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Inner Power Package

Inner Power systems consist of attunements to energies that make it possible for people to develop levels of invincibility to protect themselves and others from being cut, burned, shot or stabbed, and to prevent the use of black magic, physical or psychic attacks against them. As long as the holder of Inner Power does not give into fear then the emotions of the attacker are turned against him or her, and their own energy works to defeat them before they can land a solid blow. The various forms of Inner Power presented here will do this for you and more.

Tridaya Inner Power

There are three levels to Tridaya Inner Power, and all of them involve breath-work, meditations, and various exercises that ramp up your phyisical psychic and spiritual energy. The first level is simply called Inner Power, and the detailed manual for this level cover such subjects as The Mystery of Inner Power, The Law of Cause and Effect, Arousing Inner Power, Benefits of Inner Power Exercise, Inner Power Breathing Exercise, Inner power for Self-Defense, and four Inner Power tests that will blow your mind!

The second level is called Spiritual Power and covers such subjects as Spiritual Power, Traditional Exercise, Ngelmu (Learning how to overcome self-defeating emotions), Mamayu Hayuning Bawono (Doing right things for the sake of the world), Proof of Spiritual Power, Hidden Power (How to access it), Understanding Spiritual Power, Building Spiritual Power, The Application of Spiritual Power, and God's Power.

The third level is called Vibrotic Power and covers such subjects as The Nature of Energy, Everything is Vibrating, Resonance, Polarity, The Body Electric, Vibrotic Power, Vibrotic Power Exercises, Amazing Tests of your Power, Protection, Health, Prosperity Energy and Tuning into a Prosperity Energy.

Each level has it's own attunement, and a detailed manual covering every aspect of each level of training. The manuals are sent to you by e-mail as a pdf, and you also receive a certificate following your final attunement in this system which you can proudly display for your clients to see. We also give you three years of e-mail support so that you will get the most possible benefit from working with these energies.

Tridaya Inner power 1 - 3

No refunds are given for e-mailed manuals, initiations, empowerments, or attunements as these energies cannot be recovered once sent.


Mystic Arts of Java

This is a four level system connecting you with Javanese Shamanic powers never before offered off the island of Java before my Teacher shared them with me. There are four levels to this program, and they are expensive. However, you get a lot for it, and much of the money is used for charitable causes as required by my Teacher. If you can't afford the price then it obviously is not for you, and will not be reduced.

Each level comes with a pdf manual and recordings of the various mantras. The initiation is received by listening to a special mantra, and following the instructions. Then you do the various mantras to further activate each activity that you desire to have actively working in your life.

Here is what you get for each level:

Level 1 - Protection against sharp objects, fire, black magic, psychic attacks, and the ability to knock out any opponent in a physical altercation. It also increases your personal charisma so that everyone will admire you, cause any man or woman you are inteested in to love you, and make it possible for you to launch power psychic attacks when needed.

There are no prerequisites for this level.

Mystic Art of Java - Level 1

No refunds are given for e-course manuals, attunements, initiations or empowerments as energy cannot be taken back once sent.


Level 2 - Fulfills all desires, cleanses damage from negative entities and destroys the negative entity, destoys the energy from black magic attacks and can be used to heal the damage caused to people by them, attracts prosperity, good fortune and abundance, strengthens and protects your physical power increasing your invulnerability against sharp weapons, fire, physical attack, black magic and psychic attacks.

Prerequisite: Mystic art of Java - Level 1

Mystic art of Java - Level 2

No refunds are given for e-course manuals attunements, initiations and empowerments as such items cannot be recovered once sent.


Level 3 - Includes a higher love spell that causes people to love you and help you in any way possible, allows you to connect with and absorb the power of earth, air, fire and water, and to replicate and absorb the energy of spiritual Masters, increases the level of your charisma so that everyone admires you and desires your company, attracts wealth and prosperity, and draws customers to your place of business.

Prerequisite: Mystic Art of Java - Level 2

Mystic art of Java - Level 3

Refunds are not given for e-manuals, attunements, initiations and empowerments as there is no way to truly recover those energies.


