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Color Therapy is the use of the energetic frequencies of each color and their combinations to effect change in the human spirit, mind and body. The information and system presented here came about from the mixture that took place when the Indo-European Invasion occurred mixing the methods of the Aryans from India with that of the ancient Basque religion that predated all other forms of spirituality in Europe. Most people are only aware of the Chakras from the Hindu point of view, and this system includes the distinctly European flavor that was all but lost due to the persecutions of the Roman Catholic Church against all who did not believe as they do.

Each part of this system brings a specific healing process as well as combines with the energies of the other colors for a more general healing far beyond the scope of the material presented in these manuals allowing for a state of wonder and awe to take place as you experience far more than you will have hoped for when you receive and use these attunements. Mystery is a very good thing in this sense!

Each of these seven attunements includes a manual which explains the uses of each color in detail, and the processes for receiving the attunements, passing them to others and doing the meditations and breath-work for each color. These are sent to you by e-mail, and the attunements are set up for you call in at the time and place of your choosing. You also receive three years of e-mail support to make certain that you get the most possible benefit from these attunements, and a beautiful full color certificate honoring your receiving these attunements which you can frame and display with pride!

Since the manuals are sent by electronic means, and the attunements are sent energetically, then there is no way to recover them so no refunds are given. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase then contact us, and we will help you however we can, but all sales are final. Be certain that you desire these attunements before placing an order.

Be certain to look at the package deal at the bottom of the page. It will offer a way to get them all at once for less.

Violet Energy Empowerment

Violet Energy is governed by the Crown Chakra. This is the most spiritual and enlightening of all the energy rays of the chakras within the physical body. An extremely balanced and refined space of unconditional love and enlightenment is found here. It is the highest frequency of vibration and cannot be utilized by most of the people who are on the planet at this time. By being attuned to this energy then if you are unable to use it well at this time then by doing the meditation process you will get to where you can use it at will.

The Crown Chakra has the ability to obtain a connection with everything that is divine, living or dead, and spiritual helpers of human or non-human origin. It is the controller of the pineal gland in the brain, and has some effect on the pituitary gland in more highly evolved people.

Violet is beneficial in the treatment of nervous and emotional disturbances, arthritis, acute cases of consumption and insomnia. Violet energy enhances spiritual power and creativity, and is known as the color of the spirit.

Violet Energy may help when:

*you have emotional problems

*want to clear an existing situation*you need to strengthen your spiritual values

*you need to increase your creativity

Violet is a combination of blue and red and helps to balance spiritual growth, universal love, encourages the flow of imagination and the integration of ideas and allows openness to divine wisdom, selflessness and speeds up natural healing.

Violet Energy Empowerment

No refunds are given for purchases on this website. Contact us if you have a problem, and we will help you.


Indigo Energy Empowerment

Indigo Energy is governed by the Brow Chakra, which is also called the "Third Eye." Indigo energy is where our intuitive experiences come from. In Indigo, lies the understanding of the life process, the need to serve mankind, and gives energy to seekers of psychic capabilities, creativity, beauty, love and justice.

The Brow Chakra allows you to withdrawal into your inner self to obtain peace, quiet, and freedom to stretch boundaries. It is also the source for intuition, clairvoyance and extra-sensory perception.This energy gives power to the pituitary gland, which is linked to the nervous system, mental abilities, and psychic potential in all humans. The sensory organs such as the eyes, ears, tongue and nose are also influenced by indigo.

Dark purple or indigo combines the blood-warming red and the cooling antiseptic blue. It is an excellent stimulant without being an irritant. It is beneficial in the treatment of constipation, allergies, leucorrhoea, many disorders of the stomach and womb, cataracts, migraines and skin disorders. It exerts a soothing effect on the eyes, ears, nose and the nervous system. Indigo has a psychological balancing influence on fear, frustration, and distortions of inner energy.

Indigo Energy may help when:

*you need to find inner balance

*calm nerves and the lymphatic system

*have hearing problems

*have sleeping problems

Indigo Energy Empowerment

No refunds are given for orders on this website. If you have problem then contact us, and we will help you work it out.


