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   Abortion Rights and the State of Oklahoma

A couple of years ago, the US Congress tried to make it pretty much illegal to have an abortion for any reason whatsoever. At that time, I published what you will find below in two issues of a newsletter. Fortunately, this evil action by the ultra-right wing members of Congress was defeated by those with a better understanding of the US Constitution. That, however, has not been been so where I live in the State of Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma, a woman can still receive an abortion, but she has to view an ultra-sound image of the fetus right before the procedure takes place. This barbaric form of emotional torture will cause a massive amount of damage to the woman as well as to the public psyche, and will cause many doctors to be unwilling to put themselves through this as well. In effect, it may well end the availability of safe and supervised abortions in this state, and the State Legislators and Congressmen who voted for this bill have become Domestic Enemies of the Constitution in the process. This is a very sad day for the State of Oklahoma.

This information is posted in this public forum in protest to this vile and evil law. You will find the two articles together below. Please aid this protest by distributing this article intact to everyone you know.


Okay, so now we take a chance, and go for broke in the area of women’s’ empowerment. There is currently a move in Congress to make it pretty near impossible to get an abortion for any reason, and to do away with all forms of birth control except for “abstinence”, and we all know how well that works! Like, not at all… So, since there are a few compelling reasons why both birth control and abortions should be possible, we are presenting information here that makes it possible for women to make it happen for themselves or with the assistance of anyone who knows how to give a massage or do acupressure or acupuncture. Please feel free to reprint this article, and share it with every woman that you know. Only by getting the information out there can it be protected from government censorship of the sort that US Government wants to make standard governmental practice in the United States of America. Here we go:

Do It Yourself Contraception, And Abortions Using Herbs And Acupressure

© 2008 by Dr. Clifford N. Alford

While I am personally against abortion for any reasons other than rape, unwilling incest or the health of the mother, I think the current political maneuvering to outlaw abortion for any reason is nothing short of criminal. Therefore, I have decided to write this article in protest of that possibility.

I caution you not to try the abortive techniques on your own unless it is an emergency in which you have no other choice. That emergency will likely only present itself if our currently repressive government forces it upon you. Until then, seek competent health care advice.

In this article, I will cover a way to prevent pregnancy by herbal means, and several different ways to cause an abortion. Some of these will require an acupuncture chart of which many can be found on line. If you pull up one now, and make a copy of it, you will be prepared when the time comes that you need it. Just remember that some acupuncture points are found on both sides of the body.

There is a wonderful herb called Pennyroyal that is found both in Europe and the North American continent, and it is an excellent means of avoiding pregnancy. Simply drink a cup of the tea before and after sex, and douche with it following intercourse, and you are better guaranteed to avoid pregnancy than if you use a condom. And, if you did get pregnant, the douche will probably end it anyway. If you believe yourself to be extremely fertile, then douche both before and after sex.

Causing a spontaneous abortion is extremely simple. One of the best ways to do so is to give the woman a massage below the elbows and knees. In doing so, you should give special attention to the hands (especially the web between the thumb and index fingers) and to the lower legs with special attention among the area just below the front of the knee, and to the inside of the lower leg about the width of the three middle fingers of the pregnant woman above the ankle bone. NOTE: Always massage with firm pressure towards the heart. Massage these three main areas for at least two minutes, and the entire area for at least ten minutes.

With either acupressure or acupuncture, the three points that work the best anytime after the first month of pregnancy are LI 4, SP 6 and ST 36. If you learn those three then you can generally get the job done. The other points will be given by month of pregnancy:

Month #1: GB 2, SP 1 and SP 2

Month #2: GB 34

Month #3: CX 8, KI 4 and TW 4

Month #4: CX 6, GB 9 and TW 10

Month #5: ST 4

Month #6: LU 7, SI 7, SI 10 and ST 45

Month #7: LU 11

Month #8: KI 1, KI 2 and KI 7

Month #9: LI 2 and LI 10

All of the points given above should be worked in conjunction with the three points mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph (LI 4, SP 6 and ST 36), and drinking a tea made from any combination that you can get of Pennyroyal, Mullein, Marshmallow Root and Lobelia will certainly help. If this does not end the pregnancy after just a few hours or days then it is the will of the Lords and Ladies of Karma that you have this child, and there is nothing that can prevent it. While it is hard to obtain, three to four drops of Extract or Oil of Tansy will usually do the trick, but the Pennyroyal is the safer way to go.

Once again, do not use these points without competent supervision by a health care professional unless the laws of a repressive government leave you no other choice. Then, do what you will shall be the whole of the Law.

This information has not been given without careful consideration of the consequences, But, the greater evil would be to not make this information available while it is still legal to do so, and have countless women suffer needlessly, and possibly die, for the lack of it. This writer will now be able to sleep at night, and will not be worried about the antics of the current Congress or about the two members of the two most rabid fundamentalist and patriarchal religions in the world who are currently running for President of the United States.

Last month, we had a bit of herbal fact to share about both birth control and abortion. Since then, I have been informed that the Food and Drug Administration has banned the sale of both American and European Pennyroyal for the very reason that it can be used for these purposes. So, here are a couple of other herbal teas you can use to achieve the same results, and in the same ways:

1. Fennel Seed Tea – Make your tea by pouring not quite boiling water over a tea-ball filled with fennel seed. Cover the cup with a saucer to keep in the volatile oils, and let it sit for 20 minutes. Drink the tea before having sex, and both drink and douche with it after sexual intercourse.

2. Wild Carrot Seed – Do the same with it for the same results, but gathering this in the wild can be a bit tricky. In the month of June, in much of the more temperate parts of the United States, a plant will begin to flower in open areas that is called either Wild Carrot or Queen Anne’s Lace. This plant has a large head of tiny white flowers with one very small lavender colored flower in the very middle. Now finding this small flower is very important as there is another plant that looks just like it only it is a deadly poison. So, find the small lavender colored flower, tie some colored twine around the stem of the plant to mark it for you, and come back to harvest the seed in the late summer and fall.