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Apprenticeships Available in Shamanism and Tantra: See below for more information!

As of 24 March 2013 the Shamanic Apprenticeship list is closed as we are only accepting Kapalika Aghora Apprentices at this time. It has been our experience that those who are not willing to go all the way into the depths of this full Apprenticeship are often quite willing to quit even though the results of doing so are harsh while people who commit to do all that their spiritual growth demands of them right up front will generally follow through. So, visit the Aghora Apprenticeship page when you get through here.

How Apprenticeships Work:

You make a commitment to work with me for three years, and commit to pay a certain amount in donations each month. The best way to do that is to pray for guidance from Mahakali, and decide what this level of training and attunement is worth to you. There will be no written contracts between us. You tell me what you have decided to donate, and why you made that decision. I will pray about it, and then we will finish the deal. Sometimes you may need to pay less, due to the economy or your employment situation, and you are always welcome to pay more.

What you will receive in return will be all of the attunements, empowerments, activations and intitiations shown on this website as well as hundreds more. Most of the others will never be on this website as they are very powerful, and are reserved only for Apprentices. You will also recive spiritual covering and protection, help transmuting negative karma, guidance in learning your way around the spirit world, and help that is only an e-mail away in normal circumstances, or a phone call away in emergencies, 24 hours per day. Since the hundreds of attunements are sent by e-mail, and since the energies sent out with them cannot be recovered, then there are no "trial" Apprenticeships.

You also have my commitment that if I am involved in a conversation with you then nothing short of a call from the International Mahakali High Priestess will ever cause an interruption. And, I will always answer e-mails from Apprentices first before all others including clients who may be paying me more than you are. Apprentices are the future betterment of this world, and we have to keep our priorities straight. 

Apprentices are expected to work physically with me two weeks per year when possible. That can either be here in my home and temple, or it can with you in your's or somewhere else. It can also be for a day or two at a time or all at once. Sometimes that is not always possible, but we do the best that we can. If you are in another country, and money is an issue, then that may not happen at all.

When you commit to an Apprenticeship then you are tying into the energy of an ancient lineage, and so are bound by the ancient traditions as originally set by Mahakali well over 100,000 years ago. Keep your commitment and things will go very well for you. Betray your commitment it will not be so good. Essentially, there are only two ways for an Apprenticeship to end:

1. You do your work (attunements and frequent communication concerning what is happening in your life), make your donations, and get through the process having learned and grown along the way.

2. You don't keep your commitment, and get to face all of your negative karma at once so that you learn some very hard lessons very fast. It's an unpleasant way at best, but you still learn a lot of valuable lessons. It's just a lot rougher than the first way. But, either way is acceptable as either one will insure that you learn your lessons.

So, before you waste our time and reap the whirlwind in your life then you be dead certain that this is something that you really want to do. An Apprentice recently quit, and she admitted less than a day later that she had really screwed up, and she wanted to restart her Apprenticeship. I told her that she could do so, but that it would not end the karmic lesson that she was learning.   

Fill out the contact form if you wish to apply, and tell me why you desire to do this work, but do so after reading the Aghora Apprenticeship page.

Sex and Apprenticeship:

The Apprenticeship process is a very strict arrangement with little room for sexual intercourse between Teachers and Apprentices. Working as an Adawehas, a Daka and Sacred Prostitute is definitely a part of who and what I am, and a part of what I teach, and the healing and empowerment process of a Mahakali Priestess is often extremely sexual in nature, but I have little tolerance for sexual intercourse in the Teacher/student relationship with the reasons given below.

If I am training someone in Mahakali Tantra, or taking someone through the fifth through thirteenth sessions of the Tantric Sexual Healing and Empowerment Process then she may choose to engage in sexual intercourse with me, and it will be on so fast, simply by her physical actions, that I will have little to say about the situation, but in most all other situations then I simply refuse. It is my right, and I choose to exercise it in that way. I have sat in Yab-Yum with some of the most beautiful women on this planet, and yet we have not engaged in sexual intercourse. It is my right not to do so, and it is also theirs! As you will read about shortly, those of us who do this work have a serious “no tolerance” attitude for certain kinds of sexual misbehavior.

