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The Mahakali Storm Initiations

The original Mahakali Storm initiations were conducted in this day and time during the thirteen new moons of 2011 by the Mahakali High Priestess and myself, and were only able to be received directly where anyone was at that time. After that then it would only be possible for people to receive if they were physically with both her and me in the same place, and that was only possible once in 2012 and no time at all has worked out in 2013. These initiations will not be repeated for another 25,998 years, but Mahakali has granted a way in which people can receive about two thirds of that same energy in another year long process that will still be extremely powerful and life changing.

We are grateful for Her kindness in this matter. The “missing one third” are energies that were designed to help people through the actual shift into the new Satya Yuga which happened during the 21 and 22 of December in 2012. That time has passed, and so have those energies until the next Mahakali Storm Initiations take place at the end of this Cycle of Ages.

The original Mahakali Storm Initiations took place just over 104,000 years ago, and have been repeated at the end of every Cycle of Ages to help people live better in the new frequencies. While the initial transitions have taken place, these timeless empowerments offered here will make anyone's life easier and more productive, and will help them to overcome the chaotic energies of these times.

During the original set of these Initiations we were not allowed to charge for them, but were to receive donations instead. That has not changed so there is a “Donate” button set on the page for this on our website. When you desire to receive these empowerments then make a donation, and they will be set up for you, and the manual will be sent to you complete with instructions on how to receive them. And, while some people may choose to make only one donation, we would appreciate it if you would do so each month as your gratitude expressed for what you are receiving. Personally, I will be doing a lot of ritual work in support of these empowerments for each New Moon from the time that they first become available to you in January of 2014,

 and I will continue to do so for the year following the last donation I receive from a new recipient so I could well be doing this for the rest of my life. Since you will be receiving the benefits of this then your continued support would be appreciated. However, once again, it is not required. Donations should be freely given.

Before we begin the empowerments it would be best if you know a bit about the Initiations/Empowerments themselves:

The Mahakali Freedom Empowerment - This empowerment brings freedom from Fear of all kinds, especially the fear of Death, and removes the malefic effects of the planets in your astrological chart. Science has recently proven that we are imprinted with this information on the day of our birth, but this Initiation from the Goddess will remove those effects from any who choose to receive this empowerment.

The Empowerment of Awakening - When you receive this Initiation/empowerment then you will perceive the world in a new way. You will have Unified Consciousness, and will be able to see how all of Creation is connected at all times. You will also KNOW that whatever you desire will manifest for you both quickly and easily! You will also experience true Detachment from all of life. Let's be realistic here, you are in a physical body in a physical world, and bad things will happen from time to time.

But, you will no longer feel the need to be stuck in the stories or the energy, and you will be able to see the bigger picture and let it go. You will also become a greater living expression of the Divine Love and Compassion of the Goddess in the world. A great part of the reason for this is because this energy will work with the Kundalini Activation Process that all of you have been asked to start with, and it will cause a full Kundalini Awakening without any blockages or imbalances.

The Empowerment of Bliss - This empowerment will bring the ability to choose to live in Happiness, Joy and Contentment at all times. The Initiation of Awakening does this as well, but this Initiation will take it to a much greater level of awareness. This empowerment will give living proof through each of us to the world that the Creator is a part of each one of use, and we of It, and operates through us continuously for the greater good of all of the rest of Creation.One of my favorite verses in the Christian scriptures is a verse in 

which the writer says, "I have learned, in whatsoever I have, to be Content!" Bliss is contentment on a grand scale in that you KNOW that you are in and of the presence of the Goddess at all times. In the future, anytime that you feel like you need some more this then simply say, “Bliss on!” and it will flow back into you as you breathe deeply afterward.

The Enrichment Empowerment - This empowerment is about manifesting abundance, wealth and prosperity in every area of your lives whether it is for spiritual, mental/emotional, physical, relational, or financial areas of your lives, or in any other way that you can imagine. The Goddess desires to share every good gift with us, and this will manifest Her delight in surprising us with Her bounty in all things and in all ways.

This will bring a condition of joyous expectation, and the world will be filled with wondrous surprises!

The Grace of the Goddess Empowerment - In some ways, this is a continuation of the previous empowerment, but this will ramp up the energy to a greater degree. You will live in a continuous State of Grace in which all good things are manifested both to you and through you. And, everyone around you, or who sees your picture, hears your voice by any medium possible, or senses your energy in any way will receive a measure of that Grace as well. Grace takes nothing from no one. The Grace that pours both to

and through you will only give good things, conditions and states of Awakening and Enlightenment. I am wearing the Mahakali Storm necklace as I am writing this, and I can feel the energy of the Goddess flowing through my body. It is such a wondrous thing to know that what I am feeling will flow through us to all of the rest of Creation during this time! The Grace of the Goddess is the giving or every good gift in every good way for the Highest Good of all!

The Light Empowerment - It seems to me like this empowerment and the next one is backward, but this is the way the Goddess wants them given so them in this order. The purpose of this empowerment is to fill every part of you with Divine Light. It will fill your brain, your torso, your arms and legs, and your aura. It will fill your Higher Self, and every part of you will radiate Divine Light to all of the rest of Creation. Many people talk about having a Light Body,

and becoming "Homo Luminescence". Well, here's a news flash for you! We will still have a physical body, but it will become a spiritual Light source as well. Spiritual Light is the beginning of all true manifestation in this world.

The Empowerment to the Void - When you meditate upon Mahakali in the depths of Her darkest form you find yourself in a place called the Void. The Void is the heart of the Great Mother Goddess, and it is filled with Unmanifest Energy. At first you are surrounded by Darkness that is blacker than the darkest night, and then you begin to "see" something different. Far away, at the edge of Night, you begin to see the beginnings of Light! Darkness is Unmanifest Energy, and all true Light comes out of Darkness.

