crap for New Age butterflies. I have said it before, and will say it again, that Tibetan Kapalika Aghora is not for the timid or faint of heart. Now, let's get on with another piece of the story:

...At the end of the fifth year hundreds of his nomadic followers came to the base of the mountain and made camp. The next morning, one of his senior Apprentices brought a clay jar filled with spiced black rice and bits of dried fruit, and he placed it where the bundles had been before. Then the old Sorcerer caused it to disappear so fast that there was a clap of thunder with it’s passing. In the cave, he opened the jar, ate some of the rice, and then mixed in some of his remaining #####, resealed the jar, and gathered together his ritual tools and his Kapala. As the sun was beginning to set, he went to the mouth of the cave, gave thanks to Mahakali and the spirits, chanted his mantra as he held his Phurba, and slowly descended to the people waiting below.

All through the night his people would come to sit by him. First there were the elders, then the women with small children, then the rest of the common people and finally the Bon Jhankri and

the Sorcerers with his Apprentices. Each one would talk quietly with him about his or her needs, hopes and desires, and then he would give them a blessing, and put some of the remaining black rice, which had been poured into his Kapala, into their hand for them to eat. In this way, each of his people received his or her deepest, most heart-felt desire, and also energy from each of his five years on the mountain...

...One day, ### found a young soldier from one of the local armies who had been wounded in a fight, and left for dead where he had fallen. Having taken an oath to do all in his power to alleviate the suffering of others, ### did what he could to aid the young man even though he knew this soldier was his enemy. When the young man was almost well some people from one of the tribes came to ask ### to do a sky burial for a young man who had died, and so he left to do so in his usual way.

When he returned three days later he found that the young soldier had alerted his superiors as

to his presence, and other soldiers had laid in wait to arrest him. Knowing that his time in this world was short, and what the Buddhists had already planned to do to him, ### sent out a piece

of his spirit in an energy orb to seek out the spirit of one who had also been murdered almost 700 years earlier before completing his sacred work, and set things in motion so that his Kapala would come to that one in a later life to help him complete his appointed tasks. Then he meditated upon the Great Mother Goddess Mahakali, chanted his mantra, and awaited the gruesome fate that he knew was coming with as much detachment as possible.

The warlord well knew of ###’s legendary abilities, and ordered that he be executed immediately, and four horses were tied to his arms and legs and whipped in the directions of the four quarters causing him to be torn apart, and then his remains were turned over to Buddhist Jhankri who removed the flesh from his bones, made elaborately carved ritual objects out of them, and did a ritual process to cause his spirit to be trapped with his

Kapala, and then distributed everything else to Buddhist Lamas to be used by them, and placed his Kapala into a monastic temple in Lhasa where it could be seen, but would never be used as it’s being used ritually could cause his spirit to be released once again.

And there it remained until 1959 when the monastery was destroyed by the Chinese army, and then for another fifty-five years until it was found in the rubble, and the spirit orb made the connection. And so it came to me early in the year of 2014, and the spirit of ### was set free.

An interesting side note is that it was a Tibetan Buddhist Lama from Nepal who found it, and he had recently sold me two rare ritual items for the Tibetan Kapalika Aghora Dragon Mother and I to use to better connect and commemorate our relationship. When he uncovered it from the

rubble around where a side altar had been then he saw me in the spirit world, and innately knew that a great wrong would be set right when I received it, but that it should still go to me for “a great price”. Mahakali provided what was needed in a form that has become all too familiar to me: enough money to feed all of the residents of a temple or monastery for one year. In the process of things, it was revealed that he is the reincarnation of the young soldier who had betrayed ###’s kindness to him so long ago, and now he is also freed from that past karma.

Of course, there is more to the story than is shown here, and as I said before, there is great power in the reading of the story as well as in the full description of the ritual with the various parts and components that were not revealed here, and in the name of the Master Sorcerer as well. Suffice it to say that this five year process is a major life changing process, and the power that develops within you is like nothing you will have ever received before.

While you are doing that five year process, you will also have other attunements and empowerments to work through. One of those comes from an artifact called the Kali Naga Staff. One is shown in my favorite picture of Mahakali, and it took me fifteen years to find one. Even when it's empowerment to me was not yet fully completed, here is a description of what it was able to do that I sent to my Apprentices:

"The Kali Naga staff that I have sought for years has recently come into my possession, and the dedication process for it will be quite lengthly, but the power of it has already proven to be exceptional. A couple of years ago, the Dark Lodge tried to take us out, and the battle centered around Sir Richard and the Knights of Mahakala. Indeed, he almost died from it, and it took both Raven Mahakali and Spirit Buffalo Woman (the current acting Dragon Mother of the Asaga) to save him. Recently, the Dark Lodge tried again in almost the exact same way against the Order of the Lotus Flower, and since I had obtained this powerful tool just the day before then I decided to take it into the battle with me. There were their forces on one side, along with a Grey Man and one of the Princes of the Dark Lodge, and we were arrayed across from them, when all of a sudden, the Light of Mahakali sprang from the staff, and obliterated the entire army before us in an instant. None of us told it what to do. It just happened, and we all sat in stunned silence looking at the dust and ash where there had once been a great army that looked like they might just seriously kick our collective ass before the day was over. I will tell you now that being in the presence of so much power was humbling.

The Kali Naga Staff has several layers of symbols and coverings, and we have three courses that will help you all to prepare to receive this empowerment, along with the other prerequisites, and they are attached. The two Tibetan Energetics courses are password protected, and that password is #######. The other prerequisites are the completion of all levels of Kali Naga Shamanic Power, completion of the Universal Shaman Empowerments, Kali Naga Sorcery, and having begun the Vajra Kapala Empowerments which is the beginning of the Advanced Kali Naga Sorcery program. Believe me when I tell you that without this preparation you will not be able to handle this level of energy.The Kali Naga Staff is not only a great and powerful weapon, when needed, but is equally powerful for healing, bringing spiritual awakening and self-realization in others, and empowering many other activities much like an intense and powerful generator. Doing the work to not only receive this empowerment process, but to learn how to make your own, will be well worth all of the time and effort to earn the right to receive it.

If you think that you might not be up to this process, then your only hope of getting anywhere close to that kind of power will be by engaging in a new process that the Order of the Lotus Flower will be starting very soon, but even that great power and Light will be somewhat dim in comparison. Of course, you can do their's now while you do the work to get to the other later on. If you desire to do so in this manner then contact them at [email protected] to learn more about this tantric empowerment process, and the training that will be involved in empowering you to do this sacred work that is known as 'The Service of the Heart'."

Anyone who receives this training and empowerment will be able to make their own Kali Naga Staff, and that alone is priceless, and there are 76 other attunements and empowerments besides what is covered here. To be able to receive this Advanced Kali Naga Sorcery training and empowerment then you must have completed all of the prerequisites covered before, and you must also be one of my Tibetan Kapalika Aghora Apprentices. All of the information that you need is on this page, and the two pages covered there in the first paragraph.

You can take the prerequisite courses mentioned above before you Apprentice, but if you do then be aware that the Apprenticeship will still be for eight years either way so you may as well apply for Apprenticeship now. If you choose to do so then you will also need to answer two questions for me:

1. If you were a tree then what kind of tree would you be, and why? And...

2. What do you desire to achieve from this training, and what will you use it for?

When I have those answers, and you have read the pages covered above, then I will do a process involving two Tibetan Divination methods to determine if you will be a good Apprentice for this process or not.

A future filled with great power and opportunity lies before you, It is up to you to determine if you will embrace it or not.