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Mantra Package

There are three offerings in this package which you may purchase either individually or as a package deal. If you choose the package deal then know that payments are not an option. In each case, 108,000 mantras will be done on your behalf over the period of eight days. This is extremely time consuming and exhausting work! Depending upon the work being done, it will be either from the first crack of dawn until dusk, or it will be done from dusk until dawn. And, you should also be aware that the energy will very intense.It will likely cause you to detox for a week or two.

In each case, we will expect you to give some background information on yourself as well as some information on why you have chosen to do this process as well as your goals for the future. Then, we will pray about what you tell us, and then send you a package of attunements according to the leading of the Goddess Mahakali. You may choose to tell us that you are interested in a certain course, but you will only receive it at her direction. She knows things that we cannot begin to understand so that is why we do it this way. However, short of a miracle, what you receive from us will be more than what you have spent for your package plus you will still receive the mantra work as well. All manuals will be sent to you by e-mail.

As with all of our courses, we offer three years of counseling by e-mail to be certain that you get the most possible benefit from your purchase. And, if you so desire it, then we will send you a beautiful full color certificate honoring what you have received that is suitable for display.

There are no refunds given for purchases from this website so be certain about your desire to receive this work and engage in this process. However, if you feel displeased then tell us and we will work with you to help you through your turmoil. Sometimes these energies can unsettling as they require that you go through an adjustment process as the changes you seek are manifesting in the physical world.

Mantra Package Deal

To get everything on this page individually would cost you $1,080.00 USD for each one, or a total of $3,240.00 for all of them separately. But, if you take this package deal then you will get all three for a discounted price of $2,500.00. Obviously,they will not all be done for you in the same week, but you will get them at the lesser price and in the order that you prefer.

Don't get freaked out by the prices here. Read the information above, and read the descriptions for each program below, and you will see that they are well worth it. This is a massive amount of work on your behalf on my part and for some of my Apprentices as well, and most of the money will be used for charity in maintaining run down and neglected rural graveyards in keeping with some of the Aghora tradition that I am a part of.

Mantra Package Deal

Be certain of your desire for this purchase. Do refunds are given for purchases from this website.


The Spiritual Healing and Empowerment Process

This process involves eight of your nights of chanting 108,000 mantras using the Aghor Mantra described below in the Spiritual and Occult Power program. It may not be night time where I am, but we prefer to do it when you will be resting and sleeping as the first seven days of the process are devoted to clearing blockages from one Chakra per day, beginning with the Root Chakra and working upward, and cleansing and strengthening them, and the eighth day is for sending a massive dose of Shaktipat energy to bring about full spiritual awakening and the beginning of the process of self-awareness leading you toward true Enlightenment. It is decidedly best that you not be involved in driving or operating any kind of machinery during this time!

This process does not guarantee that you will be fully enlightened when it is over.If you encounter something does offer such a guarantee then run away fast! Its a scam. No one can truly make that claim. But,this will certainly free up your energy to help you down that path.And,we will help you along the way once this part of the process is done. You will not be in it alone.

WARNING: If you are afraid of change in your life then do not do this program!

Spiritual Healing and Empowerment

There are no refunds for purchases from this website.


Negative Karma Reduction Program

This process involves chanting the Mahakali Left-Hand Path Mantra 108,000 times in eight days on your behalf. This mantra is also known as the Great Fifteen-Syllable Mantra, and is described as the best spiritual evolution mantra that is quick,powerful and unyielding. It destroys the negative ego, and provides rapid progress toward spiritual evolution and Enlightenment.

When this mantra is used specifically for the work of alleviating the effects of negative karma then it primarily helps with past life issues, and will work on present life issues for which you truly regret having brought about. However,if you are simply trying to use this to avoid punishment for something you have willfully done then it will not cover that for you. I recently provided this service for my Apprentices, and all but two of them were completely free of negative karma when it was over, but they have been actively working toward this goal for quite some time. How well it works for you will depend on your degree of dedication to your spiritual path.

The energy from this process will play out over a period of 13 moon cycles. As changes take place in the spirit world then that will make it possible to change circumstances in the physical world. And, there may be some seemingly negative upheaval in your life as destructive karmic relationships may end in many areas. But, it will be very much worth it in the end, and we will help you through it every step of the way.

Negative Karma Reduction Program

There are no refunds given for purchases from this website. Be certain of your desire to receive this program before proceeding.


Spiritual and Occult Power Program

This program does for you exactly what the title says: It opens you up to powerful energies that ramp up your ability to manifest and work with spiritual and occult powers. In effect, this is a spiritual fast track and you need to be absolutely certain that you want it. Whether you are a novice or an adept, this will be no joy ride, but will be a year of intense energies and hard work as you adjust to the changes taking place within and around you. 

I had to meditate for twenty-one years, and work through many difficult and dangerous situations to receive the Aghor Mantra that is used in this process, and then go through a puja led by eleven Aghora Priests for six hours after having spent eight days chanting this mantra.The energy is so strong that it occasionally caused me to have full body convulsions and made me feel like my head was about to explode. Others whom I included in my process felt intense energies as well.

Most of the work effecting change in your life will be well under way before the first year after the deed is done has passed, but you can expect it to continue for the rest of your life so be very certain that this is your desire before you make this purchase. Once it is begun there is no going back, and once the mantra chant is started then I will not stop until it has been accomplished except to sleep, have an occasional cup of water or tea, and to eat bowl of black rice out of a Kapala each evening after dark.

Spiritual and Occult Power

Be certain that you desire this program before ordering as no refunds are given for purchases from this website.