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Educational Courses & Products

We carry a wide range of educational courses, attunements and products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. As you will see, while we prefer to teach you to do your spiritual work for yourself, we are also available to do some of the work for you when you need it. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or e-mail through the contact form for more information on products, current promotions and custom options. If we don't have the course available that you need then we can probably refer you to someone else who does. While we will make no money from such a referral, we have no doubt that you will be back when you see their prices as compared to ours.

The prices of the courses are based upon the degree of difficulty encountered in setting up the attunements. However, some courses are discounted in price because of the urgency and need for them in the world today. This is noted in the course description. The manuals are copyrighted, you are welcome to share them with others as long as they are shared complete and are not changed or modified in any way.

All completed courses include a certificate in honor of the attunements and/or Initiations you have received that are e-mailed to you following completion of your course, and a file is kept concerning you so that others may verify your achievements through us.

All students also receive three years of counseling, coaching and advice to insure that both you and your clients receive the most possible benefits out of this experience. Our purpose for being is to help you to become as empowered as possible in every way.

All sales are final. Once the manuals have been sent, and any energy work is done on your behalf, then you have received things that cannot be taken back or recovered, and no refunds will be given.

Attention resellers: The courses written by Prajna Shiva Kalidasa or Clifford N. Alford cannot be sold for less than the full retail price shown on this website, and can never be used on free attunement sites or swap sites. And, only my friend, Rosemary Noel, is allowed to use any of these attunements in a buy one get one free venue. Anyone caught doing otherwise will experience both legal and spiritual wrath.

Phurba Ritual for Healing and Blessing

This is an actual Phurba Healing and Blessing Ritual performed for whomever you order this DVD for by both the Naked Shaman and an Apprentice in training to be a Mahakali Temple Priestess. She will serve as the surrogate for whomever is receiving the Healing and Blessing. Include the name of the person for whom the ritual is ordered, and what is desired on their behalf, as it will be empowered for them alone, and will send more energy to them whenever it is viewed. It will not do the same for anyone else who views it. Anyone else who desires to receive the healing and blessing must order one in their own name or the name of the person they desire to receive it. The Phurba Ritual is one of the most powerful spiritual undertakings in the world. With it, you can overcome all obstacles (In the pre-Hindu tradition, Ganesha is the son of Mahakali and Mahakala, and is the First Shaman who removes all obstacles, grounds us and gives us focus, and Mahakala is the Phurba), gain control over all of the things that seem beyond you, affect the weather worldwide, and destroy all evil. This is done by way of destroying and controlling those things within the Shaman as we have always known what so many in the West are only now remembering yet again: We are all One! By making changes within ourselves then we make changes "outside" of ourselves as well. NOTE: WE DO NOT CURSE ANYONE FOR ANY REASON SO DON'T ASK! In case you missed what was said above: to curse someone else means that you have also cursed yourself! No one under the age of 21 is allowed to order this product. This is the actual ritual, and while it is good for people who are learning the ritual, it is not a process to be trifled with. Also, the participants in the ritual are nude which is the ancient pre-Hindu Matriarchal way. So, if you order this then you have stated by so doing that you are at least 21 years old. The same must be true for anyone to whom you are having it sent. An e-book of "The Way of the Phurba" will be provided to you to help you understand the philosophy behind the ritual that has been done on either your behalf or for your loved one. Counseling by e-mail will be available to anyone who needs help following the ritual done on their behalf. The use of herbs, feathers and stones will be recommended if appropriate, and you will be advised as to how to use them correctly. Postage is included in the price of the DVD unless you live outside of the USA. Then you should add an additional $10 USD for the additional postage. Be certain to include a name and address to sent it to.


Stop Smoking Now! - A Proven Method

Tobacco is the most sacred herb in North America, and it's abuse has caused more death and disease than most other things on the planet due to that abuse. We have a proven method that has been used successfully for many years to help people quit smoking. This involves a Reiki attunement as well as a realistic plan of action. This plan works because it takes into consideration the often missed part of the process involving overcoming the spiritual, emotional and physical parts of the addiction, as well as the habit of doing something with your hands, rather than just the physical aspects of the addiction. With this program you will receive two manuals. One is for the Stop Smoking Reiki attunement that tells how to work with the energy for both your own healing as well as for healing others, and the second manual tells you how to gain great spiritual help as well as how to overcome the emotional addiction and the need to do something with your hands. This involves herbal therapy and instruction as well. The attunement is sent to you by means of an Orb of Life so this manual is also provided to you which adds yet one more highly effective tool to use to overcome this addiction. And, while this course is aimed specifically at stopping smoking, this energy will help overcome any other form of addiction as well. This program, like all of our courses, includes three years of counseling and advice by e-mail to make certain that you gain the most possible benefit out of your experience with us.


