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Kali and the Kali Yuga

The following are the notes from a seminar I teach from time to time. They are provided here for the friends of Patriarchy whom I meet at Tantra seminars who seem to think the title of "The Naked Shaman" is somehow supposed to be figurative rather than literal. Pay special attentin to the description of the Kali iconography, and to the quote from "The Book of Chuang Tzu". It will make the rest of what is said here much more clear for you. If you are a member of the patriarchal world then this will likely rock your world. So, if questions arise then kindly fill out the contact form with your questions, and i will do my best to answer them all for you. 

Kali and the Kali Yuga: Understanding

The End of this Age and

Golden Age to Come


Dr. Sir Clifford N. Alford

Kali is the Goddess who tramples Ignorance on the Path of Love. She is not the evil entity portrayed by both Hollywood and patriarchal religion, but She is definitely an enigma that defies much of what is considered “conventional wisdom” in our day and time. And, it is wholly fitting that the Age (Yuga) in which we live is named for her.

The Evolution of Kali Art –

Since 50,000 years before the beginning of the Hindu religion, Kali has been the undisputed Goddess of the Shamans in Nepal, Northern India, Tibet and Mongolia. In those times, she was know as Mahakali, and is intimately associated with the Phurba and its use.

Matriarchal Mahakali Art:

Enter the Hindus and Patriarchy:

Buddhism and the Taras:

Kali Today:

The Symbolism of Kali –

Commonalities in depictions of Kali, and their meanings, are as follows:

1. Her outstretched tongue – Kali teases and mocks us as she sees our social masks for what they are, and the dark desires we all have and try to suppress. She provokes the memories and urges we tend to shy away from and demands that we face them.

2. “Kala” means Time, and “Kali” means Black and is the expression of Time. Her skin is black, her hair is black, her priests wear black, and she is worshipped during the new moon. Kali confronts and confounds all traditional forms of auspiciousness and beauty. Question: Where does Light come from?

3. Unbound and Unruly Hair – This represents the wild, primitive and unfettered aspects of nature including her exposure of the hypocrisy of “civilization” and it’s view of sexuality.

4. Necklace of Male Heads – According to the Tantric tradition, the fifty heads in her necklace represent the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet used in Creation, and the destruction of the words of men that limit their spiritual growth. It is generally seen, as well, that ignorance dwells in the minds of humans. (Another reason for male heads will be covered next week.) Metaphysically, heads are symbols of the undisciplined egos that must be offered up find true spiritual liberation.

5. A Girdle of Arms Around Her Waist – This was added by Patriarchal artists who could not deal with her triumphant sexuality. Metaphysicians see them as Her work in our lives to release us from all negative Karma.

6. Nakedness – Her nakedness represents Nature unfettered by the norms of Culture. She unravels the codes of society that are meant to limit us in our expressions of freedom. Question: What does it mean when you see yourself as naked in your dreams? Also, consider the Wiccan view of being “Sky-Clad”.

7. Four Hands – Each hand is either in a mudra of blessing or holding a symbolic item such as the freshly severed head of a demon, a scythe, a Phurba, a Khatvanga or a Kapala. We will discus each as time permits.

The Yugas and the Cycles of Ages –

The earth goes through Cycles of Ages that repeat over and over again. It is believed that every group of humans has to pass through a cycle of four ages to be able to move on beyond this world. Only those who make vows to remain will do so beyond the end of their forth Age.

The Ages (Yugas) are as follows:

Satya (Truth) Yuga – 4,800 years -- 100% of the Divine Truth is known.

Treta Yuga – 3,600 years --¼ of the Divine Truth is lost.

Dwapara Yuga – 2,400 years --½ of the Divine Truth is lost.

Kali Yuga – 1,200 years -- ¾ of the Divine Truth is lost – The Age of Darkness

The RETURN of the Golden Age of Satya

Homework: List your beliefs concerning Spirituality/Religion, Work, Marriage/Family, Friendship, Freedom, Sex and Death.

