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New Earth Teachers Course

"And behold there shall be a new heaven and a new earth..." This is one time the writer of the Apocalypse got it right, but it will be far better than he thought!

There truly will be a new Earth, and that is exactly what this course is all about. And, not only will it happen, but we are a crucial part of the plan to make it happen. Indeed, there is much that will not happen that should if we humans don't make it happen.

This course is normally reserved for the Apprentices in the Asaga Medicine Society, and is being released to the general public due to the critical nature of the times in which we live. Others have used it in the past, but this been used by the Asaga in recent years to further empower those who had received the Mahakali Initiation. In this course you will find information on transmuting negative karma for both people and the earth that is normally only given to spiritual masters in medicine societies and mystery schools.

And, there is advanced information about the changes happening to the earth, to the inhabitants of the earth, and the many ways in which we are needed to make those changes happen. This includes the development of thirteen major Chakras that correspond to the thirteen dimensions of the New Earth that our medicine society and others have been working with since the beginning of the Kali Yuga.

There are also nine Initiations to empower you to do this work along with our Apprentices and fully empowered Adawehi and Shamans. These Initiations will empower you to do the Karmic Clearing needed to raise the vibrational frequency of the inhabitants of the earth, empower you with new symbols that are for this time of transition, empower you to create powerful energy portals and vortexes to assist in this process, transmit the ability to use words of power long denied to the average spiritual seeker as a means of creating separation rather than Oneness, and equip you with methods of doing these things that are normally only used by spiritual adepts in the Mysteries.

Why? Because we live in a time when everything that has been hidden has to be revealed, and because hording our spiritual secrets is a part of what got the world into the mess its in right now. If you desire to get a major boost in both your own spiritual life as well as a deeper understanding of what the Earth is becoming and how you can help it then this course is for you. Besides the nine initiations you will also receive a 273 page manual, and 3 years of consultations with us to make certain that you get the most out of this experience that you possible can. We will also send you a certificate as a graduate of the Naked Shaman Academy when you have finished calling in the final Initiation.

The cost for this course is $100.00, and you will need to go to the tab entitled New Earth Teachers on the website at where you will find this exact page waiting for you. Click on the PayPal tab like the one you see below to make your payment. As soon as we receive it then we will send you the manual, and will set up your Initiations as soon as you are ready to receive them. All initiations will be sent through the Orb of Life method, and a free Orb of Life (A $25.00 value!) will be sent to you along with the manual. The Orb of Life is one of the most valuable spiritual tools available, and you will get instant enjoyment from having it to use.

New Earth Teacher

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New Earth Teacher