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Ancient Egyptian Energies

This system includes twelve attunements to the following energies:

* The Golden Globe

* The Pyramid of Giza Temple

* The Sacred Cobra

* Isis Blue Moon

* The Temple of Isis Initiation

* The Golden Honey Bee

* The Sacred Peacock

* The Sacred Jackal

* The Sacred Sphinx

* The Heart of the Desert

* The Golden Anhk

* The Sacred Cow of Hathor

These energies can then be activated for use during your meditations, healing work, magical and personal development work. There are no prerequites for these 12 attunements, and you will receive an 18 page course manual which you may then pass onto the people you attune to this system.

I had originally taken this course because of my interest in the Sacred Cobra alone, but was persuaded to take it all due to my wife's interest in Bee Shamanism. The Golden Honey Bee attunement has so profoundly changed her life for thew better that I am glad I did it.

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