1. The Devolution of Man -- We have this from the Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu:

“The mighty Way declined among the folk

And then came kindness and morality.

When wisdom and intelligence appeared,

They brought with them a great hypocrisy.

The six relations were no more at peace,

So codes were made to regulate our homes.

The fatherland grew dark, confused by strife:

Official loyalty became the style.”

 Paraphrase: There was a time when men shared with all the other creatures the balance of nature, its spontaneity and effortless change. Then the process of civilization set in with its inevitable constituents, kindness, morality, wisdom and intelligence. Their opposites came with them: unkindness, immorality, foolishness and stupidity. Then there was trouble everywhere. The six family relations (father and son, mother and daughter, husband and wife) are disturbed. The loyalty of public officers has become a pretense.

Translation by R.B. Blakney (#18)

The progression of “civilization is the devolution of humankind in its relationship to Universal Spiritual Truth and the resulting disharmony.

Here is a translation of an ancient Chinese history from the “Book of Chuang Tzu” provided by Derek Bryce in “The Mystical Way

“Right at the beginning men were simple and natural. There were no disorders from natural physical forces. The course of the seasons was regular so that no one suffered, and there were no premature deaths, theories or sciences. That was the age of perfect unity and union, of men with each other and with nature. However, decadence came. It began with the institutions of Sui-jen and Fu-his (artificial production of fire and laws of family and marriage) which seemed to be a progress but which inaugurated the ruin of the primordial simplicity and promiscuity. Decadence increased at the time of Shen-nung and the Yellow Emperor (abandoning of nomadic life for agriculture, and formation of the state). Well-being increased, but at the expense of the ancient spontaneity. The decadence increased further when Yao and Shun reigned, introducing systematic correction through laws and schools and the obligatory practice of a conventional so-called goodness. The period of primitive ways was finished. Since then men have substituted theories in place of their inborn instinct, and peace has disappeared from the empire. Now the progress of arts and sciences has done away with what remained of natural simplicity and peoples” minds have been filled with distractions. Now everything is disorder and perversion.”

Both of these passages stand in sharp contrast to the modern notions and beliefs concerning progress. It is interesting to note that we began to go wrong when the inventions of artificial fire (matches) and artificial relationships (marriage) were invented. We shall revisit this shortly.

2. The Worship of Kali:

The true worship of Kali among the Hindus is through the Tantric order known as the Sahdakas. They are the closest to the Ban Jhankri shamanic tradition which employs the use of the Phurba. The rituals are often complex, and stand in sharp contrast to all of the forms of polite society. And, women play the part of Shakti in the rituals. Without them, it would be impossible to access the power of the Goddess.

In her book entitled “The Book Of Kali” Seema Mohanty states that they involve “…the conscious rejection of all things Vedic and the inclusion of all things generally considered inauspicious and activities considered polluting involving flesh, blood, alcohol, drugs, skulls, funeral ash, dead bodies and sex….The idea behind these rituals is not to shock a prudish public, but to break through the social conditioning that can be a mental straitjacket to the spiritual aspirant.” The worship of Kali is the willful rejection of the lies and hypocrisy of the world in which we live.

The original Templar Initiation –

Tantra – Exercise.

The Right Hand Path vs. The Left Hand Path --

Patriarchy and the concept of “Original Sin” --

The Patriarchal hatred of sex and the human body –

3. Jealousy: The Root of Fear and Separation --  

FACT: Jealousy is at the heart of all forms of Conditional Love. The absence of jealousy in your life is the single greatest defining factor in the true manifestation of Unconditional Love.

QUESTION: Is the concept of Oneness a Truth in your life, or is it just a term used for mental masturbation? Do you have it in your spirit, or is it just something that you believe?

Oneness and Truth vs. your beliefs and your homework –

Where do we experience the greatest amount of jealousy?

