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The Order of the Lotus Flower

Sardegon which people now know as “Atlantis”, is where the Order of the Lotus Flower had its beginning long before the last great flood destroyed that land. Much of the power of the "Atlanteans" was derived from that which was generated through intense tantric sexual practices. 

High Priestess Tara Sin Kurukulla is a living embodiment of the energy of the Goddess Tara Kurukulla which is the aspect of Mahakali that presides of the practice and work of Sacred Sexuality. In the picture on the cover of the "Lotus Flower Empowerments", which you will be told about below, she is shown wearing a scarf that comes from the International Mahakali High Priestess, and not much else, who is the full living embodiment of the Great Mother Goddess Mahakali. All of the various living aspects of the Goddess live and work under the mantle of the Great Mother Goddess. The same is true of all of those who join an Order under the auspices of a living aspect in that they reside under her spiritual coverage and protection. Heed the words of Tara Sin:

The Power of Unconditional Love

“Unconditional love is the highest frequency of energy. This energy is what magnetize all of creation and is the very reason for its Being. Disease, illness, pain cannot exist on this frequency. All healing is possible because of the healer’s ability to emit this energy as part of the healing process. Truly understanding Love is having the ability to understand it on a conscious, spiritual and psychic level; your connection to the divine and to all of creation. Unconditional love is the servitude to the highest good, not to ones’ self. It cannot be looked upon as a dualistic approach; i.e. good or bad, right or wrong etc. Good and evil are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other; therefore unconditional love can be used by both. Being able to love is being able to accept things as they are. Wrestling in emotional turmoil of the past in order to justify “what’s right” is not love. Emitting this frequency is meditating off the vibration of the present moment with complete acceptance. The only emotion that may be present is the one that enables your acceptance. At this point, this is where miracles truly take place because at that moment you’re able to positively affect everyone around you. Depending on the strength of your frequency you can even heal people. Just by talking, touching, listening and just being present. As I mentioned before, all negative aliments cannot exist on this frequency. So, depending on the strength and the length of time you have the power to transform people’s lives.”

HP Tara Sin Kurukulla

There is a system of training and initiation for the members of this Order as well that leads to becoming Ordained Priestesses and Priests in the service of the Goddess Tara Kurukulla. A way will be provided for people to receive initiations no matter where they may be in the world, and this will work until the higher levels of initiation which will be done in person with either the High Priestess or the High Priest or both together.

Members of this Order are also expected to make monthly donations to help cover the costs of running such an Order and the travel expenses of the Order’s leadership. In exchange you will receive training in the processes of Tantra (with an emphasis upon Kali Tantra and Yoni Tantra), Sacred Sexuality and Sexual Healing. And, you will receive spiritual coverage; help transmuting your negative karma, spiritual direction and counseling. Guidance on how to determine reasonable donations is given on our home page. 

To apply for admission into this Order and their training programs and activities then contact them at [email protected]

If you would like to explore this energy first then you are invited to fill out the Contact form on this website, and request a free copy of the "Lotus Flower Empowerments". These attunements will be sent to you by email, and after you have received them yourself then you will be encouraged to share them with your friends as well.