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Combat Arms Series

Suffice it to say that if you are the average New Ager with no real experience in the real world, and you believe that there is no such thing as evil in Creation, then this is NOT the page for you! So, take your vanilla fruit-loop frappe and fuzzy house slippers to another page. This one is for the people who defend your right to have that point of view.

Several years ago, some of those New Age "gossamer-winged butterflies" flitted in to my place, and proceeded to "enlighten" me about how there was really no such thing as evil in the world, and that my teaching people the fine art of self-defense was a waste of time. He was a pretty young man with soft eyes, and the cutest little mannerisms, and she was easily one of the hottest looking ladies I have ever met with a really saucy twitch in her dear little rear! I loaded them up in my car, and took them for a ride!

There is a 2 square mile area in Tulsa, OK that the police call "The Battle Zone" where they don't go in without at least two cruisers and two officers each in full riot gear. I took these two "sweet young things" there to a street with a fair number of gang-bangers standing around, pointed out the other side, one mile away, and told them to get out and walk through the Battle Zone to where I would meet them on the other side. For some strange reason, the grip of fear froze them into their seats, and I couldn't get them to get out for anything! 

I took them back to my place, and I have never seen or heard from them again except for some rumors they started about how I am crazy. No loss...Stupid people irritate me.

I used to do inspections for insurance companies, and occasionally did some in the Battle Zone. I also did them in some neighborhoods where the police told me that it was unsafe for a "white man" to be in Texarkanna, Texas, and I didn't have lots of guns, body armor and all of that crap on either. The attunements that you will find on this page, the "Kali Naga Shamanic Power" page, and the "Ancient Ritual Tools" page are the reason why I had no trouble in those places, and often laughed and joked with the residents of those places. It's not about how tough you are, but it is about the energy that you project and the way that you move. These empowerments will help set that up for you.

The Street Smarts Empowerment

The purpose of this empowerment is to undo some of the "stinking thinking" caused by a life wearing rose tinted glasses. Many of the people who have done the spiritual work to bring about a better world will not survive the coming changes unless they realize that the world that is coming can only do so after the world that exists now is destroyed. Much of that destruction has already taken place in the spirit world, but the human power holders for those religions, tribes, governments, societies and corporate giants that are now dying physically are fighting to hang on to what they have, and their brain-washed minions are doing all that they can to hang on as well. Simply put, they will not go down without a fight!

This is a five attunement process that will enhance your ability to survive on the streets either in places where violent crime is the order of the day, or when your government is out of control and you must live in a different way than you normally would to be able to survive. We will cover each of the attunements in detail so that you will be able to understand consciously what is being activated within your subconscious by these attunements. And, we will cover how to recognize then when they are operating efficiently in your life.

Each of these attunements will be sent to you with an Orb of Life that will be available to you for the rest of your life, and will even come back again in an updated form if you are reincarnated in a place where it is needed for a future life. All of my attunements are sent in an Orb that has been programmed in this way so know that whenever you receive an attunement written by me.

The Awareness Empowerment:

Awareness is the first law of survival on the streets, in the jungle, and in combat. People and animals that are blissfully unaware are soon violently dead! Considering the extreme religious and political polarization that is happening in the United States of America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, there is every reason to believe that such an environment may soon be a way of life for much of the world in the very near future, and that is the reason for this empowerment.

Survive in Style Empowerment:

The world is filled with many opportunities that most people just don’t see. What this empowerment will do for you is help you see everything of use around you, and help you remember where it is if you are unable to take it with you. That way, when you need it then you will know where to go to either see if it’s still there or to recover it from where you hid it. This wonderful empowerment will also cause you to look all around you as you move, including behind and above and below you, so that you will be less likely to have someone sneak up on you, you will miss nothing, and you will be less likely to get lost.

The Chi Increase Empowerment:

Chi is called many things in many cultures. Some call it Vril, Prana, Ki, Bio-plasmic Energy, and Vital Life Force Energy just to name a few. It is this energy that makes all forms of psychic activity possible including the empowerments in this course. This particular empowerment increases your ability to collect it, and your ability to store it for either immediate or future use as well. In a survival or combat situation there is often little or no time for meditation and breath-work so being able to access it in a new and powerful way is very good for you.