Statistics concerning relationships:

· Global census date reveals the tendency for couple to divorce after four years is greater than the tendency to continue on together.

· While most people aspire to lives of serial monogamy, national surveys have revealed that from 37% to 70% of all men have extramarital affairs and from 29% to 50% of all women have extramarital affairs, and the percentages are increasing rapidly.

· For single, unattached men and women the incidence of multiple, simultaneous relationships is even higher.

Words change their meaning over time. “Non-monogamy used to mean having more than one spouse in a lifetime. Now it means that you have more than one sexual partner at the same time. “Dr. Deborah Anapol

Monogamy –

“Sex is a sacrament, not a prison. While monogamy can be a beautiful, even a sacred bond, it might not be the agreement that best suits everyone. Our thinking that monogamy is inherently a nobler arrangement than any other has created a nation of hypocrites – which is what we’ve become.”

-- Marianne Williamson, “A Woman’s Worth”

Serial Monogamy –

Polyamory –

WWKD – “What Would Kali Do?”

Jealousy as a path to Spiritual Growth and Unconditional Love –

Compersion is the goal!


1. : Three books worth your weight in gold are found there. They are entitled 1) “Polyamory: The New love Without Limits: Secrets of Sustainable Intimate Relationships”; 2) “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Love”; and 3) “ Compersion: Meditations on Using Jealousy As `a Path To Unconditional Love”. And, workshops to help you on towards a form of sexual healing.

2. The Tantric Sexual Healing and Empowerment Process is described in the opening portion of a book that I am currently writing. Here is an excerpt that covers the basic process and some history for it:

 Tantric Sexual Healing and the Tantric Empowerment Process


Sir Clifford N. Alford, Th.D, D.D, RBT

Chapter 1: Introduction --

Red Tantra is one of the oldest forms of Goddess worship on the earth today, and dates back to the worship of Amara-Omni in the ancient Regency of MU. It was first introduced by the Kumara, who were also known as the 32 Suns of God, and were here among us one-hundred and four thousand years ago. The purpose of Red Tantra is the use of human sexuality for the purpose of healing and greater spiritual enlightenment.

This course of study will cover the processes for both women and men, and is based upon the training I have received from the Church and School of Wicca, various seminars I have taken, and the advice and training given to my second wife and myself by a Tantra Master named Dr. Alan Saxon. Whenever Alan was teaching in Tulsa, OK he would stay in our home, participate in our rituals, and share his vast knowledge with us in both instruction and practical exercises. Many examples will be given throughout this process based upon my actual clinical work as a sex therapist and educator during the past seventeen years, but that work would have been much less successful had it not been for knowing Alan.

In the following pages, we will give detailed coverage of three separate processes. The first will be the process of Tantric Sexual Healing which frees both women and men from the bondage that has been placed upon

them by the patriarchal culture that has ruled most of the earth for the past six-thousand years, and will be given for both gay and heterosexual couples, and both women and men. This process involves the use of mudras, breath-work and sexual stimulation and manipulation without intercourse. It is labor intensive for the therapist, and very stimulating and pleasurable for the client. And, it heals the negative traits associated with each of the Chakras. As we go through life, and experience various traumas, we may say that we forgive those who may have been involved in the incidents, but every reminder carries an emotional charge with it. This process will not erase your memories, but it will erase the negative emotional charge associated with it bringing healing thereby.

The second process will cover the first of two tantric empowerment processes which again uses the mudras, breath-work and sexual stimulation process except that this time we will be working to empower the positive qualities of the chakras while following the paths known in “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” as the “Path of the Sages” and the “Path of the Mother”. This process brings the recipient into a condition of complete spiritual and sexual empowerment. And, for women, frees their ability to have an unlimited number of powerful orgasms which lead to even greater personal power and enlightenment.