During this empowerment you will experience the fullness of the Void in the Heart of Mahakali, you will experience the birth of even greater Divine Light within yourself, and you will know that all things are possible for you!

The Naga Pitta Empowerment - The Nagas are the rulers of the Underworld which has nine levels or dimensions known as Realms. In this case, "Naga" refers to both the Fathers, and to the royal Nagini who are their daughters (Known as “Nagkanja”) and rule equally with them. Personally, it is a great honor to me to have two Nagkanja in human form as Apprentices. We have already gained much from them as they have served as surrogates in some of our attunements.

The Nine Realms are also where we encounter our Shadows, our personal Darkness. It is this part of ourselves that most people avoid, but true personal power comes from making peace with our Shadows. There are some people who teach that we need to kill off our egos, but that is impossible. In fact, it is that ego which inspires us to seek Enlightenment and to do every other good thing that we accomplish in life. When we make peace with the darker side

of ourselves then we are able to manifest true Greatness in the world around us, and we are also able to truly love and accept

The Naga Pitta Empowerment is about seeing the Truth about ourselves, and being able to live within that Truth for the entire world to see. And, it is about being at peace with whom and what we really are. Once you have received this Empowerment there will be no reason to come back to another physical life unless you have taken a vow to do so such as that of an Eternal Champion or a Catalyst of World Change.

Hindus call this Moksha and Buddhists see this as refining the energy so that you leave as a Rainbow Light Body rather than leaving a corpse behind when you leave this world of illusion behind.

The Kali Naga Bliss Empowerment - This empowerment builds upon the previous one by turning the Shadow into a powerful force for change both within you and in the world. What some might consider the "downside" of this is that if there is anything that you have been running from, and avoiding dealing with, it will "overtake" you so that these final issues standing in between both you and unascended Mastery can be removed. 

This energy will rapidly bring you into your awareness of being a Living Master in some realm of activity, and it sets you up for the next empowerment which is my personal area of Mastery. When you experience this for yourself then let me know and we will discuss what this means for you. Once you have made true Peace with your Shadow then you will know Bliss in all areas of your life far beyond any experience that you have ever had before, and it will be permanent!

The Remembrance Empowerment - Each one of these empowerments is begun on the day in which it becomes available to you, and you call it in, and it lasts for a full moon cycle. You will especially appreciate that with this one as it will help you to remember who you really are, and you will be surprised at the true Greatness that you have within you. Your Greatness is what we will be discussing, and any future work we do together will be to help you better define it.

The Rakshasa Empowerment - Rakshasas are extremely malevolent and powerful spirits whom many Christians would know as the Princes of Hell. We know them as our counter-parts in the Dark Lodge, and they chose to be so because of the evil done to them by humans. Only a few of them have chosen to return to the Light. This empowerment will build upon your area of Mastery, and it will give you power over all of the Realms and forces of Evil in Creation. It will also give you new levels of awareness and discernment so that you 

will know the Evil that should be either removed or Liberated (destroyed completely) as compared to the Evil that should remain because it serves the Highest Good by continuing to exist. This is often a very hard lesson that we all must learn, but the Grace of the Goddess will be sufficient for you during this time.

The Empowerment of Overcoming - This is also a continuation of the previous one with the addition of energies that will make it easier to overcome the obstacles presented by life in general whether in a physical body or in the spirit world. A part of this process is discerning where we as a species went wrong in the past, and seem to be headed again in the current Satya Yuga (Golden Age) and then being able to revisit the past to change the energy then in ways that will make human kind as a whole better able to make the right choices in the future. This energy will not violate free will in anyone, but it will improve our options in the choices that we make both singularly and collectively.

Goddess Empowerment - This empowerment is the final one in the process, and bestows the ability to be all that Mahakali truly is while still being ourselves as well. All of Her immense store of Unconditional Love and Divine Compassion will flow continuously through us to all of the rest of Creation, and will set Creation firmly upon the Path of Pure Enlightenment in the highest states of awareness and spiritual capability available in a human, animal, plant or stone body. Living in the Purest Love of the Goddess

will allow us to continue to usher in the new Golden Age is a far more pure way than we have ever been able to achieve in Ages past and we will become the new Earth Keepers for this initial phase of the new Satya Yuga. And, at the end of our appointed time on the earth then we will leave as Beings of Light to join with the Goddess in joyful celebration until we choose to either return to another life of Service, or to move on to other realms and new challenges. Personally, I already know that I will be back in another 3,000 years for another round of Service in this new Cycle of Ages. It is comforting to know that I will be able to bring these powerful energies back with me in a refined and more powerful form of Divine Love and Compassion, and the same is true for you. Once you receive these empowerments then the energies will automatically update themselves during you time between incarnations, and whether you choose to come back or go on then those energies will go with you.

When you receive these empowerments the initial energies come in over a two hour period. 

The remainder of the energies from the Mahakali Storm Initiation will continue to come in over the next 28 days until the next Initiation that you call in takes place. And, since these are set up the way they are then you can skip a month if you need to and begin again where you left off. Further, if you have received them before and want to do it again then you are welcome to repeat some or all of them.

This has been a detailed description of what you will receive, and you can begin the process with the first empowerment at the next New Moon from 2014 onward. To get started then make a donation below, and the complete document, including instructions for receiving the Mahakali Storm Empowerments will be sent to you. If you are making a donation for someone else then send us a message with with their email address, and we will send it on to them. 

There are no refunds given from this website so please be certain that you want these empowerments before making your donation.


Jai Mahakali!