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Mahakali Tantra:

There are many who believe that Tantra began with the Hindus, but many Hindu priests will tell you that Hinduism is a hodge-podge of spiritual practices adopted from other peoples and tribes. The same is true of Tantra which was taken up from the Kali Naga Shamans in the

Tibetan, Nepali and Indian areas of the Himalayan Mountains. My Teacher, a Tibetan Tamang Bon Jhankri (Shaman) from the pre-Hindu tradition married a Naga Tantrika, and he learned it from her. She and their family were murdered by the Chinese invaders of Tibet in 1960, and he came to the USA on political asylum after doing a Phurba Ritual that caused the death of a Chinese official. He, in turn, taught Kali Naga and Bon Jhankri Shamanism and Mahakali Tantra to me before he died.

Mahakali Tantra is the oldest form of Tantra on the earth, and dates back over 60,000 years that we know of. It is often taught one-on-one, from Master to student, and occasionally to groups. Before my Teacher died he initiated me as a Mahakali Tantra Grand Master in the ancient matriarchal tradition, and charged me with the task of training and initiating others, both female and male, in it's healing and empowering practices.

In Tantra, the Teacher is known as the Master, and the student is known as the Hero or Heroine. As all of my Tantra students but one have been female then I will talk with you about the Heroine. Most men don't have the courage to fully take up this path, but fall prey to the Hindu forms of Tantra which claims to honor the Goddess and yet abuses the women who follow that Path.

In Mahakali Tantra, the Heroine is one who is willing to boldly face the deepest and darkest aspects of reality embodied in the Goddess Mahakali. Her mystical journey, or Sadhana, begins after she proves her worthiness to follow this Path by fulfilling all of the conditions laid down by her Master Teacher. The Heroine is then initiated into the Tantrik Path in a form of Deeksha performed in the Yab-Yum position with her Master. Where most Kali Naga Shaman students 

Apprentice for three years, the Tantrik Apprentice does so for a minimum of seven years, and does so by drinking a special and secret formula mixed in red wine with her Master Teacher.

In this relationship, the Heroine knows that her Master will systematically challenge her to face her deepest and darkest fears, and question all of her views and beliefs concerning morality and purity. Indeed, in the worship of Kali, everything considered inauspicious by the religions used to enslave people with their dogmas and evil laws is often used to worship the Dark Goddess.

The Heroine is asked to eat what she has never dared to eat, look at what she has never dared to see, listen to what she has never dared to hear, and do things she has never dared to do. This may include such things as wearing the ashes from cremation grounds, engaging in sex in public, violating religious and social taboos, and definitely includes learning to live and embody all of the many aspects of Mahakali from whom all forms of the female and many male dieties are extrapolated.

In the process, she is forced to reveal her inner-most secrets, and to face her inner-most desires while making peace with her Shadow, the dark side of herself from whom most would-be spiritual seekers run screaming in terror. I currently have one such Heroine whose stated desire is to go further, more far out and deeper than any Apprentice I have ever had before. Not too long ago, I was working with a lady who appeared to have the heart for this Path until the day we had scheduled the work to confront her deepest fear of being stabbed in the back, and then she ran away. This one that I have now is up to the challenge, and I am grateful to the Goddess for bringing her into my life! I have no doubt that the day will come when she will rock this world to it's very foundation in some very good ways.

There are many misconceptions about Tantra in the western world where the belief is that Tantra is all about sex. This is because free sexuality is what is used to sell everything in this part of the world, and yet it is the single greatest thing that is feared by all of patriarchal society. Only about 20% of Tantra involves sexual exercises and rituals while the other 80% consists of breathwork, meditation, mudras, mantras, and a philosophy of life that includes living in balance with 

all of Creation with intense power raising activities and a very powerful form of group shamanic practice. No where is this more true than in Mahakali Tantra.

There are many forms of Tantra in the world today, but most only give lipservice to the Goddess, and are often just patriarchal excuses for swinging or group sex. True forms of Tantra honor Mahakali in all of Her forms, honor the Divine Feminine above all others, result in the full Awakening and Self-Realization of the Kundalini, heal and empower both the women and men who engage in it, and use sexual activity to further the spiritual growth and development of the practitioners leading them into a wild state of freedom in which they become who and what we are all truly intended to be.

Like all true forms of Tantra and matriarchal spirituality, Mahakali Tantra is always done nude as this represents the freedom from illusion that the Goddess has given us. Especially in western cultures, clothing is a device of illusion meant to cover the perceived flaws of the body while enhancing the illusion of sexuality. Further, many of the fabrics and restrictive cuts of the clothing make the body unhealthy due to the chemicals they give off, and the 

inability of the body to breathe through them. Nudity in ritual, meditation and life allows for greater spiritual clarity and insight, and for greater power raising as well during the ritual process.

When I teach about Mahakali Tantra, my first seminar with any group of students covers who and what Mahakali is as well as an overview of Mahakali Tantra, an Initiation to the Mahakali Left-Hand (Tantrik) Path Mantra and Yantra, The Yab-Yum Ghau Blessing and the Mahakali Bliss Deeksha. We also cover basic breathwork for raising Kundalini with special emphasis on Kali Naga Breathing, power raising methods for both couples and individuals, the ethical treatment of both women and men within the matriarchal world view, how matriarchal societies work, the 100 names

of the Goddess, and a frank and explicit discussion of sex and sexual terms in the Tantrik process, and the Tantrik Sexual Healing and Empowerment Process.

WARNING! The Mysteries of Mahakali are great and powerful, but make no mistake about this: Mahakali Tantra is not for the curious or the faint at heart. This is the Higher Path of spiritual growth, and once you begin it there is no going back to how you were before. This seminar is truely life-changing. Don't take it if you are satisfied with your life being the way it is as it will never be so again! The stated purpose of the Dark Goddess is "To trample Ignorance on the Path of Love", and She does so with great precision and accuracy!

The average seminar begins at 9AM on a Saturday, goes until around 9:30PM that night, begins again at 9AM on Sunday, and goes until 12 noon. After that, I usually have counseling appointments with individuals and couples. In most cases, I have an Apprentice there to work with me. For these seminars, I expect that I will be paid $200.00 per person, and I and anyone assisting me will receive adequate room and board to suit our needs, as well as our transportation costs being covered both to and from the location.

A $50.00 per person non-refundable fee is required up front two weeks in advance of the seminar to pay for handouts and the Mahakali Yantra medallions purchased for the Mantra and Yantra initiation process. These medallions are Blessed on a Kali altar during a Mahakali Puja for this purpose. The rest of the fees are to be paid to me before the beginning of the seminar. I will pay the Apprentice/Heroine assisting me from that money. The minimum 

number of students is ten to make it worth our time and expense to travel to you, or you may come to me with a smaller group or as a couple or individual, and provide a suitable donation for my time and efforts.

I have been on my spiritual path for 56 years now, and I can guarantee you that you will go home feeling like your brain will explode from all of the information that you will receive. After 55 years, and having received several spiritual names along the way, I received my final public spiritual name from my current Master Teacher. That name is Prajna Shiva Kalidasa. Prajna means "Higher Wisdom not of this world", Shiva is "The Dancing God of 

Destruction", and Kalidasa means "The Servant of Kali". If there is anything that I can promise you, its that I do all that I can to live up to my name, especially as the Servant of Kali. I also have a secret name received after fully facing - and making peace with - my Shadow, but that is not for you to know. However, if this Path is for you, and you follow it with me, then I will help you discover your own.

Should you have questions about what you have read here, or you wish to schedule a seminar, then fill out the contact form on this website, and i will contact you to begin the process.

Jai (Honor to) Mahakali!