The third process uses two ancient spiritual tools known as the Phurba and the Dorje to empower the client to enter into the most powerful form of sexual healing that has ever been known on the earth. This tradition was originally taught in ancient Sumeria and then spread throughout the

Middle East and Asia before finally arriving in Tibet and Nepal 60,000 years ago. The end result brings into being sexual healing practitioners who, through the medium of sexual intercourse can bring healing that is spiritual, mental/emotional and physical all at the same time. All true healing takes place within the person who is suffering the disease condition. The healer is simply a channel for the extra healing energies that are needed, and in this case, provides the greatest gift possible in any healing process. This gift is known as “The Service of the Heart”, and it not only works for the person receiving the energies directly, but also for up to one-hundred and ten-thousand other souls indirectly. All of this will be explained in detail including the use of the ritual dagger (Phurba) and the spiritual thunderbolt (Dorje).

An additional part of this training will be on the use of herbs, acupressure and other therapies to combat sexually transmittable diseases and prevent pregnancy. To begin with this process, eat at least two handfuls of green grapes daily as they are the single best defense against all sexually transmittable diseases. Other more specific remedies will be covered for each of the known STDs. For the purpose of contraception (avoiding unwanted pregnancies) women should drink a cup of pennyroyal tea prior to any sexual activity, and then have another afterward as well as douche with some prior to bathing. Both American and European Pennyroyal prevents the fertilization of eggs in the uterus, and makes it very highly unlikely that a fertilized egg can adhere to the wall of the uterus. It also helps to abort current pregnancies so be careful how you use it!

While it is much more preferable for a person to go through the training and empowerment directly, that is not always possible due to the great distance the practitioner may be from the client. Therefore, we will also provide a detailed list of resources concerning tantric training in the appendix. Some of these, with one missing variation, cover the Tantric Healing Process in their training. By applying what you learn here with their materials you will be well upon the way to becoming able to provide this service to both your loved ones and to others who are in need. As there are currently only three people in the United States who are qualified to empower “The Service of the Heart” you can contact me for that work, and we will find a way to make it happen for you.

The women of power who were systematically hunted down and murdered by the Roman Catholic Church’s un-Holy Office of the Inquisition were these women who were able to heal in so many wonderful ways, and the ones they feared the most were those who engaged in sexual forms of healing that led the recipient into true empowerment and spiritual freedom. There were relatively few men engaged openly in this work so less is known of their fate, but many of them were tortured and burned at the stake as well.

Many of these people were Priestesses of Isis, Druids, the Priests of Poseidon, and the various cults of Temple Prostitutes. Until the evil brought forth by fundamentalist religion, being a Temple Prostitute was an honored profession. While a whore simply provided sex for money, a

Temple Prostitute engaged in sex for spiritual enlightenment and healing. Either she, or he, was given a donation afterwards for the care of the temple and the livelihood of those who served therein. It was both the Catholic Church and Islam who changed the belief, by force and terror, that a prostitute is a whore. The day is soon coming when this position of honor will be restored, and the evil of fundamentalist religion will be no more.

This manual is a part of that restoration process. Simply put, I do the activities that I am writing about, and so can you. The healing and empowerment that I see in people is reason enough to do this work in spite of any names that other people may care to call me. The change in people’s lives will get you more business than you can handle, and it will get you more friends than you will ever know what to do with.

Chapter 2: The Tantric Healing Process –

There is no way around the fact that this process is hard work for the therapist. Good aerobic exercise, and some weight training for your arms and shoulders, is a must for the therapist. There are some products that help with this process, and if you are interested in making this easier, then call me at 918-706-8171. I’ll share this with you. Once you have an exercise program in process then get on with the rest of this information as it will get easier as you go. 

The next step is to understand how this process works, and why it does. As people go through life they experience many forms of trauma. In the culture of the United States of America, much of that stress and trauma is sexual. Sex is treated as being dirty and evil, and yet sex is used to sell everything including interest in the very churches that condemn it. Patriarchy has damaged so many people, both male and female, and everyone needs some degree of healing. Men are steeped in fear, and women are treated as objects of pleasure rather than as people with feelings, hopes and dreams. Since most of the damage has been done by men to women, we are going to cover the Tantric Healing Process for women first, and the men who provide this healing will get much of their own in the process. And, since spiritual law works the way it does, the ten-thousand women closest to the woman receiving it will receive some great measure of healing as well. This is an important part of the process for you to remember later on.