Level 4 - Draws customers to your business who want what you have and can afford to pay for it, increases the power of your "iron body" and gives you the ability to absorb the power of your enemies so that they have none as soon as they try to attack you. This can be fatal for them, but is great for you! This level also steps up your charisma to an even higher level, and adds much more power and attraction. It also provides a massive amount of protection from all forms of negative entities, and both physical and metaphysical attacks.

Prerequisite: Mystic Art of Java - Level 4

Mystic Art of Java - Level 4

No refunds are given for e-mailed courses, attunements, initiations or empowerments as it is impossible to recover these energies once sent.


Ilahiah Inner Power

This is a power system of magic and self-defense that also comes from Indonesia, but through the Islamic tradition there. With it you are able to avoid such things as being cut, shot, stabbed, burned, or poisoned, and you can do such things as cause your attacker to experience a form of joint lock that makes him unable to move. You can also use it to heal, to move like any form of animal, and to protect yourself, others, buildings and places even from a distance.

The course comes with an e-mailed pdf manual containing detailed instructions on how to use these energies, and includes three years of consultation by e-mail to make certain that you get the most of this program. You will also receive a certificate that is suitable for framing from the Naked Shaman Academy.

Ilahiah Inner Power

No refunds are given for e-manuals, attunements, initiations or empowerments as they cannot be recovered once sent.


Jawa Magic Mantras

Until just recently this was a secret system passed by oral tradition from the Mystics and Adepts of Jawa to their to their most trusted students. One of those students was tasked with the duty of sharing it with the world, and one of his students shared it with me.

The mantras used in this system carry the flavor of the Sufis, Jawaness and Tantrik Masters, and are useful for remotely influencing other people, personal protection, gaining the ability to break an iron bar with your hands or with a small roll of newspaper, the ability to attract any man or woman as your lover, and the ability to knock out any opponent who attacks you with one punch. However, the greatest ability is to absorb any psychic capability in just a few minutes so that you have the energy available to use. Then all you have to do is gain some experience working with it.

This is an amazing system with one very powerful attunement that is sent to you along with the Orb of Life Spiritual Gift and a manual detailing the mantras used. It is a guarantee that your life will never be the same again once you begin using this energetic system in your daily life.

As with all of our programs, you will receive three years of e-mail support to insure that you gain the most possible benefit from your experience. If you have any questions then just send an e-mail and we will answer you as quickly as we possibly can. A certificate from the Naked Shaman Academy, honoring this attunement, will be provided as well for you to display proudly where your clients can see it. They will desire to receive this attunement from you, and your enemies will be afraid!

Jawa Magic Mantras

No refunds are given for e-courses, attunements, initiations or empowerments as it is impossible to recover the energies and manuals once they have been sent.


Senggoro Macan

Many of the new programs on this website are fairly expense, and that is because it is required by my Teachers. Not only does their tradition require it, but much of the money goes to charitable causes. This is one such program.

Senggoro Macan is a Javanese mystic term for taking on the power and charisma of the tiger within the body of a human. When a tiger roars then its prey becomes immobilized with terror, and no enemy in the jungle can stand against it's power in a close-quarter battle with any hope of survival. The three initiations in this system will instill these abilities within you, and they will manifest automatically for you whenever the need arises. You can also activate it at will. In ancient times these initiations were reserved for kings and their best and most trusted warriors, and now it is being made available to you!

As with all of our attunements, empowerments and initiations, this three initiation program is sent to you in an Orb of Life for which the manual will also be provided so that it is like receiving an extra free attunement which you are welcome to share with others. You also receive a manual with detailed instructions about how to use this energy, a recording of the mantra, and a certificate honoring the final initiation from the Naked Shaman Academy which you can display with pride in your home or office. You will also receive three years of guidance by e-mail so that you will get the most possible benefit out of this program.

Senggoro Macan

No refunds are given for e-manuals, initiations, attunements or empowerments as these energies and manuals cannot be recovered once they are sent.