Blue Energy Empowerment

Blue Energy is governed by the throat chakra. Blue represents the spiritual aspects of our life. The sky and the ocean give us the feeling that life is an endless process. Blue is the greatest healing power in the world. Blue is the color of purity and those who enjoy it, carry with them a sense of calmness, peace, serenity, and beauty. It specifically nourishes the physical and spiritual nervous systems. Physical nerves are called “nerves” while spiritual nerves are called “nadis”.

The Throat Chakra is energized by blue energy. Through the throat, we express ourselves, connecting with sound and voice, carrying power with our words. This energy is peaceful and soothing. Calming tired nerves, alleviating agony and pain we suffer from physical stress. It has a pacifying effect over our nervous system and brings us great relaxation. Cool, soothing and sedative, blue alleviates pain, reducing bleeding and heals burns. It is beneficial in the treatment of dysentery, colic, asthma, respiratory disorders, high blood pressure and skin aberrations. Blue connects us to a spiritual and higher ground. The nature of blue energy is to connect our beings with the cosmic universe.

Blue Energy may help when:

*you need to calm your spirit, mind and nerves

*have throat problems

*cannot sleep

*have menstrual problems

*eye, ear, nose, throat problems

*have had shocks whether they are spiritual, mental or physical

*have a fever.

Blue controls the throat, thyroid, parathyroid, lungs, mouth. Blue allows for freedom of expression, both verbally and artistically. It helps with the easy flow of communication either with other people or listening to your own thoughts and feelings. Blue offers reliability, gentleness, kindness, integrity, honesty, loyalty, endurance and commitment. Using this meditation and breath-work process will help you in all of these areas and more.

Blue Energy Empowerment

No refunds are given for orders on this website. If you have a problem then contact us, and we will work it out with you.


Green Energy Empowerment

Green Energy is governed by the Heart Chakra and is the harmonizing and balancing energy of the body. It has strong influences on the heart and blood supply. Green has much to do with the way you feel about yourself and is associated with abundance and giving. Its strong tie to nature is very important in order to be balanced, peaceful and harmonious.

The Heart Chakra allows balance in the heart, lungs, bronchia, arms, hands, and secondary systems of the body. This energy gives a feeling of renewal, new life, freshness, and clarity. The heart is the center of the soul and it is the heart that makes us know that we are one with the rest of Creation. Most importantly, it harbors love energy, the leading principle of life. Being with loved ones, family, and friends strengthens the heart energy. Made up of the combined blue and yellow energies, green is regarded as a color of harmony. It is a mild sedative, and is useful in the treatment of nervous conditions, hay fever, ulcers, influenza, malaria, colds, sexual disorders and cancer. It preserves and strengthens eyesight. Being highly medicinal and depressive, it is of great help in the treatment of inflammatory conditions.

Green Energy may help when:

*you need to soothe your nerves

*you have tension headaches

*need peace and harmony

*have chronic problems

*digestive problems

*need to calm down

Green governs the circulatory system, which includes the heart and its flow through the arms hands, legs and feet. Green energy brings growth, compassion, unconditional love, openness, forgiveness, acceptance and contentment. Use green for nurturing, generosity, harmony, general physical healing, assertiveness and to help heal loss. Using this meditation and breath-work process will help you in all of these areas and more.

Green Energy Empowerment

There are no refunds for orders on this website. If you have a problem then contact us, and we will work it out together.


Yellow Energy Empowerment

Yellow Energy is governed by the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is often referred to as the brain of the nervous system and is the most critical point of all vitalization points in our body. And, it is at the top of the enteric brain which was our first brain before the development of the one in our head. When it is balanced we should not suffer from ulcers, gall stones, Candida Albicans, chronic bowel syndrome or diabetes.

This energy gives power for good digestion, over-comes constipation and flatulence in the intestines, liver problems, diabetes, and skin problems. Yellow energy may help cleanse the pores of the skin and is a great brain stimulant. Associated with joy and happiness, yellow is laxative and diuretic. It is a stimulant to the brain, the liver and the spleen. It is also effective in the treatment of indigestion, kidney and liver disorders, constipation, eye and throat infections, syphilis (a sexually transmitted disease affecting the brain and nervous system) and impotence. Over exposure can lead to aggressive behavior.

In using yellow energy it allows clarity of thought, and gives good ideas and awareness. It has a powerful effect on the nervous system and assists the left brain in smooth operation. Yellow energy is good for children in that it enhances their ability to perceive and understand.