Here are the basic mechanics of a tantric massage, and how it affects a woman. Essentially, this is a form of sexual foreplay that is intended to both set your partner at ease and excite her sexually. Foreplay has the ability to make her feel loved and pampered. Unfortunately, most men don’t know how to do it well so we will put it in writing here, and demonstrate it on the series of DVDs that you have received with this book. Please do not watch the DVDs first, but read the book, and then watch each DVD as you are instructed to do. This will make the process

easier for you to learn.

The first part of the tantric massage has to do with the setting in which it is happening. Soft lights, candles, incense and a clean space are a good start. Bathing before hand is also good, and bathing the lady receiving your attentions can be a very sensual experience for her as well. Add bath oils and pleasant scents to the water, allow her to soak awhile, and then gently wash her body and her hair for her. Dry her tenderly afterwards, and then leave her to finish while you make your final preparations and turn on some sensual music for the massage portion of this process.

When your lady comes out, then give her a few ounces of some pleasant non-alcoholic drink, such as Damiana Tea, and then sit Indian style on the floor, and help her sit face to face with you with her legs around your body. Place your right hand on the small of her back and your left hand over her heart, and ask her to place her hands in the same positions on your body. Her pubic mound should be over your penis, but there absolutely must not be any penetration. Ask the Chohan of the Second Ray, Master Kuthumi, to give both of you the Kundalini Fire Meditation. (This will cause a band of heat energy to start at the sacrum, at the base of the spine, and it will slowly work up the body and out the top of the head. This process usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes, and it cleanses and empowers the Chakras of the body. You should continue this initial part of the process while this is going on.)Then, while looking

into her eyes, pledge yourself to do all that you can to treat her with love, tenderness and respect, and to help her lovingly through this healing process. Then, she makes a similar pledge to receive this gift that you are giving her, and to share that healing with you and anyone else capable of receiving it. This brings into play a universal spiritual law known as the Law of Correspondence.

Having made your pledges, begin by lightly kissing each other. Explore the lips by kissing, nibbling and sucking on them with the understanding that there are eight specific areas which have their own distinct flavor and sensation. Be careful to note any place that pleasures her the most, and also make note of the most pleasurable places on her body that you touch and kiss later on. These are her erogenous zones. By bending her head forward and to the side, you should be able to reach the area just behind her ears and below them with your lips. By kissing and lightly sucking on these areas, it is almost guaranteed that she will moan or purr with pleasure, and she may even have her first small orgasm. Other such general areas will be covered as we go.

Next, while continuing to kiss her, begin lightly touching and stroking her body. Do NOT begin by grabbing and squeezing her breasts! In fact, touch every part of her that you can before you even begin to venture close to her breasts, and leave her vaginal area alone. Then, when you do approach the breasts, do so indirectly. Lightly brush the sides of the breasts with your hands and finger tips. Then begin lightly tracing circles,

spirals and figure eights around them, beginning as far away from the nipples as possible, and working your way in – slowly – until you are lightly brushing against the edges of the aureoles while not actually touching the nipples. This is guaranteed to drive her just a little bit crazy with desire, and it often results in some more orgasms. If it doesn’t then be patient as it will happen soon enough.

A possible problem for the breast work is if she has had breast enlargement surgery as this often results in the severing of the nerves connecting the breasts with the clitoris. If this is the case then you will either see or feel scarring underneath her breasts. The lack of sensation may become irritating to her as she was likely not told this would happen and remembers what sexual stimulation felt like prior to the surgery that was very likely pressed upon her by some calloused and insensitive man. If this happens, then return to caressing her body and kissing her until the irritation has passed.

