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Energetic First Aid Package

There is nothing worse than being in pain, and being helpless to do anything about it other than depend on other people who may or may not be able to help you! The courses and attunements in this package make it possible for you to do what is needed for yourself and for your family, friends and clients as well. I have been using them on my partner a lot, and she has had a massive amount of relief. I have also used these programs on my apprentices and myself, and we have all benefited greatly.

Perhaps you and your family can't afford insurance, or are like me and wouldn't use it for seeing an MD and getting pharmaceuticals anyway. If I can't use the insurance to see a Naturopath, Homeopath or my favorite Medicine Man in Tahlequah, OK then you know what they can do with their insurance! If this is true for you as well then these are the perfect courses for you. One of them will even get you help with major catastrophic problems.

These are advanced courses for Reiki and Seichem Masters. If you are not one then I would suggest that you order the New Usui Reiki Course, and the Seichem Master Course as well, and do them first. You can find them in the Attunements section and in the other packages. Here we go:



Millions of people are afflicted by pain everyday. Pain can have many causes and is experienced subjectively in a multitude of diverse ways . Often pain cannot be measured by traditional testing methods, yet your pain is authentic. This energy is timed release and may be called in for any type of pain whether it be acute, or chronic. .

Pain Release Anointing Flush © works as a timed release pain anointing healing. This energy will deeply penetrate timed release healing into your cells. Energies can last for 4-8 hours so you can call in again, on an as needed basis.

You will receive one distance attunement sent to you by the Orb of Life method, and a pdf manual. And, as with all of our programs, you will receive three years of e-mail advice and assistance concerning how to use this program. Prepare to be amazed!

Pain Release Annointing Flush

Product Description


Craniosacral Care - For chronic pain, migraines, back and neck

Practitioners who do Craniosacral bodywork move the spine and skull gently to ease the restriction of nerve passageways. The movement of the cerebrospinal fluid is increased to optimal flow and some bones are realigned. Craniosacral therapists use this technique to assist people who have neck and back pain, as well as for migraines and TMJ syndrome of the jaw. Many people report help with chronic pain and conditions such as fibromyalgia. This is amazing energy.

You will receive 1 pdf manual, and 1 distant attunement with the usual three years of e-mail support to make certain that you get the most out of this program that is possible. This is a fixed fee system.

This is a welcome delight for some people and a point of nervousness or fear for others. A Craniosacral Care session is not simply a ray of light arriving, it is a Sentient Being of Light sitting right there with the person, moving areas of their body!

Cranial-Sacral Care

Product Description



Purpose: To restrict virus replication and thus reduce the possible damage within a physical body. Virus Inhibitor Field every 36 hours for maximum benefit. This is an energy field gifted to us by Source to reduce the harmful effects viruses can wreak within physical bodies. Less replication gives our own immune system a better opportunity to fight. Re-activate the virus inhibitor field, and either eliminate it or keep its effects minimized.

NOTE: I fully expect that someone is going to write to ask if this will cure a specific viral disease, and when that happens then I will assume that the person asking works for the FDA and not answer them. For $10, and the patience to test the system, you can find out the answer to that question for yourself.

You will receive a pdf manual and an Orb of Life distance attunement as well as the usual three years of e-mail support to help you get the most possible out of this program. 

Virus Inhibitor

Product Description


Bone Care - Optimum Bone Density and Calcium Concentration

The Optimal Bone Density Field and Ideal Calcium concentration and the other functions in this system do not require any prerequisites. The connective tissue service is for people who are comfortable with being worked on by unseen helpers and who are already reiki masters. That one is much more comprehensive. This Bone Care system is good for any sincere seeker. Feels great and is easy to use. Two of the energies included are:

Bone Karma Cleanse : Activate with intention and allow a few minutes to go by for these Divine energies to cleanse you of any Karma that affects your bones adversely.

Structural Alignment:: Activate with intention while you are fully reclined and have already spent a few minutes relaxing. Structural Alignment is designed to align the energies of your physical structure to your Highest Divine Blueprint.

