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Winarso Healing Package

Hari Andri Winarso is almost half my age, and yet he is one of the most powerful Shamans in the world. Raised and trained on the island of Java, in Indonesia, Hari recently spent over 50 hours on top of Mount Merapi doing ritual work to stave off that volcano from erupting again until government forces could get over 70,000 people out of harm's way. And, Hari not only lived through it, but he was Blessing people and doing healing work and attunements within 24 hours of having survived that ordeal! Personally, I would have slept for a week first.

Here are some of Hari's most powerful programs:


Quantum Purification Healing is used to purify and detoxify both the spirit and places it is about healing on all levels place it around computers and the workplace to reduce stress and relieve negative forces. It is very good for the cellular and nervous systems.

Quantum Purification allows us to let go of everything. We can forget about all the worries and enjoy the surroundings. It helps one get out of ruts. Quantum Purification Healing is also a good physical energy healer, protecting one from infection by purifying the body, cleansing the spirit and eliminating almost any virus or bacteria. Quantum Purification Healing is effective for auric cleansing and reaching a deeper state of meditation.

Use these beautiful energies to heal what hurts within your own life and home as well as your office or business. It can seal the rips and tears in your energy field, caused by past/present/future traumas.

You will receive 1 pdf manual and 1 distant attunement.

Quantum Purification Healing

Product Description



Hari has some new requirements for his systems: a) You agree not to trade/swap his system with others b) You must register as a teacher to share this system with others. I will send you the information on how to register after you have taken the course.


KA Shakti Empowerments Workshop can help you to heal emotions and negative energies, clear negative beliefs, patterns and emotions so that they can live fully present in the here and now while becoming empowered to create a new and rich satisfying life. The emotions are the most elusive part of the human body. Research has only begun to delve into the subconscious mind to discover how they affect every aspect of our lives. . Many people find that they are unable to progress in life and achieve sought-after goals and dreams due to the trauma of emotional and physical abuse.

These deep-seated emotional issues can undermine a person's success, daily life and future, which is why new avenues for clearing negative emotions are available. Negative emotions create negative energy which stays in the energy field until transformed. The emotions of anxiety and fear, for example, creates an acidic condition that activates the transcript enzyme that transcribes that emotion onto the RNA template (RNA is the sister molecule of DNA) and stores it in the DNA. The negative emotion then becomes a predominant factor in our lives from that moment on.

A function of KA Shakti is to activate the amygdala and pineal gland to relax the central nervous system, affecting both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, and also supports the body in releasing the acid that was created from negative emotions and negative energy which heals the DNA. It is a holistic approach rooted in being present with "what is" and helps align you with your deepest desires and core values.

It increases awareness and helps distinguish between the human personality and one's true nature. Through awareness, we discover and deepen our understanding of habitual patterns and conditional responses; of thought, emotion and behavior. As we go beyond our stories, we experience that which is deeper, broader and more unified with who we are at the core of our being. Our natural talents and gifts shine upon our true purpose and light the path to evolutionary growth.

It requires a level of being in tune with the senses as well as thought so that we can wake up from the unconscious and/or counter-productive habitual ways of thinking, believing and behaviors we have grown accustomed to. This will require you to witness and even challenge your chronic patterns so that new frontiers can be discovered.

When you truly desire freedom, you find the strength to develop new practices; practices that will support you in staying committed to your vision until completion. To be "in one's greatness" requires tremendous courage and persistance and most people return to their comfort zones without support.

As we grow in spiritual awareness, we develop a more integrated understanding of ourselves. We come to know ourselves as spiritual beings, operating through a unified trinity of body - mind - soul. These three facets of self allow us to have a creative experience of life.


  1. KA Shakti Attunement
  2. Subconscious Clearing
  3. Amygdala Attunement
  4. Pineal Gland Activation
  5. Valor KA Balancing
  6. Emotional Release Empowerment
  7. Sara KA Empowerment
  8. Deep Trauma Release Empowerment
  9. Heightens Awareness Empowerment
  10. Inner Child Attunement
  11. Present Time Empowerment
  12. Power of Hope
  13. Power of Joy
  14. Power of Forgiveness
  15. Power of Harmony
  16. White Angelica Empowerment
  17. Heart of KA Shakti Healing Symbol

The KA Shakti Empowerments Workshop is $65 which includes the attunement(s), 1 pdf manual and 1 e-mailed certificate.  

KA Shakti Empowerments

Product Description