Vital Life Force Empowerment

A few months ago, I violated a decision that I would never join another multi-level marketing organization again when I became an Amega Global Business Associate. Simply put, they had the neatest technology I had ever seen in their Zero Point Field Energy wands and pendants, and I wanted it! Then, I found out that there was something better, and started selling a Nano-Wand that is far more powerful than the Amega wand for far less than what Amega was so that we really could change the paradigm that they were only giving lip service to. Now, there is an even better way that has been tested by Shamans, Medicine People and Naturopathic Doctors! How would you like to be able to make your own wands and pendants all day everyday from the comfort of your own home? How would you like to be able to start reversing, rapidly, all of the evil things humankind has done to our Mother Earth? How would you like to be able to use this technology with people who are weak, and have no hope, and either do it with your own wands and pendants, with anything else that you happen to find laying around, or even with nothing at all? Well, you can! There is an eleven attunement process that makes all of this possible and more! Either you can receive them individually, or you can receive them in three multi-level attunements, and two more powerful attunements at the end. Debra and I recommend the single attunement process for people who don't do a lot of energy work, and the latter process for those who do. The reason for this is that doing too many powerful attunements, or a multi-attunement for someone not used to working with energy, can cause you to go into a major detox that, while it may be good for you, will be very uncomfortable. The manual that accompanies these attunements explains how to work with the energy, how to make general field products similar to the Nano and Amega Pendants, and how to make laser like products like the Amega and Nano-Wands shown in the Vital Life Force article on this website. And, you can do so with just about anything! You can even cause your own body to pull this energy through it so that you don't have to use any other device at all. For example, the energy that comes out of any finger on my hands is far stronger than the energy that comes out of the Amega and Nano-Wands, and this will work for you too. All you have to do is take the attunements, and work with the energy so that you can tolerate the higher levels of energy like Debra and I can. I have charged my rings, pendants, ritual jewelry, massage table, clothes, chairs, traffic lights, parking meters, wadded up paper I was throwing away, and just about anything else that I can get my hands on for long enough to set the intention and transfer the energy. There are plastic bottles and other trash in the Tulsa dump that will be radiating this energy for as long as they exist, and will be helping to clean up the dump and Mother Earth in the process. I charge telephone poles and streetlights as Vital Life Force energy lasers to target the healing and empowerment energies deep into the earth with the intention that it will help to heal and empower our Mother from the damage our kind has caused Her. And, you can too! We live in a time when all things that have been hidden have to be revealed, and this is a fulfillment of that paradigm. We will change the "health care" paradigm into a "Self-Care" paradigm so that we have little or no need for such fear based systems as insurance that so many people can't afford anyway, and no need to subject our children and other loved ones to drugs that poison their ability to either hear the spirits or live their lives free of the chains of pharmaceutically induced dependence and addiction. So, what will this eleven attunement system cost you, and what do you get for the time and expense? Well, the cost for the eleven attunements, a certificate honoring the attunements you are receiving, and three years of consulting by e-mail to make certain that you get the most out of this system is $100.00. It's worth a thousand times more, but you can't change a paradigm unless people can afford it. Please read the tab labeled "About Us" when you have the chance. Debra and I do all of our attunements together in a process rooted in Mahakali Tantra that guarantees that they will be strong and yet very well balanced. Each attunement takes approximately twenty-five minutes, and we can set them up for you to call in from a distance as there really is no such construct as time or distance in the spirit world. We know that your desire is be to be vital and empowered, and that we all want to heal our Mother Earth. By ordering this program today you are seizing the opportunity for both your individual life as well as the whole of Creation. The next time you hear Master Yoda say, "May the Force be with you!" you will say, "It is!", and know that it's true!


Kali Ma New Moon Empowerment

MahaKali, known as Kali Ma by the Hindus, has been called by more than 100 different names, and is the oldest diety known on the earth. She is the living manifestation of what the western Celtic traditions know as the Maiden, Mother and Crone, and yet Hollywood and the Christian Church have tried to portray Her as a violent and murderous hag when She is beautiful beyong comparison, and has killed only demons. Kali Ma's gift through this attunement process is to cut away all destructive forms of ego allowing one to see that attachment to this life is an illusion. She offers you the strength to cut away all elements of destruction, attachment to people and posessions, and to face all forces that threaten you and attempt to prevent you from being who you incarnated to be. And, She gives you the Fire of Knowledge to guide you upon your path. In this program you receive one attunement, and a six page guide, sent to you by e-mail, to prepare you to receive that attunement. I will also send a bonus of an MP3 recording of the Mahakali Mantra to help you in your future devotions.


