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gTummo - The Bliss of Inner Fire

gTummo consists of energetic systems used to generate heat for survival in cold places, the ability to keep heat away from you during times of emergency such as forest fires or house fires, and the ability to generate energy for forms of healing and spiritual growth that bypass the traps presented by the conscious mind. In some rare instances, gTummo can also be used to kill, but this is not its primary function.

There are several different forms of gTummo presented here, and you are welcome to purchase as many different systems and levels of each that you desire. However, each type of gTummo will require different time limits before moving on to the next level, and the Angkur (Initiations will be set up accordingly. If you wish to purchase a level higher that Respa then you will have to prove to us that you have received all lower levels from others before you will be allowed to receive the Angkur for the level you have purchased.

gTummo History

Living in 11,000 to 18,000 feet of height at the Himalaya hill is not an easy thing to do. But from the beginning till now, the people of Tibet can live there peacefully. They can survive living there not because of burning fire or drinking a lot of alcohol to stay warm, but they still can survive because of the gTummo that flows in their bodies.

gTummo, in the Tibetan language doesn't mean hot or warm, but it refers to a mystic technique as well as the energy produced which first is not to warm the body of the gTummo practitioner, but is to support the efforts in achieving the spiritual perfection. People in Tibet divided the gTummo into three functions, they are: the exoteric gTummo, which can give the ability to heal an illness by using a gentle warmth, the esoteric gTummo, which can give the survival ability at the very cool temperature, and

the mystic gTummo, which can give the warmth in achievement of spiritual happiness in life.

Esoteric gTummo is very famous and mastered by almost all of the people in Tibet; either by their own effort, initiation, or by the Angkur that given by a Vajra Master. Exoteric and Mystic gTummo are not mastered by many people, even in the Tibetan mystical environment, there are only some people who mastered all of the three kinds of gTummo, and it is my pleasure to be one of them. It takes dedication, perseverance and hard work, but is well worth the effort!

gTummo is inner fire, a cosmic heat energy from the astral body that increases the spiritual achievement of a human being. gTummo also functions to cure various types of physical and psychical diseases. Application of gTummo to heal is not followed by concentration, breathing techniques and medicines. It can be said that gTummo flows when we think of other things beyond the healing effort. In fact, in a gTummo healing, once the energy is started then we talk with our client about anything other than healing or the disease they are seeing us about.

Application of gTummo for a first grade practitioner (Respa) is done by palm-hand touch, while for second grade (High Respa), Master grade and Vajra Master grade practitioners is done by palm-hand touch and using energy patterns enabling distance healing to one or more patients collectively.

gTummo has been practiced by Lamas ( Tantric Buddhist Monks) since Buddhism first entered Tibet, and was practiced by the Bon Jhankri Shamans long before they arrived. It is still practiced now by Shamans, some monks, and by the Dalai Lama.

gTummo can be applied by everyone after receiving the attunement to gTummo. Instantly the new practitioner can apply gTummo to him/her self and others by only

touching the thumbs of both hands at the base of the skull, and resting the hands along side the neck and on the shoulders. Application to your self is done by palm-hand touch on both thighs.


Because of the flow of gTummo in one's body, all levels of physical, mental, emotion, and intuition will grow faster.

The mastery of exoteric gTummo is very useful in many processes of healing for many diseases such as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual diseases.

A gTummo practitioner doesn't need to know the disease suffered by the patient so that if it would help for the patient to not feel embarrassed by talking about the illness they are suffering from then there is no need to discuss it.

Either in exoteric, esoteric, or mystic gTummo the levels are divided into four grades:

First Grade (Respa), Second Grade (High Respa), Master Grade, and the Vajra Master. Mystic (Sathya) gTummo then goes on to higher ranks which most people will never experience.

Exoteric gTummo

This type of gTummo is the most practiced form of gTummo in Tibet and Nepal. Because of it, most people are able to reach a fairly high level of spiritual enlightenment, and they are able to stay warm in a climate where there is a lot of cold weather, and very little wood to burn for heat.

As with most other forms of gTummo, there are four levels: Respa, High Respa, Master and Vajra Master. There are also energy patterns and words of power and symbols that can be used for healing, getting help, spiritual enlightenment, and for defense.

This course comes with an e-manual, and there are four Angkur (initiations) that are sent to you set up for one week intervals. You also receive a full color certificate honoring the Vajra Master Angkur, and three years of help by e-mail to insure that you get the most possible benefit from this system.