Yellow may help when:

*you feel nervous or tired.

*you are sad.

*you have parasites

*skin problems

*weight problems

*suffer from ulcers

*poor digestion

Through the solar plexus, all the digestive organs such as the stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder and pancreas are affected. Yellow is used to find warmth and radiant energy. It helps with flexibility, self awareness, self control and keeping your personal power. Yellow gives logic, humor, efficiency and organization. Using this meditation and breath-work process will help you in all of these areas and more.

Yellow Energy Empowerment

No refunds are given for courses on this website. If you have a problem then contact us, and we will help you work it out together.


Orange Energy Empowerment

Orange Energy is governed by the Spleen Chakra. Orange is the best stimulant, helping us in times of depression, loneliness, and boredom. It is the best emotional stimulant, and is great when used with the energy of Ruby which you can access through the “Ethereal Crystals and Stones” course available from Joy comes from orange energy. Orange has the love from red and the wisdom from yellow. It strengthens confidence and allows independence.

The Spleen Chakra -gives energy to the bronchia, chest discomfort, disturbances in the spleen, kidneys, stomach, gall stones. It increases the intake of oxygen, helps lungs release mucus and other pollutants, releases flatulence from the stomach.

This energy gives power to remove suppression and inhibitions. It allows you to create ideas and give courage and strength. Symbolic of prosperity and pride, orange is useful for stimulating blood supply and energizing the nerves. It is beneficial in the treatment of kidney and gall stones, hernia and appendicitis. It is also used to stimulate the milk producion action of breasts after childbirth.By using orange energy you can learn to understand how the stomach tells us about our physical situations. If the Spleen Chakra is out of balance, our stomach is usually the first thing to warn us. You may have a nervous stomach, if you cannot control your feelings. Orange allows you to balance your Spleen Chakra in such situations.

Orange energy can also help when:

*you want to increase appetite

*you need joy and well-being

*have stomach disorders


*skin problems



*vertical grooves in your nails

*lack working energy

Orange energy is in control of the reproductive system including the genitals, gonads, prostate, vagina, and the uterus. Orange is a blend of red and yellow and offers help with procreation, all forms of sexual dysfunction, sexually transmittable diseases, vitality, sensuality and passion. Use orange for enthusiasm, hospitality, optimism, tolerance and to create communication and good will between people. Using this meditation and breath-work process will help you in all of these areas and more.

Orange Energy Empowerment

There are no refunds for courses on this website. If you have a problem then contact us, and we will work it out together.


Red Energy Empowerment

Red energy is governed by the spine or the Root Chakra and includes what is also known as the Sacral Chakra. The power center is closely grounded by earth, is outgoing, and portrays a positive attitude. The Root Chakra must be grounded. Fatigue, fear, and anxiety are often caused by the missing contact with the energy of the earth.

The Root Chakra energizes the feet, legs, tailbone, vagina, urinary organs, and adrenaline glands.

This energy gives power to the strong life qualities of courage, self-confidence, security, positive love, and will power. Symbolic of heat, fire and anger. It is a stimulating and energizing color. It stimulates arterial blood and brings warmth to cool extremities. Used as a general tonic, it is very valuable in the treatment of diseases like low blood pressure, rheumatism, paralysis, anemia and advanced cases of tuberculosis. In using Red energy you are striving for balance as this is the energy you need to help all of the Chakras to function in one accord with the others.

Red may help when:

*you need courage and self-confidence

*are anemic

*feel tired or indisposed

*have poor blood circulation

*you are cold

*need renewed energy

Red energy governs the base of the spine, the spinal column, adrenals, kidneys, bladder, colon, legs and blood. Red energy is used in relation to the physical, self-preservation and survival modes, and governs the “Fight or Flight” action when danger arises. Red should be used for grounding, security and for courage. Use Red as a sensory stimulant, creating instinctual behavior, getting in touch with primal instincts, family matters, as well as creating spontaneous and active behavior. Using this meditation and breath-work process will help you in all of these areas and more.

Red Energy Empowerment

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Get all seven color energy empowerments at once for a reduced rate, and save $42.00 USD off of this purchase!

The Color Therapy Package

There are no refunds on purchases from this website. If you have a problem then contact us, and we will work it out together.