The Ganesha Empowerment

Ganesha is both a Hindu Diety and is a major force in Tibetan and Nepalese Shamanism as well. In Tibet, Ganesha is honored as being the First Shaman, and certainly brings these capabilities to bear in the work he does on your behalf. In this manual, you will be presented two of the Hindu accounts of his coming into being, and I will send the Tibetan version to you as well. Tibetan Bon and Hindu Shamans believe that the only two Dieties worth worshipping at this closing of the current Cycle of Ages are Ganesha and his mother Maha Kali. This attunement is actually three attunements given as one as Ganesha primarily does three things: * He is the Diety of Wisdom * He removes spiritual obsatcles from your path, and * He brings us success on the secular and spiritual plane. Invoke the blessings of Ganesha before beginn ing any new ritual or activity, and your success will come much easier. This manual will be sent to you with the attunement alraedy prepared so that you can call it in as soon as you finish reading it. There are many ways to work with Ganesha, and we will be available to help you through the process. This a very subtle energy, and you will want to sit with it for a few days before either passing attunements to others or calling in anymore attunements. When you have called in the attunement then send me an e-mail telling about your experience, and I will send you a certificate honoring your attunement.


Magikal Shaman Lightworker

This is an excellent beginning for anyone interested in Shamanism in that it provides three attunements and a detaled manual that are good for both novices and advanced students of Shamanism. Shamanism is a state of mind in which we connect to our creative Source, Spirit, the Goddess, Nature or Mother Earth. While there are many Shamans living all over the world, me included, who had to suffer great hardships and long apprenticeships to receive the wisdom and power that flows through us that is no longer required. Instead, you can go through a series of attunements that connect you to the energies which are used by all Shamans, and this course offers three such connections. Level 1: Initiate - The manual for this level explains the basics of what it means to practice Shamanism, and covers how to take a spirit journey, how to look within to discover who you really are, what your Path may be, rights of passage, magikal names, and more. The attunement connects you to Mother Earth, and to the energies of Spirit, in a way that will help you grow, and expand your horizons. Level 2: Intermediate - Strengthens your connection to Mother Earth and to Spirit, and offers a shield of protection as it helps you identify and clear negativity and unwanted energies which brings in a greater degree of healing. The manual for Level 2 covers attachments, soul retieval, reclaiming lost power, and more. Supplimental materials on soul retrievals are also provided to clear up some of the myths about soul retrieval that have caused alot of trouble for many people. Level 3: Master - While only time and experience will truely make you into a Master Shaman, the Master Level attunement allows you to pass attunements in this system to others, and continues to strengthen your bond to Mother Earth and to Spirit. It also opens your Third Eye and Crown Chakras so that your psychic abilities are enhanced. There is also a strengthening of the Stomach Chakra which is our seat of physical instincts. The Level 3 manual covers meditation, healing, herbs, stones and crystals, visions, imprinting, enhancing intuition and instincts, nature magick, living in harmony with nature, and more. While you could learn Shamanism the old way, connect with Nature, Mother Earth and Spirit, and grow without any attunements, the attunements in this course will clear the path and speed the ascension process for anyone willing to work with these energies. It is strongly recommended that you follow this course with the Shamanic Empowerment course, and then with the Ajna Activation. Three years of professional guidance is provided for anyone who takes this course, and a certificate honoring the attunements is given after correspondence concerning your experiences during the attunements.


Shamanic Empowerment

I have been doing Cherokee medicine or fifty years now, and both Tibetan and Celtic Shamanism for twenty years. During that time, I have been far less than polite in my treatment of people who ran weekend classes turning out people at the end who were supposedly Shamans. When I first heard about attunements for Shamanism I was absolutely beside myself with disgust and outrage...that is, until I read this manual and tried the energies of the attunements for myself. Both my personal experience, and the council of the Dragon Spirits with which I work, have convinced me that a new day has dawned in the preparation and training of Shamans. When I was growing up, it took twenty-five years of apprenticeship to become an Adawehi (Cherokee Spiritual Leader/Shaman). In 2003 we went through a shift that made it possible to train a Shaman in three years, and now we can effectively equip someone to actually do the work in about three months. They will still need some human form guidance for awhile, but they can be effectively doing the work themselves very quickly. This course is the best beginning of that process. There are sixteen attunements in this system, and I can set up around four per day, so you should purchase the course, and be studying the manual while I get them set up. Once all of them are prepared then I will let you know. Do NOT call in more than one per day unless you are very familiar with the attunement process, and have been though many in the past. Otherwise, you will go through a detox process that will incapacitate you for awhile. E-mail after you call in each attunement, and I will help you sort out what you are experiencing if it is needed. A certificate honoring your attunements will be sent following the last one. This course, and several others will be a part of the Shamanism Package that will be available soon. The price for these Shamanism courses are purposely kept low as this the most needed energy in the world at this time. Without more Shamans in the world humankind, and indeed the Earth, may not survive the changes that are upon us.


