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The Grandfather Stone: 

Healing the Heart of the Americas

This Grandfather Spirit in this Standing Stone has been the controlling spirit of the Heart Chakra for the American continent since the earth was formed, and it almost died 20 years ago when it was moved by the US Corp of Engineers to keep it from ripping the hulls out of boats in a lake they were building near Skaitook, OK. The tribe responsible for working with the Grandfather let them do it, and then they ignored the Stone!

On this past New Moon, Sunday the 5th of December, some of my Apprentices and I, with the support of the International Mahakali High Priestess, and other Shamans and Medicine People world-wide, finished the healing and re-empowerment of this great Standing Stone. You are invited to view the pictures on this page to see the Grandfather Stone both before this healing work, and afterward.

The first picture shows the Grandfather before our last round of work on it's behalf, and the second picture shows the Stone immediately after we were finished.

In the space of a short time the area became greener and more vibrant, and shortly after this the Grandfather was swarmed by hundreds of dragonflies! To gain some perspective on the size of this Standing Stne look at the size of the two Medicine Men on the right edge of the second picture.

A part of the process involved marrying the heart of the Grandfather Stone to the heart of a lady who has now been empowered to speak for the Grandfather Stone. There were five other participants who were diving back into their clothes at the time this picturee was taken. The temperature was 34 degrees F. This proves the value of learning and practicing gTummo. Being a gTummo Vajra Master, I was the only participant who wasn't cold.

I am having problems getting the other photos to post, but will try to get them on tomorrow. No one will ever mistake me for being a master of any kind concerning a computer !

Your thoughts, prayers and energy directed to the Grandfather Stone for it's continued strength and healing are appreciated! Mahakali will use them to heal this great Stone Spirit, and to help heal our Mother Earth in this part of the world! it may even cause this nation to develop a national conscience again concerning our treatment of the rest of the world.

Jai Mahakali!

Shiva Kalidasa Mahakala