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Spiritual Animal Healer Program

Product Description


Energetic Veterinarian Program: The Special Animal Healer Process + a Bonus Attunement given free of charge!

Have you ever watched a beloved pet suffer in pain and misery and wish you could do something about it, or seen an animal die and wish you could make it easier for it? Well, now you can! I got this program from Linda Colibert because my dog and friend, Shanti, was ill and seemed to be dying in spite of all of my best efforts. Linda worked on him while I was getting the attunements done, and that made the difference. The energies I had used before were too strong for him, but this energy is just right! Because of Linda and this healing program Shanti, a Tibetan Terrier whom I call the "Doggie Lama", is back in the business of Blessing the world with his special kind of joy and happiness.

Spiritual Animal Healer Program:

The Spiritual Animal Healer Program is an intense animal healing program that teaches how to heal animals on all levels. There are six attunements:

1. Animal Communication--

which connects you to an animal you want to communicate with, and strengthens any already existing connections to any animal. This attunement helps you to understand and communicate with an animal, so that you can be more efficient at healing the animal.

2. Emotional Trauma Animal Healing--

This attunement teaches you how to heal emotional trauma in animals. You will receive the energies allow you to heal animals on an emotional level. 3. Physical Body Animal Healing--

This attunement teaches you how to heal animals with injuries and wounds, illness and disease, and physical ailments.4. Animal Behavior--

This attunement teaches about animal behaviors in connection with behavior problems such as destructive behaviors some pet owners must deal with, and works to help you understand why the animal acts in that manner. This attunement works to heal those destructive and problem behaviors in animals. This energies you work with in this attunement to help heal animal behavior problems have a soothing and calming effect on animals.

5. Wild Animal Healing--

This attunement connects you to species of animals that are endangered or are at risk of losing their habitate. This attunement works toward helping to heal enviromental issues, and the energies work at saving endangered species, or even individual wild animals that are at risk. This attunement works toward raising human consciousness to a higher level and protecting the Earth, environment, animals, and plants that are in danger of becoming extinct in the wild. 6. Animal Crossing Over--

This attunement works to help animals cross over when it is necessary. It helps remove pain and suffering, and soothes the animal so that the animal can cross over in peace without fear.BONUS ATTUNEMENT: Animal Protection

Included in the manual for level 6, you will find the information for the Bonus Attunement--Animal Protection. This attunement will immediately follow the level 6 attunement.

There are severn attunements and six manuals for the Spiritual Animal Healer Program. The manuals will be sent by email. As with all of our programs, we will advise you for three years concerning it's use to make certain that you and your pets get the absolute most possible benefit from it.Click on the button above to purchase this wonderful, life saving program today! Your pets and animals are worth it, and it will save lots of money on vet bills too.