Ajna Activation

This is an extremely powerful attunement that releases your ability to manifest all of the eight greater paranormal powers and the thirty-two minor paranormal powers as well as be able to sense the presence of positive energy and attract it to you. The exercises that come with this activation will transform your psychic experience rapidly, detoxify your chakras, and empower you to do all that you desire. The meditations given with this program will also transform your life. If you desire greater power for doing your psychic or spiritual work then this is the key to making it happen. The activation process takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Read the material that is e-mailed to you, call in the attunement, and then do the exercises. As with all of our courses, you will receive a certificate honoring your receiving the Ajna Activation, and you will be able to pass the attunements yourself as well as pass on the material to your students. You will also receive three years of counsel and assistance to insure that you get the most possible benefit out of this course.


Seichem Master

Seichim (pronounced "Say-keem") is a form of living light energy that comes from the earth, and was first used by the Khemetic Shamans of Egypt. the system then spred to Atlantis, MU, India, and then to Tibet where it was perfected before spreading out to the rest of the world. This healing system was later suppressed by the Church so that only a handful of Sufi mystics even knew about it until it's revival in the 1980s. Seichim is an energy system that is used for healing and gaining spiritual wisdom and empowerment. It encompasses the full spectrum of electro-magnetic frequencies available from the Source of ALL LOVE, and it establishes a protective shield around the person attuned to this system that helps to continually purify their energy and allowing in more and more energy as they get to where they can tolerate it so that the healer is continuously become more empowered in every way. Prerequisite: You must be an Usui Reiki Master before taking this course of study and attunement. If you are not an Usui Reiki Master then contact me, and we get you through that processs in a way that will empower you even more, and we can do it quickly. A certificate honoring your attunement is given for this course as well as a 23 page manual written by my Seichim Master-Teacher which you may also pass on to your clients and students.


Maha Kali Seichim

Ancient healing systems shed light upon the the pre-Usui origins of Reiki, and one of these ancient systems is Seichim which is a system for healing and gaining wisdom and power that was perfected in Tibet. Maha Kali is the Goddess of the Shamans who ruled the world long before the founding of Hindism and Buddhism. The Tibetan and Nepalese Hindus and Tibetan Buddhists continue to worship the Great Mother Kali to this day, and this course of study reveals Her infinite and benevolent power to you in a very special way. The patriarchal religions and Hollywood have often attempted to malign Kali, and make Her out to be a demon or ogres when the truth is that She offers us the most rapid path to Enlightenment and the ability to work with the most powerful and subtle form of enegetic healing known to humankind. This program initiates you into Her sadhana (daily prayer rituals) and to four of Her most powerful mantras that will help you in every facet of your life. And, it attunes you to a powerful system of healing that, up to now, has only been taught orally from teacher to student for over 100,000 years. The beautifully detailed manual that comes with this program will guide you through the various writings on Maha Kali, yeach you Her mantras, the Maha Kali Puja ritual that is performed four times per year, the 100 names of the Goddess whose daily recitation takes only a few minutes and yet fills your life with power and Bliss. Prerequisite: Be an Usui Reiki Master and complete the Seichim Master course. A Certificate is given upon recognition of your achievement and you initiation into the Mahakali Mantras and attunement to the Maha Kali Seichim Healing System.


Tantric Sexual Empowerments

The sexual empowerment energies are a type of fire energy that comes from the earth that is known as Seichim. This energy comes in through the earth chakra below your feet, and then proceeds up through the root chakra, somack and solar plexus to the heart chakra where the energy then flows out through your hands to the person receiving the healing.Thus, the Tantric Sexual Empowerment energies are a safe and effective Kundalini experience. Reiki energies come from above, and Seichim (pronounced "Say-keem") comes from Mother Earth. Using the two modalities together is a very powerful experience. However, Reiki energies can only address sexual issues indirectly whereas this energy does so directly. In the first attunement you will receive the ability to address all kinds of physical and emotional sexual dysfunction, and to improve the physical performance of anyone whose libido is lessening. And, unlike pharmaceuticals, there are no harmful side effects in the process. The second attunement in this system of healing address such issues as rape, sexual molestation, unwilling incest, sexual addiction and all of the various traumas that grow out of those activities. Further, it empowers you to pass on the attunements to others, and to use sex as an intentional healing and empowering modality in itself when the situation warrants such activities. This program includes a 23 page manual giving the history of this type of activity, how it works for hands on and distance healing, and how to do hands on and distant attunements. And, it includes three years of guidance and counsel so that you get the most out of your own healing as well as what you provide to others while learning to work with this system. And, you are welcome to pass on the manual to your students as well as long as it is passed on in it's entirety without being changed in any way. Prerequite: You must be an Usui Reiki Master to take this course. If you are not an Usui Reiki Master then contact me as we can get this requirement met in rapid order, and in a way that will empower you even more in the process. A certificate honoring your receiving the attunements will be e-mailed to you, and a record is kept here in case others desire to verify your educational and self-empowerment achievements.


