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The Mahakali Shaman 

Empowerment Package

Mahakali has been known as the Goddess of the Shamans for over 60,000 years, and it was to Her that my Teacher had required me to devote my life. It was the single most important part of my Shamanic journey in life! Mahakali is both my Mother and my Lover, and the Source of all Love, Wisdom and Power in my life. She will be for you as well.

Mahakali is the oldest known Deity on the earth. Patriarchal religions have tried to subdue Her, and place Her lower than their male gods, but the truth continues to be known. Consider the following quote from the Mahanirvana Tantra:

"Thou are Kali, the original form of all things,and because Thou are the origin of and devourest of all things, Thou are called the Primeval Kali. Resuming after dissolution Thine own form, dark and formless, Thou alone remainest as One ineffable and inconceivable."

Mahakali is the beginning and ending of all things. All of Creation is One. We come from Her into physical life, and we return to Her in deathless joy and splendor when this physical existence passes. This knowledge is the source of the fearlessness She gives to us, and is the wellspring of the Power of the Shamans.

"Om hreeng shreeng klim adya-Kalika parameshwari swaha!" - Shamanic Left-Hand Path Mantra

The Kali Ma New Moon Empowerment:

MahaKali, known as Kali Ma by the Hindus, has been called by more than 100 different names, and is the oldest deity known on the earth. She is the living manifestation of what the western Celtic traditions know as the Maiden, Mother and Crone, and yet Hollywood and the Christian Church have tried to portray Her as a violent and murderous hag when She is beautiful beyond comparison, and has killed only demons.

Kali Ma's gift through this attunement process is to cut away all destructive forms of ego allowing one to see that attachment to this life is an illusion. She offers you the strength to cut away all elements of destruction, attachment to people and possessions, and to face all forces that threaten you and attempt to prevent you from being who you incarnated to be. And, She gives you the Fire of Knowledge to guide you upon your path.

In this program you receive one attunement, and a six page guide, sent to you by e-mail, to prepare you to receive that attunement. I will also send a bonus of an MP3 recording of the Mahakali Mantra to help you in your future devotions.

Because we normally spend two hours of intense ritual preparation to pass this attunement, we normally charge $25.00 USD for it. We also recommend that you call it in at the New Moon. You don't have to wait until then for it to work for you, but the energies it represents are stronger then.

Kali Ma New Moon Empowerment

Product Description


Kundalini Reiki and the Kundalini Activation Process:

This is a full energy healing system that opens the Chakras in a simple and balanced way without the dangers of a kundalini crisis or spiritual emergency that is often brought on by some types of energy work and meditation. Over a period of six weeks, after you have read the manual and requested the attunements, you will receive three attunements, and seven booster attunements.

Mahakali is the acknowledged Goddess of the Nagas, the great serpents who rule the Underworld, and who are responsible for our Kundalini Awakening. Both the Nagas, and their daughters, the Naga Kanjas, rule the nine regions of the Underworld in a balance of masculine and feminine energies. Balance is the key to this Awakening process, and we provide that for you by setting up these attunements with Yab-Yum energy.

A complete e-book manual is provided explaining how the attunements work, how to do both hands-on healing and distance healing, self-healing, the Kundalini Fire Meditation, how to charge objects with Kundalini Fire, and how to call in the attunements as well as how to pass the attunements to others..

Support is also provided by e-mail to help you through the process, and to help you as you get involved in your Kundalini Reiki healing practice. There are ten attunements in this process, and it takes approximately an hour to both set up and receive these attunements. For that reason we normally charge $120.00 USD for this course. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised when you see the cost for this package!

Kundalini Activation Process

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The Solar and Lunar Lights Empowerments:

The Solar and Lunar Light Empowerments are a powerful healing system that anyone can do with minimal instruction. And, the two attunements work to bring the masculine and feminine energies of the practitioner into proper balance.

A detailed manual is provided as an e-book that gives complete instructions for not only working with the energies, but how to call in the attunements without having to be present to receive them, and how to provide attunements for others as well.

This course is not only an excellent healing process on it's own, but works very well in conjunction with Kundalini Reiki. And, like the Kundalini Reiki course, ongoing support is provided for you by e-mail.

The two attunements are given seven days apart due to the effect they have in the life of the recipient. These energies are two of the main sources of power for all Shamans throughout the world. There are other attunements you can do during the time between these attunements, and we will advise you as we go through the process.

