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Build a Quick Garden Anywhere!

Food prices are soaring, and so is that of gasoline! Even if you can afford the price of gas, the cost of groceries with it can be challenging. The rest of the world is dealing with the rising radiation from Fukushima, but the US and Canadian Governments are not! How do you take care of your family, your friends and yourself? The information in this e-book, and the sequel on wild edible and medicinal plants, will help keep you both healthy and well fed.

In this manual you will learn how to build a viable working garden like the one I began 20 days ago. This garden does not have to be dug out of the earth, and you can move it inside in case of radioactive fallout when or if it becomes dangerous where you live. We had intended to have this on a DVD, but the videographer had a problem, and this information is needed now. Fortunately, one of my Apprentices named Deanna Bradley took some excellent photographs of the process so this is available to you today.

In this manual you will see a step by step process to develop a working and expandable garden in just a few hours. Those few hours include your shopping for the supplies as well as actually setting up the garden, and doing the planting. There is also a plan given for easily expanding the garden over a few years so that you quickly and easily move into a large scale garden in easy, bite-sized steps.

You will also see how to set up a very workable patio or apartment balcony garden that will produce a very surprising amount of food for you and your family. The manual gives step by step instructions and photos for each part of the process, and even provides instructions on how to move it inside under grow lights to overcome the problem of having fresh food during radioactive fallout, severe inclement weather or winter conditions.

There is an extra section in this e-book on wild edible herbs that grow in people's yards in most of the cities in this nation. You will see pictures of them, and will have instructions on eating them, what they taste like, and what their traditional medicinal uses are within Cherokee Medicine.

BONUS: You will also receive detailed instructions on how to make and use natural pesticides that will not poison either yourself or your food! Learn about four amazing and highly versitile pesticides that you can make for pennies that beat hands down the evil poisons made by companies like Monsanto that destroy the earth. These pesticides will not kill the soil and all other life forms, but will keep away the targeted bug population. This report, an additional $15.00 value, is your's free of charge for purchasing the "Build A Quick Garden Anywhere!" e-book.

As with all of our products, we will consult with you for three years by e-mail to make certain that you get the most possible benefit out of this information.

Build a Garden Anywhere!

E-books are not recoverable. Therefore, there are no refunds. All sales are final.