Ancient Egyptian Energies

Ancient Egyptian Energies This system includes twelve attunements to the following energies: * The Golden Globe * The Pyramid of Giza Temple * The Sacred Cobra * Isis Blue Moon * The Temple of Isis Initiation * The Golden Honey Bee * The Sacred Peacock * The Sacred Jackal * The Sacred Sphinx * The Heart of the Desert * The Golden Anhk * The Sacred Cow of Hathor These energies can then be activated for use during your meditations, healing work, magical and personal development work. There are no prerequites for these 12 attunements, and you will receive an 18 page course manual which you may then pass onto the people you attune to this system.


Ama Deus Shamanic Healing

The Ama Deus Shamanic Healing System is the healing practice of the ancient Guarani Tribe that lives in the Amazon rainforests of Central Brazil. This is the cruelly mistreated tribe made famous in the movie entitled "The Mission". Even though they have been abused by people of European decent since they first were invaded, the Guarani took in a young man named Alberto, trained him in their system of healing, and helped him develop and empower symbols which make more sense to the "civilized" world from which he came and to which he was going back. As the Guarani has no written language, and since the Portuguese language is the primary language spoken in the area, Alberto named the system "Ama Deus" which is Portuguese for "I Love God" which is the main statement of belief for the Guarani people. Ama Deus is an easy to learn shamanic system that is very powerful and effective in a wide variety of situations. It has been a stand alone system that has sevred the Guarani for over 6,000 years, and it will work the same for you. There is one attunement, and a 43 page manual which will be sent to you by e-mail. A certificate is sent to you following the attunement, and ongoing help is available to help you learn this system well, and get the most out of it.


New Usui Reiki

The New Usui Reiki attunement system was brought into the world by Danish meditation Master Ole Gabrielsen in December of 2004 at the request of the spirit of Mikao Usui to set right some of the things that had been done in his name that should not have been done, and to help tie Reiki practitioners into the new energies of this Age. It has been the experience of my Master-Teacher, myself and many others that this system is more in keeping with the original system of Rei-Ju which many feel is the purest form of Reiki practice. The attunements are very powerful and bring an enhanced level of channeling and healing ability, and many people report a level of healing ability far beyond the traditional Usui Reki Master level making this a good course for both beginners and traditional Usui Reiki Masters and practitioners. There are three attunements and one multi-level attunement, and the course notes are those that were channeled directly from Mikao Usui by Ole Gabrielsen. A certificate is awarded after you have received the last attunement. There are no prerequisites for this course.


Kundalini Reiki

This is a full energy healing system that opens the Chakras in a simple and balanced way without the dangers of a kundalini crisis or spiritual emergency that is often brought on by some types of energy work and meditation. Over a period of six weeks, after you have read the manual and requested the attunements, you will receive three attunements, and seven booster attunements. A complete e-book manual is provided explaining how the attunements work, how to do both hands-on healing and distance healing, self-healing, the Kundalini Fire Meditation, how to charge objects with Kundalini Fire, and how to call in the attunements as well as how to pass the attunements to others.. Support is also provided by e-mail to help you through the process, and to help you as you get involved in your Kundalini Reiki healing practice.


The Solar and Lunar Light Empowerments

The Solar and Lunar Light Empowerments are a powerful healing system that anyone can do with minimal instruction. And, the two attunements work to bring the malsculine and feminine energies of the practitoner into proper balance. A detailed manual is provided as an e-book that gives complete instructions for not only working with the energies, but how to call in the attunements without having to be present to receive them, and how to provide attunements for others as well. This course is not only an excellent healing process on it's own, but works very well in conjuction with Kundalini Reiki. And, like the Kundalini Reiki course, ongoing support is provided for you by e-mail. The two attunements are given seven days apart.


The Orb of Life Spiritual Gift

This is an energy source that will work for anyone without either complicated rituals, or having to be a lightworker or healer. It will protect you, and empower you, and help with any activity or desire that you tell it to work on. The Orb will come to you with an e-manual that gives detailed instructions on how to make more Orbs for either yourself or others, and instructions on how to accept your own as well as how to share them wth other people. Ongoing support for those who receive an Orb of Life from me will be provided by e-mail.


Initiation into the Mystic Temple of MU

The Initiation in the Mystic Temple of MU (also known as Lemuria) takes you through a spiritual process that gains you a minimum of two Initiations, the Dimensional Resonance Activation and the Dimensional Resonance Alignment, and up to sixteen more Initiations, all at the same time. In the process, you will journey in spirit to the Mystic Temple where you will meet the High Priestess Elmira, and the other Master Priests and Priestesses of the Temple. They will take you through the Initiation, and do healing and empowerment work on your behalf. If you do not receive all of the Initiations at that time then you will receive them automatically as you go through your life and become able to handle their higher vibrational energies, or will receive all that remain within the four days following the physical death of your body. Following the Initiation, you will be able to consciously return to the Mystic Temple and talk with the 108 Master Priests and Priestesses about any of your interests and concerns of life. And, if you will let them, then they will bring your spirit to the Temple during your dream time for "night school" where you can receive education in the inner mysteries which will then be brought forward into your conscious awarenesses in the weeks and months to come. A detailed manual will be sent to you as an e-book explaining all eighteen Initiations, how to arrange for it, and to call it in will be provided to you. You will also learn how to do the Initiation for others both in person and from a distance. And, you will also be taught about the history of the Temple, it's escape into the fifth dimension during the destruction of MU (which is now under the Pacific Ocean), and about the Master Priestess and Priest who are physically alive on the earth today preparing for the return of the Mystic Temple of MU to this dimension following the end of this Age (December 22-28, 2012) to help us move forward into the new Golden Age.