The price normally charged for these attunements is $20.00 USD.

Solar and lunar Lights Empowerments

Product Description


The Tantric Sexual Empowerments:

The sexual empowerment energies are a type of fire energy that comes from the earth that is known as Seichim. This energy comes in through the earth chakra below your feet, and then proceeds up through the root chakra, stomach and solar plexus to the heart chakra where the energy then flows out through your hands to the person receiving the healing.Thus, the Tantric Sexual Empowerment energies are a safe and effective Kundalini experience.

Reiki energies come from above, and Seichim (pronounced "Say-keem") comes from Mother Earth. Using the two modalities together is a very powerful experience. However, Reiki energies can only address sexual issues indirectly whereas this energy does so directly. In the first attunement you will receive the ability to address all kinds of physical and emotional sexual dysfunction, and to improve the physical performance of anyone whose libido is lessening. And, unlike pharmaceuticals, there are no harmful side effects in the process.

The second attunement in this system of healing address such issues as rape, sexual molestation, unwilling incest, sexual addiction and all of the various traumas that grow out of those activities. Further, it empowers you to pass on the attunements to others, and to use sex as an intentional healing and empowering modality in itself when the situation warrants such activities.

This program includes a 23 page manual giving the history of this type of activity, how it works for hands on and distance healing, and how to do hands on and distant attunements. And, it includes three years of guidance and counsel so that you get the most out of your own healing as well as what you provide to others while learning to work with this system. And, you are welcome to pass on the manual to your students as well as long as it is passed on in it's entirety without being changed in any way.

Prerequisite: You must be an Usui Reiki Master to take this course. If you are not an Usui Reiki Master then contact me as we can get this requirement met in rapid order, and in a way that will empower you even more in the process.

A certificate honoring your receiving the attunements will be e-mailed to you, and a record is kept here in case others desire to verify your educational and self-empowerment achievements.

We normally charge $30.00 for these attunements due to the intensity of the process in transmuting the negative energies given off during these types of healing. And, rest assured, when you go through this attunement process then you will receive the healing as well. If any issues come up for you from this then know that we are here to support you through this process. 

Tantric Sexual Empowerments

Product Description


Seichim Master

Seichim (pronounced "Say-keem") is a form of living light energy that comes from the earth, and was first used by the Khemetic Shamans of Egypt. the system then spread to Atlantis, MU, India, and then to Tibet where it was perfected before spreading out to the rest of the world. This healing system was later suppressed by the Church so that only a handful of Sufi mystics even knew about it until it's revival in the 1980s.

Seichim is an energy system that is used for healing and gaining spiritual wisdom and empowerment. It encompasses the full spectrum of electro-magnetic frequencies available from the Source of ALL LOVE, and it establishes a protective shield around the person attuned to this system that helps to continually purify their energy and allowing in more and more energy as they get to where they can tolerate it so that the healer is continuously become more empowered in every way.

Prerequisite: You must be an Usui Reiki Master before taking this course of study and attunement. If you are not an Usui Reiki Master then contact me, and we get you through that process in a way that will empower you even more, and we can do it quickly. We use a system known as New Usui Reiki that is a better energy for the current paradigm than the way most of us originally learned twenty years ago.

A certificate honoring your attunement is given for this course as well as a 23 page manual written by my Seichim Master-Teacher which you may also pass on to your clients and students.

The cost for this attunement process is normally $40.00 USD.

Seichim Master

Product Description


Maha Kali Seichim

Ancient healing systems shed light upon the the pre-Usui origins of Reiki, and one of these ancient systems is Seichim which is a system for healing and gaining wisdom and power that was perfected in Tibet. Maha Kali is the Goddess of the Shamans who ruled the world long before the founding of Hinduism and Buddhism. The Tibetan and Nepalese Hindus and Tibetan Buddhists continue to worship the Great Mother Kali to this day, and this course of study reveals Her infinite and benevolent power to you in a very special way.

The patriarchal religions and Hollywood have often attempted to malign Kali, and make Her out to be a demon or ogres when the truth is that She offers us the most rapid path to Enlightenment and the ability to work with the most powerful and subtle form of energetic healing known to humankind. This program initiates you into Her sadhana (daily prayer rituals) and to four of Her most powerful mantras that will help you in every facet of your life. And, it attunes you to a powerful system of healing that, up to now, has only been taught orally from teacher to student for over 100,000 years.