These two are part of what sets this energy apart from the Connective Tissue Service and are worth the price of the this entire system alone.

You will receive 1 distant attunement, 1 pdf manual and 1 certificate for all systems received at one time sent by email.

Bone Care

Product Description


Connective Tissue Service Empowerment

Consists Of :

Inflammation Reduction Ray

Muscle Mender Ray

Tikkun Shakti (Tikkun in Hebrew means repair for all connective tissues & tendons)

Dissolver Shakti (to dissolve unwanted calcium deposits, scar tissue or toxins)

Ethereal Fascia Massage

Trigger Point Treatment

Healthy Tissue Enhancement

Optimal Bone Density Field with Ideal Calcium Concentration

Bone Marrow Vitality .

Please be comfortable and open to your body being worked on and helped by beings and forces of the Divine that you might not be able to see. This is advanced work and I hope that you are already a Reiki, Seichim, Shamballa, or Huna Master Teacher. If not I trust that you will prayerfully connect with your inner guidance to be sure you are ready for this level of work. If you are not already trained to work with higher dimensional Light, the energies may not activate for you.

You will receive 1 distant attunement, pdf manual and three years of advice by e-mail to insure that you get the most out of your experience with this program.

Connective Tissue Care

Product Description


Mental Care - Helps the Physical Brain Function Better 

Here is another system in the Care Series. Think of your attunement as a ‘Meet and Greet’ to Mental Care energies. When you say the names of the various commands and functions of this system they will activate because your attunement has given you the authority to receive the flow of assistance from the Eternal Sacred Source of these energies.

There are five mental commands you will use to activate the energies in this system. Each one will usher in an energy that will revitalize the workings of your brain. You may pass this on if you are a Reiki Master. Your thinking and mind are healthier when your brain is functioning at its optimum level.

You will receive 1 distant attunement, 1 pdf manual and three years of email assistance to make certain that you get the most out of this program.

Mental Care

Product Description




Trager Team Empowerment promotes freedom to move your limbs and joints in comfortable ways, more frequently and for longer periods of time! Be more comfortable in your body! Relax and have more energy! .

Regain extended range of limb movement faster and with more ease! The first time I did this for myself left me amazed and gratified. While my arms and legs were still laying on the bed, I could actually feel the energies moving my joints so that they became more and more limber. When I get up from meditating now I am much less stiff than I was even a day before beginning to use this program.

Your Trager Team will send gentle waves of energy through your body to give your muscles and limbs the message that movement is comfortable and easy. You may enjoy a spa like experience or simply feel relaxed later the same day. Many people value Trager Team Empowerment for the assistance they give to those who have had physical traumas or a deteriorating disease.

You will receive 1 pdf manual, 1 distant attunement and three years of e-mail support to make certain that you get the most possible out of this healing process.

Trager Team

Product Description


Spinal Care 

Spinal Care uses the energies of Ruby, Shallaki Boswellia Serrata and Peal by causing it to be etherically placed deep within your aura, energy bodies and physical body to assist you in as much as your personality, higher self and soul will allow for spinal care.

You will receive 1 distant attunement, 1 pdf manual and 3 years of advice and support by e-mail to help you get the greatest possible benefit from this program. And, as with all of our attunements, you can pass the attunement on to others.

Spine Care

Product Description


Improved Allergy Protection

The attunements Included in this system are:

Histamine Blocker Field

Use for blocking the histamine response for airborne allergens, insects, arachnids and stings and bites. Once activated it must be reactivated every two hours. The energies assist with skin and what is breathed in.

Particulate Screen

Has a 12 hour effect and could be called pollen screen but particulate screen is more correct because particals of whatever that are airborne irritants or allergens. Screen goes around your aura. Invoke every 12 hours.

Tourmaline Spectrum Ray

Called tourmaline because of the color range of tourmaline and each color has its own specialty. This is the crown jewel of this system because of the spiritual action of it. It feels good too!