Ethereal Herbology and Plant Spirit Medicine

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with a detailed understanding of mdicinal herbs and their uses for treating various diseases, both acute and chronic conditions, by means of the spirits of the plants. In our current day and age, most people do not have access to areas in which unpolluted plants are available, or to places where they can find the herbs for themselves. In this course you will be acquainted with eighty-eight herbs, and will receive four attunements to twenty-two herbs at a time. You will also be taught about ways to become attuned to other herbs, a process made possible by the fourth attunement, as well as about ancient Native American methods of working with Plant-Spirits. You will also receive instruction on Universal Life Force Energy, the human energy field, Plant-Spirit Breathing and the Plant-Spirit Meditation, how to do hands-on and distance healing, as well as how to receive distance attunements and pass both distance and hands-on attunements to others. As with all of our other courses, you will be able to gain support by e-mail to help you get started in your Plant-Spirit healing practice as well as advice on how to improve as move forward with your work. We are aslo available to help you with those difficult problems that always come along so that you will never be alone in your work. Study the manual, and then e-mail with any questions you may have, and again when you are prepared to receive your first attunement. We will set an appointment, and make it happen. You will be surprised at the healing that will begin to take place within your own body at that time. The manual will be sent to you as an e-book upon receipt of your payment.


The Ethereal Crystals and Stones Healing System

In this course of instruction you will be attuned to the spirits and energies of sixty-three different kinds of stones and crystals. Further, you will also learn how to do the Ethereal Crystal and Stone Breathing Meditation, how to receive and give both hands-on and distance attunements and healing sessions, how to prepare and use crystal and stone essences and tinctures both physically and with the spirits of the stones to which you have been attuned, how to strengthen physical crystals and stones with their etheric cpunter-part, how to use ethereal crystals and stones in the spiritual realms, and you will receive a detailed materia medica of crystals and stones to guide you in your work. You will also learn how to breathe in the essences of other stones not covered in this course, and become attuned to them. As with all of our courses, ongoing support is available to you as you begin your healing work with this system, and whenever you need it in the future. We are here for you, and you will never be alone in this great work. The manual will be sent to you as an e-book upon receipt of payment.


Amara-Omni Empowerment

The Amara-Omni Empowerment makes it possible for you to contact the ancient Primal Goddess of Mu, and to be able to achieve peace, healing, and spiritual growth in both your own life, and with those whose healing process you facilitate. The Regency of Mu is the ancient civilization where all of the Esoteric Mystery Schools began, and which is now beneath the Pacific Ocean. Amara-Omni is the original Goddess of this world. The empowerment takes the form of an initiation which may be seen as a catalyst for the activation and acceleration of the spiritual growth of the recipient. Besides giving you a connection with Amara-Omni, it also connects you to the Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises), the Rainbow Serpent, and the Kumara Dragons of MU. A 27 page full color manual accompanies the attunement, and gives detailed instructions on how to use the symbols as well as how you may also pass the attunements to others.


Blue Star Celestial Energies

The Blue Star Celestial Energy System comes to us from the Os-Mo-Ro-Pup, an ancient Egyptian Mystery School. It is a transmission of spiritual ability to bridge the perceived gap between God and Man enabling the Adept to utilise this potential and to function at expanded levels of awareness. The symbols and Hekau Words of Power are a potent force and have positive life-changing effects on the psyche. While this is a powerful healing system, it's greatest strength lies in it's ability to ramp up your spiritual growth and that of your clients. This system has two attunements, and two manuals with a total of 71 pages. A certificate is awarded at the completion of your attunements, and ongoing help is provided to assist you in making the most out of this powerful and transformative system.


2010 Intention Empowerment

For many, 2010 will be a year struggles, challenges, trials and tribulations. This attunement is has been set up to help deal with the rampant change and transformation that will characterize this year. In effect, it will bring a sense of Divine Grace into your life. None of us can avoid the changes that are upon us, but we don't have to suffer through them either. When you receive this course by e-mail, it will come to you with the attunement already prepared, and you can have it actively working in your life within thirty minutes. Just read the short manual, and call it in. Then, share it with all of your friends and loved ones as well. Send us an e-mail telling about what you felt when you called in the attunement, and we will send you a certificate honoring your receiving this attunement.