The beautifully detailed manual that comes with this program will guide you through the various writings on Maha Kali, teach you Her mantras, the Maha Kali Puja ritual that is performed four times per year, the 100 names of the Goddess whose daily recitation takes only a few minutes and yet fills your life with power and Bliss.

Prerequisite: Be an Usui Reiki Master and complete the Seichim Master course.

A Certificate is given upon recognition of your achievement and your initiation into the Mahakali Mantras and attunement to the Maha Kali Seichim Healing System.

The energy exchange normally charged for this process is $40.00 USD.

Mahakali Seichim

Product Description


The Mahakali Initiation:

For those who are unable to be here in person to receive the Mahakali Initiation in a Tuesday midnight service, the Initiation can be performed the same as a distance attunement. You will need to be awake and meditating at the time of the ritual, which will be at 12 midnight CST, and which will take an hour to do.

The ritual will begin with the Mahakali Initiation that will give you an unbreakable connection to the Goddess of the Shamans, transmute negative karma, lovingly work to remove any ignorance or undisciplined ego from your life, defeat any black magic working against you, help you to fulfill your desires, and give you fearlessness without the loss of discretion. Then we will move to a Phurba ritual for your further blessing and to help with the things in your life that you are not able to control, but are hampering your progress in life, and then end with a Yab-Yum Blessing which will remove negative energy from your body and give you a wisdom transmission that will help you bring your life into balance. And, this initiation is further empowered by the energy of a tantric couple who did the work on your behalf while in Yab-Yum together.

An MP3 recording of the mantras to which you are being initiated will be e-mailed to you prior to the ritual so that you may learn it, and then do the mantra 108 times while receiving the Initiation.

For more information on Mahakali, click on the page on this website bearing Her name.

We normally charge $88.00 USD for this initiation, and it takes an hour to do it. 

Mahakali Initiation

Product Description


The Phurba Initiation and Empowerment:

The Phurba is the ritual dagger used by all Tibetan Shamans for healing, Blessings, and to destroy demons. It can also be used to work with the weather, to help transport you through the spirit world, and to empower food and water. This initiation connects you to the Spirit of the Phurba, and implants a crystalline Phurba in each of your chakras for you to use in your shamanic practice.

A copy of "The Way of the Phurba" is provided to each student of this course, and this manual is the only English source explaining the entire Phurba ritual, and giving pictures of the entire process so that you can learn to do the ritual for yourself. A recording of the Phurba Mantra is also provided for you.

A Phurba ritual is done on your behalf when the Initiation is prepared for you that helps to remove all obstacles from your spiritual path over which you have no control, and which sends healing and Blessing energies your way to help prepare you to receive the Initiation and Empowerment.

The normal charge for this process is $100.00 USD

Phurba Initiation & Empowerment

Product Description


The Khatvanga Initiation and Empowerment:

The Khatvanga is a ritual wand normally made from meteoric iron. The one used for this initiation is a Trishul Khatvanga known as "The Scepter of Kali". The Khatvanga used in this process is shown in the e-book entitled, "The Way of the Phurba". In this initiation, the Spirit of the Khatvanga is placed in your heart, and in the hand of your choosing so that it's energy projects out through your fingers.

An intention is also set up in it so that it can only be used for the highest good of all as this can be a potent weapon if employed incorrectly. This ritual tool works by focusing emotional energy towards a specific target and for a specific purpose. It's misuse could cause the deaths of others not in the highest good without this intention.

A Phurba ritual is also involved in this initiatory process to help remove malice and ill will from the recipient, and the normal cost for this activity is also $100.00 USD.

Khatvanga Initiation & Empowerment

Product Description


The Ganesha Empowerment:

Ganesha is actually the son of Mahakali and Her consort Mahakala, whom the Hindus know as Shiva. Ganesha is considered the First Shaman as he was the first human to face Death and then return to this world as the deity who has become known as "The Elephant-Headed Boy". You can read the shamanic version of his story in "The Way of the Phurba".

This attunement brings the power of Ganesha into your life. Ganesha provides energy that is grounding, helps us focus better, protects us and clears obstacles from our path that keeps us from meeting our objectives whether spiritual or physical in nature.

This attunement is usually provided for $10.00 USD with the manual given free of charge.

Ganesha Empowerment

Product Description


We normally charge $573.00 USD for the individual courses in this package, but for those of you who purchase the entire package at once we will give it to you for $400.00 USD.

Mahakali Package

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