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Kali Naga 


Kali Naga Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual practices on the earth dating back before the arrival of the Kumara over 104,000 years ago. As a member of the Order of the Red Hand with the Asaga Medicine Society it has long been my practice to learn every form of esoteric and occult activity that fits within the same basic activity as the Cherokee Medicine I grew up learning from my grandmother. When I had the opportunity to learn Kali Naga Shamanism and Mahakali Tantra twenty-two years ago then I knew that I had found two such practices that would become an integral part of what I do from then on. There is another page on this website dealing with Mahakali Tantra.

Due to the persecution of Christian missionaries over the years before the American Indian Religious Freedom Act in August of 1978, much of the deeper parts of Cherokee Medicine were either lost outright or eroded to some extent. The Wiccans with the Church and School of Wicca, headquartered in Hinton, West Virginia, and then my Teacher in Kali Naga Shamanism, helped us regain much of what had been lost due to the wholesale murder of our Adawehi (Spiritual Leaders) and Medicine People. Wicca help restore much of our understanding of the nature spirits and the Little People, and Kali Naga Shamanism help restore our knowledge of the Underworld and Fire and Dragon Shamanism.

There are thirteen dimensions around the earth, and nine realms of the Underworld. Each dimension and realm has it's Guardians and characteristics, and this is especially true of the nine realms of the Underworld. Each realm of the Underworld is governed and protected by the Nagas (male Dragon/Serpent spirits), and the Naginis or Nagkanjas (the daughters of the Nagas. Just as Goddess Mahakali has her son Mahakala as her Divine Consort, so do the Naginis serve as the Divine Consorts of their fathers the Nagas. This understanding was brought to Europe during the Indo-European tribal migrations, and gave rise to their belief in the Goddess and the Green Man.

In Kali Naga Shamanism we work with the thirteen dimensions and the nine realms, and the spirits, devas, goddesses and gods that dwell within them, and with Mahakali (the Goddess of the Shamans), Mahakala (known by the Hindus as Shiva and the Chinese as Kwan Yin), and their son Ganesha (the first Shaman). We also work with Phurbas (ritual daggers with three-sided blades), Khatvangas, Trishuls, Devil Annihilation Swords, Ghaus and various other ritual tools which help us focus our energies to achieve the desired outcome of our rituals. In doing so, we recognize that all of Creation is actually One Spirit, and that we are a part of it. Therefore, when we see something as "evil" in the world then we destroy it in the world by destroying it within ourselves.

With the spiritual technology available today it is possible to teach Kali Naga Shamanism in a three year Apprenticeship. If you are interested in learning this way of life then fill out the contact form on the page titled "Contact Us". You will be contacted, and we will explore the interest you have to determine if this is the right spiritual path for you. Apprentices are expected to give monthly donations for the training that they receive, and I give you the training, spiritual covering, and help transmuting any negative karma in your life that helps you become the best Kali Naga Shaman you can possibly be as well as initiate you into the various mantras and energies of Mahakali and Mahakala and train you to do the various Phurba rituals for healing, blessing and liberation.

May your life be filled with Bliss!