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The Way of the Adawehi - A Basic Primer for Cherokee Medicine

I wrote this e-book several years ago in 2002 and 2003 while trying to record the oral tradition of the medicine society I was raised in. Now I am in the process of re-writing parts of it that could have been done better, but decided to share the original with you for a reduced price as this information is desperately needed right now.

There will be some places in the book where you will detect a fair bit of anger. I had just been fired from a teaching position for doing something to empower women when the Regents at New Mexico State University did not want that done. While the belief in the area is slowly changing, the belief at the time was that women should be barefoot and pregnant in the home, and the girls who got an education were often cast out and disowned by their families. Three of the Regents daughters were in my class, and were empowered to stand up for themselves in the process. The anger at backward 

fundamentalists is what I am working on editing out. None of them started patriarchy, but all of them have been brainwashed by it.

You will read about the newest order in the medicine society as well. The Order of the Light Bearers is still functioning in Eastern Europe, but is no longer an activity in this country. When you read about them then don't go looking to enlist. The purpose for their existence has passed, but I will say that the activity still works both powerfully and well in the lives to whom they minister their grace and healing today just as it did back then. However, Sacred sexuality is still very much a part of traditional Matriarchal Cherokee Medicine including the practice known in much of the world as Sacred Prostitution in which the activity's purpose is not erotic physical gratification, but spiritual awakening, self-realization and healing.

There are no attunements with this information. Read the book, do the exercises, and you will be empowered by it just like my students at NMSU were. If you have any questions then let me know.

The term "Adawehi" is the plural form of the singular "Adawehas", and it is used all through the book. People used to ask if I was a Shaman, and I would say "No. My people call me an Adawehas." I finally had to get over that if I expected to have any non-Cherokee clients. That's why my website isn't "The Naked Adawehas". Just try getting that to come up in an online search engine!

This 103 page manual will be e-mailed to you by PDF.

The Way of the Adawehi

There are no refunds given for e-books, e-manuals, attunements, initiations or empowerments as there is no way to actually recover them once they have been sent to you.