The next step in this process is determined by either of two events: either she has become sufficiently aroused that she is obviously ready to move on to other activities, or you have become sufficiently aroused that you must separate from her so as not to ejaculate. When either one or both has happened, then either help her onto a massage table, or lay her down on a pallet on the floor or a bed, whichever you have been on. This is when the actual massage process will begin…

Conclusion: The process given above is one of those Kali-like activities that flies in the face of our societal hypocrisy and freaks out the champions of “conventional wisdom”. However ladies, I will make this offer to you: If the man/woman in your life is unwilling to do this process for you then feel free to contact me, and I will take you through the process myself. Purely from a therapist’s standpoint, we will do the opening exercise with the pledge to give and receive the healing and empowerment, and then you will receive the tantric massage and healing or empowerment process at the rate of one session per week for the duration of the thirteen weeks unless you need a break along the way that lengthens the process.

And, when you do your first sexual healing providing the “Service of the Heart”, and invoking “The Phurba for healing!”, then I will provide you with one of the most beautiful Phurbas you will ever see for you to use while doing your work of providing the sexual healing and empowerment process for others. This second offer is only for those whom I take through this process and train personally.

May your life be filled with Bliss!

   Mudras and Mantras for Meditation:

Mantras for use with these Mudras:

1. Kali Kali: Goddess Goddess

2. Jai Ma: Great Mother

3. Har Har: God-God

The Recharging Mudra:

This Mudra recharges and revitalizes the main energy channel in the region of the spine known as the Shushumna.

Sit with your spine straight, and with your arms straight out in front of you. Make a fist with your right hand only with your right thumb extended upward. Wrap your left hand around your right hand with the tips of the fingers from the left hand at or near the base of the fingers on the right hand, and the heel of both hands touching. Extend the thumb of the left hand upward alongside the right thumb with a small space separating them.

Concentrate on your thumbs as you breathe slowly and deeply, and say the Mantra of your choice quietly on the out-breath. Do so for three minutes, and then lower your arms.

The Wisdom Mudra:

This Mudra stimulates the mind, and clears the channels of energy that give you access to the higher wisdom of the universe.

Sit with your spine straight, whether on the floor, on a zabuton, or in a chair, and curl your thumbs into your palms with your fingers wrapped around them. Hold your arms so that they are bent with the hands coming together at the heart chakra with the forearms horizontal with the ground. Have your right palm facing the ground, and your left palm pointing at your chest, as you hook your index fingers together with the right finger on top. 

Close your eyes, and concentrate upon the area known as the Third Eye (Brow Chakra) as you breathe in and out with long, deep and slow breaths. Chant the Mantra of your choice slowly to yourself with each exhalation. Do this for from three to eleven minutes.

The Powerful Insight Mudra:

This Mudra balances the left and right sides of the brain and stimulates the Brow and Crown Chakras.

Sit with your spine straight, and hold your hands at the level of the Solar Plexus Chakra with your elbows straight out to the sides. Set the back of your left hand, clenched loosely in a fist, so that it rests in your right hand with the left thumb parallel over your right thumb. Then, close your eyes, and concentrate on the Third Eye as you breathe deeply and slowly.

Quietly chant the Mantra “Kali Kali” as you breathe out. Continue doing so for a period of three minutes in the beginning, and slow extend the time until you can do so for up to eleven minutes.

The Prosperity Mudra:

Sit with your spine straight. Place the hands palms down at the level of the Solar Plexus Chakra with the thumbs under the hand and the index fingers touching side by side. Breathe out for one second, and then turn the hands upward so that first the palms are touching and then the little fingers are touching side by side. Do this for one second as you breathe out. Chant “Har” to yourself as you make each turn.

Make your breaths short and fast, and concentrate on the Stomach Chakra just below the navel. Do this for from three to eleven minutes per day, and you will manifest prosperity physically, mentally/emotionally and materially.