Exoteric gTummo

No refunds are given for courses with e-books or manuals, empowerments, initiations (Angkur) or attunements. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Vajra gTummo Reiki

Vajra Tummo Reiki (VTR) is a variation of Reiki whose roots come from the esoteric Ancient Tibetan systems. The earliest form of VTR is the tradition called Vajra gTummo. Vajra means "Thunder" or "Lightning". The word represents the energy from knowledge which has brightness. gTummo means "Holy Fire". This gTummo is also known as "Kundalini". Kundalini is part of a Yoga tradition known as "The Six Yogas Of Naropa". Reiki means "Universal Life-Force Energy". The word represents the universal life force accessed to assist healing.

VTR was founded by Grand Master Yan Nurindra from a conscious channeling process with Prana Shakti Samadhi to a Tibetan Ascended Master. From this Ascended Master he received the knowledge and energy of gTummo and "Angkur Vajra gTummo". Vajra in this VTR is different from Vajra in gTummo because the

meaning of these two words is very different. In gTummo, Vajra is the Highest Level or rank in gTummo. While in VTR, Vajra means we have accessed Vajra gTummo Energy. Vajra gTummo itself should be learned separately and through an initiation or attunement process called "Angkur". Technically, Vajra gTummo energy consists of gTummo energy with Vajra energy. Both of these energies can be activated and used either separately or together.

There are four levels of initiation in this system, and they are sent to you a week apart in an Orb of Life with a detailed manual for each level giving explicit instructions for its use. A full color certificate from the Naked Shaman Academy is sent to honor the Vajra Master attunement in this system. You will also receive three years of consultations by e-mail to make certain that you get the most possible benefit from this course.

Vajra gTummo Reiki

No refunds are given for e-books, e-manuals, initiations, attunements or empowerments as it is impossible to recover them after they are sent. Be certain that you desire this before ordering it.


Holy Fire gTummo

Holy Fire gTummo is a gTummo tradition that developed by Hari Andri Winarso and Edwin Aldrian. In the practice, Holy Fire gTummo is without symbols or mantras. Only using energy aspect of gTummo with energy patterns. makes Holy Fire gTummo more simple in the practice then other systems.

1st Level (Practitioner Level):

You are attuned with gTummo energy and energy channels will be disclosed (at sushumna, ida, pinggala and other nadis as well).

2nd Level (High Practitioner Level) :

At this level, gTummo energy will be increased 108 times greater than the Practitioner level. Disclosing new paths of energy and cleansing body components is procured simultaneously in Chakras, nadis, aura and so forth. At this level, you can use the 5 primary energy patterns and 9 secondary energy patterns.

3rd Level (Personal Master Level) :

gTummo energy will be increased 1000 times greater than the High practitioner level.

4th Level (Master Teacher Level) :

At this level, gTummo practitioner has been well advanced in practicing gTummo in daily life while this Master Teacher empowered with 10.000 times greater than the energy at the Personal Master level. A Master Teacher of Holy Fire gTummo can now give the angkurs for other people.

Each attunement is sent one week apart until you have received all four attunements, and a certificate suitable for framing is awarded from the Naked Shaman Academy. A manual is sent in PDF form, and we consult with you by e-mail for three years to make certain that you get the most possible benefit from this course.

Pre-requisite: Usui Reiki Mastership

Holy Firw gTummo

No refunds are given as it is impossible to recover e-manuals, attunements, empowerments or initiations once they have been sent. Be certain of your purchase before you make it.


Tibetan gTummo

This is an Exoteric form of gTummo that is usually taken in the four separate levels in most forms of gTummo, but which can be done all at once in an emergency. It includes meditations for the four levels, and mudras that can be used for various health related conditions. The manual has full color examples of the mudras, and gives their uses for healing various physical complaints including such things as severe heart attacks, urinary tract problems, eyesight, colds, and incurable infections, just to name a few. It also includes the words and symbols of power.

Each level's Angkur (initiation) is sent one week apart, and a full color certificate honoring the Vajra master level is awarded by the Naked Shaman Academy. A PDF manual is sent to you when the order is placed, and you are encouraged to use the three years of consultation that is provided by e-mail to make certain that you get the greatest possible benefit out of this experience.

Tibetan gTummo

No refunds are given for courses with e-books and manuals, initiations, empowerments, transmissions or attunements as it is impossible to recover them once they are sent. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Sathya gTummo

Sathya gTummo is the highest form of gTummo available on the earth at this time. It is a cross between both the Mystic and Esoteric forms of gTummo and has six public levels of which only two (Respa and High Respa) are available here. It is only after considerable prayer and meditation that a person is given the opportunity to advance to the third (Master) level as there are energy patterns and words of power used here that can kill. You may apply for advancement to the Master level after at least a month has passed since your High Respa Angkur.

If a person reaches the Vajra Master level then she or he receives a Sanskrit name from their Teacher as well as the Angkur (initiation) to the Vajra Master level. All levels from Master and above are purely by invitation only, and all levels beyond Vajra Master must be approved by the Grand Master of the system as well.