The Universal Rays

Founded by Dawn Rothwell, this system works with Ascended Masters who are Guardians of the Seven Rays that compose the Universal Light. These great beings oversee the attunement process for each of the Universal Rays and the spiritual work associated with that particular facet of the Universal Rays. The Universal Rays is not a healing system such as Reiki or the Ama Deus system, but it still uses an attunement process to connect you to the energies of the seven Universal Rays that serve as a series of self-transformational empowerments facilitating spiritual development and assisting the spiritual evolution of the individual. I personally recommend that people use this in conjunction with the attunements for Kundalini Reiki as they fit so well together, but they also work very well as a stand alone method for enhanced spiritual growth. A certificate is awarded for completing the seven attunements, and the course comes to you by e-mail with a 32 page course manual.


Clear the Path Reiki

Clear the Path Reiki is a highly effective energy for the removal of obstacles. It is easy to use via intention or visualization, and works well with all other forms of Reiki that are not exclusivist stand alone systems. You can use this energy for yourself or a client for times of frustration, or whenever life seems to throw too many obstacles into the path ahead. I use it everytime I work with a computer. This course is sent to you with the attunement already prepared so that you can read the short manual and call it in. And, as with all of our courses, you are able to pass attunements to others as well as use the system in healing sessions for yourself and others. A certificate honoring your receiving this attunement is sent when we have heard back from you concerning your experience while receiving your attunement.


Allowing Abundance Attunement

Whether it's a past life issue, or some self-limiting belief that you are somehow not worthy to receive the abundant blessings of the universe, this attunement will free you from those negative energies and help you let go of all unforgiveness and unworthyness. This attunement will not instantly solve all of your financial problems, but will empower the recipient to make better choices and move forward in their lives is a way that will bring increased abundance down the line. You call in the attunement, and then watch for, and act upon, the opportunities that will be brought your way. There is one attunement that will have already have been prepared for you to call in when the manual is sent to you. Within half an hour after you receive this information this energy can be working to bring good things into your life. A certificate will be provided honoring this attunement, and it will be sent to you when you have e-mailed us and shared your experiences during the attunement.


Earth Energy Boost

This is not a healing system, but is similar in effect to taking a dose of a product like "Rescue Remedy" flower essences in that it calms you down, and lifts you up while increasing your physical and energy and mental agility. Earth Energy Boost is a wonderful aid during times of great stress, fatigue or illness, and can be used to add an energetic boost during any strenuous activity. The attunement will be be set up for you to call in as soon as you have read the short manual so that the energetic boost is active in your life, and available for future use as well, within thirty minutes of your receiving this course. A certificate is provided to honor the attunement which you jhave received. Just e-mail us, and let us know what you experienced from this attunement, and it will be prepared and sent to you.


The Pablo Picasso Attunement

The purpose of this attunement is to help free and expand your personal creativity and inspiration. Whether you are an artist, a writer, working on a website or simply trying to make sense out of a chaotic environment, there is something in this attunement for you. When you purchase this attunement it will come to you with a manual, and the attunement already prepared for you to call in. As with our other courses, you will be able to pass attunements to others and share the manual with them as well. When you have read the manual and called in your attunement then send us an e-mail about your experience, and we will send you a certificate from the Naked Shaman Academy in honor of your attunement.


Using Malachite to Overcome Fear

We live in what, for many people, are fearful times. But, there is no reason to allow fear to control your life! Using the ancient technology of stone healing, and working with the energy of Malachite, you will learn how to remove every unhealthy fear that currently plagues your life. Read the information that will be sent to you upon payment, and within one week you can overcome the single greatest fear in your life. Then move on to the next greatest that remains, and so forth, until all of the destructive fears in your life are no more. This information will be sent to you by e-mail.


How to Make and Use Prayer Feathers

Feathers can be wrapped, blessed and used to carry any long-term prayer to a successful conclusion. Prayer feathers can be used for healing, to find your best life partner, to bring wealth, abundance and prosperity, or for any other purpose. Gain wisdom and knowledge from the spirit world, or use the feathers to bring peace and contentment in your life. The information about how to make feathers work for you will be sent to you by e-mail upon receipt of your payment. If you have questions about how to make this work for you then send an e-mail, and I will respond just as quickly as I can. Be empowered now!


Daily Mantras for you!

I will light incense and chant the Mahakali Mantra for you 108 times each day for 7 days as well as the 100 names of the Goddess. Some of the many wonderful things Mahakali does for us is cancel negative karma, fulfil our desires, remove ignorance from our lives, give us a state of Bliss while brining us into the fullness of Enlightenment possible in a physical body, help us overcome the fear of death, makes us fearless but with good discretion, and brings us blessings, abundance and prosperity. Either you may share your desires with me so that I can keep them in mind during the ritual, or you may keep it secret. There is a saying in the Asaga medicine society that "The Temple of Silence is the place of power." Keeping it to yourself, and talking about what has been done with no one, can make the ritual far more powerful. The choice is yours. I will do the work for you either way, and leave it up to the Goddess to determine the highest good. The ritual takes approximately 45 minutes per day, and the work is usually done at midnight.