The purpose of training people in shamanic forms of Tantra and Cherokee and Kali Naga Shamanism is to empower them to be free and to help them find the way within them to do the same for others. As far as I am concerned, Teachers who force their students to have sex with them are guilty of the worst form of rape, and should be treated accordingly as they have held the student’s spiritual growth and development hostage and coerced the student to have sex with them in an un-natural way. No human has yet invented a punishment worthy of what this sort of Teacher deserves, but we have done the best that we can.

Any Apprentice of mine will receive the Yab-Yum Empowerment, and will know how to use sex to further their psychic and spiritual capabilities as well as for healing of many things on many levels. I only engage in that sort of activity with Apprentices on an emergency basis and at their request, and have often sent them on to work with other Teachers afterward rather than continuing with me as it is something only to be engaged in regularly with spiritual equals.

When Teachers and Apprentices become lovers then the Teacher/Student relationship is violated so that it becomes difficult for the Teacher to correct his or her lover as a student which violates the purpose for which they are together. And, the student or Apprentice becomes more interested in pleasing the Teacher physically rather than by means of gaining greater spiritual growth and power. Teachers who don’t control themselves with their students wind up alone with no one to teach for about seven lifetimes as the Spirits and the Goddess take a rather dim view of such activities as well.

About twelve years ago I had a group of nineteen Apprentices in Michigan of whom sixteen of them were some of the most beautiful women I have ever known. Just across the Great Lakes, in Canada, a patriarchal sweat lodge leader raped one of his female students, and one of my Apprentices brought her to me for help. We did the healing work that was needed, a soul retrieval and some decidedly non-physical sexual healing, and she went on her way. I made a few phone calls, and then it seemingly was over.

One week later, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police made a rather grisly discovery. Two boats had landed on the shore near the lodge, and eight sets of moccasin prints - four male, four female and all with different tribal designs - had converged upon the lodge. There was obviously a fight before the sweat lodge leader turned rapist had been subdued.

He had been staked to the ground inside the lodge with his pelvis over the hole for the stones in the center to hold his blood and various body parts. His hands had been cut off, he had been castrated and disemboweled, and the lodge was burned down on top of him while he was still alive. Shortly after the Canadian forest rangers had arrived to put out the fire the RCMP was called. There was a single Great-horned Owl feather hanging on the altar pole along with his limp, useless and dishonored penis and scrotum. This was evidence, with the wrapping on the feather, that a southeastern woodlands “Witch-Killer” had been there as well.

Being the only medicine man teaching Witch-Killing in the area, the RCMP and two FBI (Fry Bread Inspector) Primadona (“Special”) Agents had showed up where I was teaching to question me. I told them of what a horrible crime such a rape was to the “First People” as they call us, and how outraged we were that they had refused to investigate the crime since it was “obviously just a problem between two of the First People” so really none of their concern. And, I refused to help them with the investigation. After-all, the First People take a very dim view of people who damage Apprentices, and put the future of our Mother Earth at great risk in so doing, and justice had obviously been served in a much more meaningful and realistic way than any patriarchal white man would ever do anyway.

I helped one of the tribes up near Ontario revive their medicine society at that time as well. The woman who was raped was one of them and had been studying with this other tribe for that purpose. Not helping right the wrong that had been committed would have been as great a crime as the actual rape. Both she and a sexual healer returned to the place of the crime where a ritual was done in which a position called “Yab-Yum” was used which has the woman in the superior sexual position on top, and that land was healed in the process. Her healing was finished as well, and healing the land there served as her Ordination ceremony. She serves her people as a sexual healer (aka: an Adawehas and Sacred Prostitute) as a part of their medicine society to this day. Her primary work at this time is healing the spirits of the First People who have served with the British military in Iraq and Afghanistan. She does so primarily through the right use of sexual intercourse.

I have many friends among Canada’s “First People” today, and used to visit them fairly often when I was younger, but not “legally” according to the laws of white men. For some reason, I am not welcome in Canada…