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Native American Shaman Package

This is one of the more interesting packages that we have to offer either the aspiring or experienced Shaman. These courses and attunements make it possible for you to work in a variety of ways, and with or without the physical items that many of us were taught to use in the past as you will be attuned to the objects, plants, stones and crystals that would be used otherwise, and will have established alliances with most of the spirit world's major entities as well.

These courses pick up where the Shamanism Package leaves off. The Shamanism Package is pretty much like "basic training" for the Shaman, although there is a lot that is good for those of us who are experienced in the Great Work as well. I enjoyed them immensely, and it occasionally helped renew some connections that I had let slip along the way. The same is true for the first course we offer in this package.

Most of the remaining courses are from information that was taught to me over the course of the 25 years in which I apprenticed in Asaga Cherokee Medicine. Some of those came into their present form when my current Teacher, Maya Moonshadow, directed me to write some of my own manuals rather than depending upon those of others. It was wonderful advice, and I learned even more about these great spirits of nature in the process.

Sacred Breath: A Journey of Remembering

I received this attunement from a healer named Audra Dinino, and it was a wonderfully nostalgic energetic trip! A large part of the process of apprenticeship in the Asaga medicine Society was involved in making alliances with the spirits of nature, and that is what this course is all about. In the medicine society that meant alliances with over 280 different spiritual entities in 13 different realms, 7 dimensions, 28 sub-dimensions, and the 9 regions of the Underworld. This course gives you a great start on that process, and originally came with one attunement.

In the medicine society we also went through 4 initiations and 7 vision quests. The initiations were as follows:

1. The Birth of the Divine Nature - Much of what was taught in the medicine society was not so much to actually teach you something new, but was intended to make us remember who we really are, and recall the alliances and lessons of our previous lives. We have added an attunement to help you connect with those energies, and to foster your ability to remember and reclaim the wisdom and knowledge concerning these processes in your previous lives.

2. The Test of the Divine Nature - Essentially, this is a process in which you Deathwalk all of the energies in your life that no longer serve you, and release them so that there is room for new and better things to come into your life. This energetic process runs for about a year, and that is true of the attunement for this initiation. In other words, if you don't want your life to change then don't call in this attunement!

3. The Transfiguration Initiation - In the Birth of the Divine Nature you often received two new names, and that may happen for you as well. One of them you keep secret as it protects your personal autonomy, and the other one you use publicly. In this initiation we often would get at least one new name and sometimes two. We would also go through a series of either four or seven empowerments and Teachings from our initiator. This attunement holds those energies, 

and brings them into your life. Be open to what you hear, see and feel in the process.

4. Mastership - In this initiation we were required to fast for a week taking in nothing but water. Four days of this was our sixth vision quest after which we were made to stand before our Elders to be examined by 28 of them while they ate and drank a feast and questioned us. Each Elder wound ask 7 questions, and they did not want short and easy answers! After we had been questioned well beyond the point of exhaustion then they would leave the initiate the remains of their feast with which to break your fast, leave, and return at sunrise to give their verdict. If you passed then you were dressed in the ceremonial garb of an Adawehi (Asaga-Cherokee Spiritual Leader, Shaman/Medicine Person and Lineage Holder), and if you failed then you were banished from the medicine society, and were left in the wilderness to either live or die on your own. This initiation brings that energy to you. You and you alone will know what the Spirits tell you.

Taking these four attunements along with the one that originally came with the Sacred Breath manual will not make you a Shaman. Only time, experience, and a good human form Teacher can make that happen for you. But, these attunements and the ones from the Shamanism Package will connect you with the energies involved right up front so that the process will be much quicker and simpler than it was for those of us who did it the old way.

By itself, this attunement process would cost you $50.00 USD, and would be worth every cent of it. However, by including it in this package, you will receive it for less. Be grateful to the spirits for what you are receiving, and honor them.

Sacred Breath

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Ethereal Herbology and Plant-Spirit Medicine:

When I was a child, I asked my Grandmother why more people didn't use the herbs for healing. She told me to be grateful that they didn't! I was confused and said so, and my Grandmother explained that there are so many people in the world that if everyone used the medicinal herbs then the entire world supply could disappear overnight. When I asked her if there was another way around this problem then she looked at me and said, "Since Yohewah (God) has placed that question in your heart, it's up to you and Him to find the way." This course is that answer. I was five years old then, and fifty-one when I found the way.

In this course you will receive a detailed e-manual containing an excellent materia-medica covering 88 plants, and the diseases to use them with. You will be attuned to these plants in four attunements covering 22 plants each. You will also be taught how to attune yourself to more plants, and how to breathe them for yourself and your clients. And, you will be empowered to pass the attunements to others as well.

There is also a detailed description of the universal life force and the human energy system, and information on the use of plant spirits for healing in a variety of circumstances. There are also stories from my life that are sometimes humorous and always instructive. There is no reason for you not to learn from my errors and not make them yourself. I have been told that it's good to be able to laugh at yourself, and i did a fair bit of that while writing this book!

The cost for this course is normally $40.00, but you will receive it for somewhat less since you are purchasing it as a part of this course package.

Ethereal Herbology & Plant Spirit medicine

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The Ethereal Crystals and Stones Healing System:

In this course you will be given a firm connection to the Grandfather Spirits of the earth, and be attuned in such a way as to be able to talk with them. And, you will be attuned to a wide array of stones (63 stones and crystals in three attunements) as well as taught how to make stone essences and tinctures, stone ash, and how to do stone meditations and breathing for both spiritual growth and enlightenment.

You will also receive a detailed materea medica telling about the stones and the diseases they are used for, and it will also cover the various antidotes for those who get too much of one stone or crystal energy or another. simply put, you will receive a vast amount of information and three powerful attunements that will "rock" your world! (Sorry, I just couldn't resist!). One stone can even heal broken bones, and you will have the energy available within you should you or a loved one ever need it.

This course normally sells for $30.00, but you will receive it at a discount as a part of this course package.

Ethereal Crystals & Stones Healing System

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Sacred Moon Reiki:

Grandmother Moon has always held a special place in the hearts of Native Americans, and She always will. The moon governs all of the tides in our bodies as well as in the earth, and empowers everything from the growth of plants to the surges of energy and ability to examine our shadows both individually and collectively.

This elegant and powerful attunement is given for $10.00 USD, and is discounted as a part of this course package.

Sacred Moon Reiki

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Eclipse Energy Empowerment:

In Native America, there have always been some who feared eclipses, and others who saw them as positive omens of change. We have recently had one her in modern America called the Grand Cross Eclipse that has left modern society split over whether this is a good or bad sign. In this respect, not much has changed.

The purpose of this attunement is to help you connect with those eclipse energies in such a way that they are useful to you, and are always a positive experience. Between now and the end of 2012 there will be more eclipses, and you will be able to ride the waves of change with comparative ease as compared to many, and will be able to share this energy with those who are open to receive it as well.

The normal charge for this attunement is $10.00 USD. The manual is yours free of charge.

Eclipse Energy Empowerment

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Earth Energy Boost:

This is a form of Seichim energy in that it comes from the earth instead of from the heavens. this is a simple energy to activate anytime you need more energy to help you get through whatever you are doing. We are a part of the Earth, and She is our Mother. And, like all mothers, She wants to help Her children when She can.

This attunement is set up for $10.00 USD. The manual is given at no charge. As with all of our courses, we will consult with you by e-mail for three years to be certain that you get the most out of your experience with us.

Earth Energy Boost

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The Native American Shaman Package courses normally sell for $150.00 USD. By ordering all of these courses together you are receiving them for $120.00 USD.

Native American Package

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