The Street Fighter Empowerment:

This empowerment will not turn you into an instant expert street fighter, but it will give you the ability to see better ways of handling yourself in a violent confrontation, and will help you change the way you think so that the ability to adapt and change rapidly, and to react differently, can make the difference between violent death, rape or worse, and the ability to survive and even win the confrontation. There are some rather deluded people in this world who think that there is really no such thing as evil, and a “win-win” scenario is always possible. If you are one of those people then this empowerment will give you the chance to live beyond your current highly advanced stage of gross, New Age spiritual stupidity. Here is a clue for you: If there was no evil in this world then how would you know what is really good and what is not? Its here, it is not about a duality, and is the other end of the same frequency of energy that people call "good". 

Street Smarts Empowerments

There are no refunds for purchases or donations on this website.


The Tiger Empowerment:

There is a simple way to avoid most of the confrontations on the street and that is to not do things that challenge other people while appearing to be the biggest and baddest predator on the street. Most people are recognized as prey because they look like they are afraid, are “blissfully unaware” of the danger they are in, or they are acting cocky rather than self-assured and confident. This empowerment will help you develop a visible sense of grace, ease and power in your movements, whether you actually feel it or not, that 

will cause others who might otherwise be interested in attacking you to see you as a predator that can make them your prey.

In the jungle the Law of Economy is king. No predator will attack another animal unless it is reasonably assured that the resulting meal will provide more energy than was expended in the chase and the kill. And, if an attack is initiated, and the Law of Economy is not being met, then the predator will end the attack. When the predators on the street look at you and say, “This one is just too much trouble to be worth it!” then you have won without throwing a punch, a kick, a bite or a scratch.

Each of these attunements has the hard truths gained on the mean streets and prisons of the world as well as in combat mixed in with them, and some of my personal experiences gained in what is whimsically called "The School of Hard Knocks". Chances are that the information given here will be uncomfortable to many of you, but you will be better able to think in different ways when you get done that will quite possibly save your life in the very near future.

As with all of our attunements, you will receive a manual sent to you by e-mail, and the attunements will be set up for you to call in at your discretion. Full instructions will be given both for receiving the attunement, and for giving it to others both in person and at a distance. You will also receive a beautiful full color certificate that will look great on your wall until the day comes when you need it to help start a good fire in your fireplace to survive a dark and cold winter night when the colored ink will make a truly beautiful flame to enhance your survival experience. You will also receive three years of counsel by e-mail on how to get the absolute most out of this course.

There are no refunds for anything on this website so be certain that you want it before you place your order. If you are not satisfied for some reason then you are welcome to contact us, and we will try to help you, but once these materials and energies are sent then there is no real way to recover them. That is why there are no refunds.


There are no refunds for purchases and donations on this website.


Power of the Knights Templar

I received the Accolade of a Knight Templar in 2003, and have served in a couple of different branches of our Order. And, while i am a Mason, i will tell you now that being in Freemasonry does not make you a Templar. And, while this attunement will not make you one either it will instill within you a detailed understanding of the qualities of a true Knight and will empower you to make the changes in your life that will cause you to be able to live according to these fourteen qualities to which you will be attuned. They are as follows:

1. Courage

2. Valor


4. Honor

5. Self-Restraint

6. Charity

7. Honesty

8. Integrity

9. Kindness

10. Knowledge

11. Wisdom

12. Patience

13. Virtue

14. Compassion

Your detailed manual will educate you concerning each of these Knightly virtues, and the attunements will do the work to make them a reality in your life. Therefore, if you are happy with your life the way that it is then do NOT purchase this attunement package for it will most certainly change your life.

Anyone who makes this purchase will also receive information concerning how to join the front organization for the oldest Order of Knights on this planet. If you pursue the path to becoming a Knight through them then you may one day earn the right to apply to this most ancient Order, but be forewarned that this is simply the first step on the path to becoming a true Knight. Purchasing a "Knighthood" from a diploma mill will not make you one. You will have to work for it just like the rest of us. 

Power of the Knights Templar

There are no refunds for purchases or donations on this website.


Nine Hands of the Ninja Empowerment

Coming soon!

Shape-Shifter Empowerment

Coming soon!

The Berserker Empowerment

Coming soon!