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The Dual Regency: How It Works

In a Dual regency you have a woman and a man who rule equally. That is what we were supposed to have in the Asaga Medicine Society, but we didn't have it for 167 years until I became the Dragon Priest of first the Order of the Red Hand and then of the Asaga as a whole. In both cases, I found a Dragon Mother to serve with me.

This was done by the Dragon Mother providing oversite and spiritual covering for everyone and everything within the Medicine Society while I also provided spiritual covering but dealt with everything coming from outside the Medicine Society and for defense when needed. That was the tradition of the past, and all traditions are now dying.

As of the day before yesterday (11/15/10), we now have an International Mahakali High Priestess to serve with me to oversee the founding of our Mahakali Temples in which we will teach people to be free, and we know who both of her spiritual successors will be. One will hold the energy for the younger who is still in training when the current one steps down so the process is well under way. However, this Service will cease as of January of 2113 until the next Kali Yuga comes around at the end of the Cycle of Ages that will begin on December 21st through 28th, 2012.

There is also a change happening in the Dual Regency process in that the old ways must change for new and better ways. Therefore, the first and primary task of the new Mahakali High Priestess and myself is to redefine the workings of the Dual Regency. Nothing happens in the physical realms unless it has happened in the spiritual realm first. I am a Warrior Shaman, and she is the sweetest, gentlest and most loving Lady in this world so our learning how best to work together will help this transformational process along quite nicely! We will keep you informed as to our progress.

The great importance here is for us to get on with this work as we will facilitate similar activities in other realms of endeavor as we make progress in the spiritual venue. A part of this activity will include training Mahakali Priestesses and Shamans to work together in this way as well so that the rest of the world will witness the process through them and their work in and around the temples. Your thoughts, prayers and suggestions will be appreciated, and she and I will respond to them if we have the time to do so. However, rest assured that any suggestion sent our way will be prayerfully considered.

A part of this process that will be of great interest is that the new Mahakali High Priestess and I both have separate shamanic schools, and many of these students will help us define our new roles. It's a fact of life that more is learned by teaching than by simply being a student. So, to those of you whom we are teaching/learning from, know that we are grateful! We expect to be introducing her to the world soon so that anyone who so desires can look at who they may prefer to work with for their own future training.

One last word on Dual Regents: We are not here to lord it over people, but are here to Serve! We do this by helping those who desire it, and following through upon the guidance of the Goddess as we help lay to rest all divisive traditions in ways that extend compassion and love to their former adherents helping them to move into greater spiritual, mental/emotional and physical freedom. In fact, being a part of the past, I fully expect that the term "Dual Regency" will change as well, and take on new definition and meaning in the process.

For more information on the new International Mahakali High Priestess see the tab entitled "Mahakali High Priestess" in the blue section to the left near the top.

We live in exciting times! Have fun and enjoy it!