Use Tourmaline Spectrum Ray for neutralizing allergens, insect bites, stings and spider bites. It is believed to lessen snake bite venom and poison ivy reactions when used with the Histamine Blocker Field. This is the energy to run to neutralize toxins. I feel the need to impart that this by no means replaces proper medical care. If you are bitten by a spider or snake - or are having severe allergy attacks I advise you to get immediate medical attention.

You will receive remote attunement, manual and certificates sent by email.  

Improved Allergy Protection

Product Description


Inter-Dimensional Medical Team 

The Inter-Dimensional Medical Team is a team of Eternal Light Beings who have many areas of expertise. They will provide a comprehensive session for you that is far beyond what most people have experienced in the realm of healing and inter-dimensional synergy.

They also work with our ethereal body systems and organs. It is my understanding, simply from experiencing the work with the Inter-Dimensional Medical Team that each organ and body system has an ethereal counterpart. When an ethereal body part is not well, often the physical body part mimics the concern. The medical Team that is assigned to you will work on your behalf to take care of even the most catastrophic problems often doing psychic surgeries that can take hours to complete making this an excellent program to call in when you go to sleep.

Sometimes there are new skills and abilities which are activated with you as well. New ways for our body to interact with the worlds around us come by way of electrical, electromagnetic or gravitational signals from the higher dimensions that arrive to us here to assist our ethereal body’s activation. Our bodies sometimes malfunction due to not being able to work with these new energies, and manifest a wide variety of disease conditions because of it. Your Inter-Dimensional Medical Team will work all of this out for you.

Have a family member or loved one you have been unable to help? If they are willing to accept this attunement from you then they will have all of the help they need, and you will have the peace of mind that comes from having provided the best possible solution to aid them. If their IMT is unable to help them then it is beyond our earthly abilities anyway.

You will receive distance attunement, manual and certificate sent save a tree method.

Inter-Dimensional Medical Team

Product Description


Lung Care - Encourage Healing While Raising Your Blood Oxygen Levels

Lung Care© encourages healing while raising your blood oxygen levels. Lung Care© Level 1 is a synergy of: Elecampane Essence, Mullein Essence and Optimal Blood Oxygen Concentration function. Lung Care© Level 2 brings you the Bloodroot Deva Empowerment, and authorizes you to pass Lung Care attunements on to other people if you are a Reiki or Seichim Master.

You will receive 2 distant attunements, 1 pdf manual and 3 years of e-mail support to ensure that you are truly able to breathe better for having purchased this program this program!

Lung Care

Product Description


The Dental Shakti System

This is a three attunement system that helps build stronger tooth enamel, promotes cleaner teeth, and helps stop tooth pain. I did the attunements last week for an Apprentice with three cavities in her front teeth, and she was amazed when the pain was numbed almost instantly!

If someone has an abscessed tooth then they can either suffer until a dentist can work them into the schedule, put pieces of myrrh gum between their teeth to to kill the pain and the infection, or they can do this is they either don't have myrrh gum laying around handy, or don't have a high pain threshold.

If they do have reasonably healthy teeth then this program will be a great tooth to build stronger teeth, and to help keep them healthy.

You will receive one distance attunement by the Orb of Life method, a pdf manual, and three years of e-mail support to help get the most out of this program. And, you can pass the attunements to others!

Dental Shakti System

Product Description


The Pain Management Empowerment

This is a system that helps relieve chronic pain for such diseases as fibromyalgia, MS, herniated discs and peripheral neuropathy. It isn't permanent, and it isn't a cure, but it helps with any form of long term chronic pain.

This attunement is sent with a pdf manual, and it is FREE with this package.

The Energetic First Aid Package

Either you can buy the individual courses above for a total of $218.88 USD, or you can get the package as a whole for a 30% savings at $153.22 USD plus the FREE Pain Management Empowerment.

Energetic First Aid

Product Description