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Justice for You!

I have been through my share of injustice, and so has my family and tribe. This has caused me to have a fair amount of hatred for injustice of any kind that is experienced by anyone. Because of this, I have made some changes in my life, and in what I am willing to do to help other people. As I have stated elsewhere on this website, in the past I have been unwilling to curse people, but as the problem of unbridled injustice has continued to grow unabated in this world then the time to put aside such "kindnesses" is upon us, and now I will do what I can to help those in need even to the point of binding, cursing and leveling psychic and spiritual attacks if such things are needed.

Never before in modern history has the world been so aware of the problem of bullying, and yet the problem continues to grow among chidren as well as adults, and also legally (the courts, the IRS, and many other government and out of control law enforcement agencies), corporately (Monsanto, the pharmaceutical companies, financial institutions and other unscrupulous entities),

and between governments, religions (especially the patriarchal religions) and social classes and sexes. I have stood against such activities all of my life, and have often done so physically, but over the past twenty or so years have learned some very effective ways to do so through the spiritual realms. Doing it that way is what I am offering to do for others here, but I have some strict guidelines for it, and I will not deviate from them for anyone or any reason. Here they are:

1. I will not help anyone who simply wants to attack someone else such as a business competitor, or someone who is interested in the same man or woman as you. However, if those competitors or suitors are engaging in gossip, slander and defamation -which is a figurative form of murder that results in the destruction of your reputation and self-esteem - then I will gladly help as I despise those who engage in such actions. I have been on the receiving end of such treatment myself, and I have no mercy for such people who do those things.

2. I will help anyone who has been attacked without cause, and I am not concerned with how powerful you or your enemy thinks that they are as the Goddess I serve, and the spirits I work with, are able to overcome anything in this world. It does not matter if your enemy is a local kid dabbling in the occult, a sexual predator, any of the most evil governments in the world, a corporate abuser of the public, ISIS, unscrupulous business people, a scam artist, the town gossip, or the most vicious and evil sorcerer on the planet, in the vast majority of cases I will be willing to help you. BUT, you must decide how far you are willing to have this go, and just how much you are willing to live with, as this could be anything from a simple slap on the hand, to the most vicious death you have ever imagined. Recently, a man who tried to ruin my life without cause died one of the most fiendish and horrible deaths you could possibly imagine, and then his spirit was forced back into his embalmed body in his grave so that he died a second time, only this time it was from fright. I did not come up with this idea, but simply left it to the Yakshini, Elementals, Dragons, Naga, Rakshasa and other spirits I work with who took on this process to do their worst, and they did. And, there are five others in this process who can expect something as bad or worse depending upon whatever is in their karma and their worst nightmares as they were a part of the process that he tried to me too. Personally, I am happy with this, but you must decide what you can live with before initiating such actions.

3. I am not willing to have you dictate to either me or the spirits exactly what you want to happen. As mentioned before, you can only decide the degree of punishment that you think is justified. The spirits I work with will decide what action or actions is best based upon the bad karma of your enemy, and their worst fears, personal shadows and other such issues. Based upon such things, they will fit the punishment to the individual in a tailor-made process that will do the most good. This could be anything from mental torment, sickness, disease, the destruction of their reputation, financial situation, or family, the death of loved ones, the loss of their sanity, being crippled or paralyzed, confusion leading them to attack their friends and allies rather than their enemies, night terrors, and many other things far beyond your wildest imaginings. But, if you try and dictate something specific then you will limit what can be done, and it might not be possible either in a timely manner or even in this lifetime. So, determine the degree of the punishment they are to receive, and then leave that up to those who know best as to what will specifically be done.

4. You must be absolutely certain that you want this as I will begin working on it as soon as I receive the order, and once energy has been expended then it cannot be recovered. Therefore, there are no refunds for any donations or purchases made on this website. That includes if you decide afterward that you no longer want what you ordered. So, be certain of your desire for this.

5. All of such work is done for donations, and this work is occasionally dangerous, takes time, co-ordination, energy and a lot of training and experience, all of which I have, so I am not willing to do this for just a few dollars. This is deadly serious work, and if you are not willing to donate accordingly then don't even consider it. The least amount of time that this takes is twelve days, and sometimes it takes several months, so take this into account when you begin the process.

6. There is invariably some clown who thinks that he will be able to manipulate someone like me into making an unjustified attack on his or her behalf. Know that I have built an energy into this process that will level the full intensity of the attack against such an unscrupulous person rather than against the innocent party they sought to harm.

To begin this process, look to the left, and click on the "Contact Us" page. Then, fill it out completely, and give me a detailed description of the problem, and to what degree that you want something done about it. Then, I may have a few questions for you, and will then do some divination concerning this to see if there is a simpler solution available or not, and will advise you accordingly. If the decision is made to go forward with this process then you will be directed to the Home page where there is some advice as to how to determine a suitable donation level, and a PayPal button with which to make it. You may want to not give a large donation all at once, but you are welcome to commit to do so in installments over a period of several weeks or months if you so desire.

However, before you begin this process, do re-read this entire page a few times. Once this process is begun then nothing can ever go back to being like it was before.