Each level of Sathya gTummo employs the use of energy patterns, mantras, mudras and visualization instead of symbols. While symbols can have great power, they are also limited in their scope, and this system is not just about healing but is primarily about rapid adancement towards spiritual growth and Enlightenment.

Level 1 (Respa/Sakalikaran) -

In this level Candali (gTummo) Sacred Fire is activated in the lower tantien just below the navel on the abdomen which is the fire element inside the human body. The energy paths, especially the Sushumna, Ida and Pingala will be opened so that Sathya gTummo energy will flow through all of the major energy paths. This level consists of nine standard energy patterns. Both they and the Bagalamuhki body protector will be activated.

Sathya gTummo Respa (Level 1)

No refunds are given for e-books, initiations, attunements, empowerments or Angkurs as energetic items once sent cannot be recovered. There are no exceptions.


Level 2 (High Respa/Sadhana - Sadhaka) -

In this level, Candali (gTummo) Sacred Fire will be activated from the middle tantien so that your energy will be 108 times stronger than it was at the Respa level. The water element will also be activated. This level consists of five standard energy patterns, two additional energy patterns that strengthen your intuition and form a protective shield around you, and mantras for use in meditation. Also, the Mahakali body protector is activated.

Sathya gTummo High Respa (Level 2)

No refunds are given for courses involving e-books or manuals, attunements, empowerments, initiations and transmissions. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Level 3 (Master/Ucchattan/Vasheekaran) -

In this level, Candali (gTummo) Sacred Fire is activated from the upper tantien so that the energy will be 1,000 times stronger than at the High Respa level. The wind element will also be activated. This level consists of three additional energy patterns to cleanse negative energy in all layers of the body, and cleanse diseases caused by karma, trauma and other reasons, solves problems, and provides an etheric weapon to be used to destroy negative energy and entities and disease. Because it also includes mantras which can be used for negative purposes this level is given very selectively.

Descriptions of other levels are covered in detail in the Respa level manual.

Each level comes with a detailed manual covering how to receive the Angkur, the meditations, breath-work and energy patterns for that level, and full color certificate honoring the Angkur that is suitable for framing. You also receive three years of guidance by e-mail to make certain that you get the most possible benefit from this course.

gTummo Inti Api Hidup

Inti Api Hidup is a gTummo tradition founded by Ferizal Syukur as an alternative of Ancient gTummo without using symbols, names and mudras related to Hinduism and Buddhism. Inti Api Hidup is a microcosmic energy which is often used to increase spiritual achievement. Inti Api Hidup can also be used in healing physically and psychically. Application of Inti Api Hidup inhealing is done without concentration, breathing, or medicine. Inti Api Hidup will keep flowing although we think other than about the healing itself.

A first level practitioner will be able to flow Inti Api Hidup via touching while more advanced level via touching or using energy patterns so that healing can be done by distance to one or more patients simultaneously. Inti Api Hidup can be applied by anyone who has received angkur (or attunement) from a Full Master gTummo Inti Api Hidup.

As with all of our courses, you will receive a pdf manual giving detailed instructions on the use of this energy system, a certificate honoring your final attunement from the Naked shaman Academy that is suitable for framing, and three years on e-mail consultations to make certain that you get the most possible benefit from this course.

gTummo Inti Api Hidup

No refunds are given for e-courses, e-books and manuals, attunements, empowerments or initiations as it is impossible to recover them once they are sent to you.


gTummo Maoshan

This is the original form of gTummo used by Shamans, yogis and monks who were often working and meditating at high altitudes in the Himalayas. Most of these forms of meditation are done nude so they needed a way to stay warm. gTummo Maoshan provided the way to do that. This is an Isoteric form of practice.

Isoteric gTummo, in the intermediate levels (second level and higher) applies16 energy patterns (non-symbols) which are effective in non-healing processes as well such as spiritual growth and consciousness, materialization of wealth, and so forth. Practicing Isoteric gTummo would enable the person to survive in extremely cold weather even without any clothes in such places as Lachi Kang near the peak of Mount Everest in the Himalayas.Most Shamans and monks do this practice for three years before engaging in activities at those extreme altitudes.

This course is e-mailed to you with a manual giving detailed instructions on the process for each level, and the four levels of Angkur (initiation) are set up for you one month apart so that you have time to learn the meditations required for each level before moving on. A certificate is provided to honor the Vajra Master Angkur that you receive. Also, as with all of our courses, you will receive three years of counsel as to how to use this energy system to the highest and best benefit in your life and that of your clients.

gTummo Maoshan

There are no refunds on e-courses and attunements, empowerments or initiations as it is impossible to recover energetic forms.