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Custom Attunements for You!

Sometimes you just can't find what you want! Either no one has the attunement you are after, or they aren't detailed enough, and you feel like you need to buy a dozen to get what you desire, and there are still gaps in the empowerment. Well, now that is no longer a problem! Tell us what you desire, and we will make it happen.

Here are a few guidelines: Stick to one broad subject, and then get as detailed within that subject as you can. For example, if you would like to become a Sorcerer that is so powerful that it makes King Arthur's Merlin look tame then tell us the qualities and powers that you desire. And, keep it something within the spiritual and energetic realm. We cannot turn you into a muscle bound hero with an attunement, but we can provide you the energy to begin moving in that direction, and get you there faster than you would on your own. Also, don't make the mistake of thinking that you will not have to do any work for it. We can provide you the spiritual muscle and energy to be able to call down fire (Lightning) from from the heavens, but you have to exercise your concentration, willpower, and spiritual and psychic muscles to be able to make it hit where you want it to go. However, we will guide you in the exercising process!

So, place your order below, tell us what you desire with the contact form, and our shamanic experts will put your program and attunement(s) together for you complete with instructions.

As with all of our courses, you will receive a detailed manual with one or more attunements, depending upon what is needed to accomplish your desire, three years of e-mail support to make certain that you get the most possible benefit out of this program, and a beautiful full color certificate that is suitable for framing from the Naked Shaman Academy. However, be certain of your desire for this as there will be no refunds once we have begun working on it as we do not work for free. Rest assured, though, that we always make it a point to give far more than we are paid for. Work with us, and you will not be disappointed.

Custom Attunement

A detailed custom attunement program written and empowered according to your desires. There are no refunds once the work has begun.