Tibetan Shamanic Divination

I do an ancient Tibetan shamanic divination system called "MO" that answers questions about family, property and life; intentions and aims; friends and wealth; enemies; guests coming your way;illness and evil spirits;your spiritual practices; lost articles; will people or things come as expected,and will your planned task(s) be accomplished;and any other question you may have. The second form of Tibetan divination I do involves the use of three bar dice which have the Tibetan letters on them that represent the ancient Gods Agni, Indra, Varuna and Yama. The readings from this system tells us of the influences of the elements of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air upon your question. Send three precise questions per reading, which should be enough to thoroughly cover any issue you have, and I will use both systems to formulate your answer. I will type it out in detail, and e-mail your answer to you. Most answers will be received by you within three days, but if it would be most auspicious to wait for a soon approaching favorable time then I may suggest that you wait up to seven days. However, if the answer is needed urgently then you will have it within three days or less. Tell me your desires in this regard when you send me your question.


Shamanic Spells cast for You!

Whether you need to reverse bad luck, attract more good fortune, wealth and abundance, gain greater psychic skills, desire psychic protection, find your true love, break bad habits, improve the condition or appearance of your body, gain spiritual influence in your business, or accomplish any other ethical thing, then we have a spell for you that will help. Most such spells can be done within seven days, and you should not ask to repeat them for at least 30 days as it can take that long for all of the energies to come in. You should also give the Spirits time to work on your behalf as they sometimes must set up a series of events to bring something to pass. When you make your payment, send a message as to what you specifically desire. If you need to be more confidential then send me an e-mail through the contact page, and I will send you a different address to forward your request through. And, will keep your confidence, and also not work at cross purposes against you on another's behalf as that would be unethical.


Mahakali Initiation

For those who are unable to be here in person to receive the Mahakali Initiation in a Tuesday midnight service, the Initiation can be performed the same as a distance attunement. You will need to be awake and meditating at the time of the ritual, which will be at 12 midnight CST, and which will take an hour to do. The ritual will begin with the Mahakali Initiation that will give you an unbreakable connection to the Goddess of the Shamans, transmute negative karma, lovingly work to remove any ignorance or undisciplined ego from your life, defeat any black magic working against you, help you to fulfil your desires, and give you fearlessness without the loss of discretion. Then we will move to a Phurba ritual for your further blessing and to help with the things in your life that you are not able to control, but are hampering your progress in life, and then end with a Yab-Yum Blessing which will remove negative energy from your body and give you a wisdom transmission that will help you bring your life into balance. An MP3 recording of the mantra to which you are being initiated will be e-mailed to you prior to the ritual so that you may learn it, and then do the mantra 108 times while receiving the Initiation. For more information on Mahakali, click on the page on this website bearing Her name.


Yab-Yum Ghau Blessing

This Blessing uses the pictured Ghau which was used by the Rinpoches who served the Dalai Lama for 150 years until the Chinese invaded Tibet. They would use it to confer an additional blessing upon those in need who had brought gifts to the Dalai Lama. Yab-Yum means "Father-Mother", and the blessing removes negative energy from your body and auric field while giving you a wisdom transmission that helps you bring your life into balance. Be certain to provide an e-mail address when ordering so that we may communicate and arrange a time for you to receive the Blessing. It takes approximately thirty minutes for you to receive all of the energies. As there is niether time nor distance in the spirit realms then you do not need to be present for it to work for you.


Phurba Ritual

This ritual can be done for you to effect healing, confer blessings, help control the things not normally in your power that are causing you trouble, and to destroy demons. It can also be used to protect your interests, defend you and others, and to bring peace and abundance into your life. You are not required to be present, but being quiet and open to receive the energies is good. Send me an e-mail so that we can communicate and arrange the time for the ritual which takes approximately one hour to do. To better understand this process, you may download and read the free e-book entitled "The Way of the Phurba" from the Free Articles and E-Books section of this website.


Shamanic Healing Energies

This is a single attunement system that helps to connect the recipient with the healing energies used by Shamans in their work. In so doing, the recipient will receive healing while being empowered to provide that energy for others as well as to pass this attunement to others. The manual covers such subjects as how to become a 21st century Shaman,reconnecting to Spirit, Power journalling, personality behavior vs spiritual self-behavior, the Hopi Prophecy Stone, and how to pass the attunement to others. This course will not turn you into an instant Shaman, but it will provide a good introduction to the energies used in and shamanic healing and empowerment, and will make it possible for you to begin a basic energetic healing practice. A certificate is given in honor of the attunement.