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The Path of Power Package

Without power then nothing can be accomplished. That is the bottom line issue for everything that you desire in this world. And, that is what the attunements covered below are all about. If you desire the power to lead with strength and honor then continue to read. If you want to be one of the sheep then try a different website.

Each course has a detailed e-manual that is sent to your email address. And, according to the leading of the Goddess, we also send others that support what you have purchased. In this way we are certain that you have what you need right up front to make these courses work for you.

When you decide on a particular attunement or package deal then be very certain that you want it. We will give you three years of counsel by email to make these work for you, but we do not give refunds for purchases on this website. So, be certain of your desire before you finalize your purchase. And, when you complete the attunements then it will be our great pleasure to award to a Certificate of Completion from the Naked Shaman Academy.

Here are the attunements and courses:

The Navgraha Puja Empowerment

Mahakali frees us from the malefic effects of the planets, but that does not mean that we either get the full effects of the positive aspects of the planets or that we know how to work with them. For example, many people know of the malefic effect of Mercury in Retrograde and have every reason to believe that any kind of communication device known to man will malfunction during that time. And, that any project attempted then will also fail. This is not so for those who are dedicated to the service of Mahakali.

The positive effects of Mercury in Retrograde are great and many. People are more likely to leave you undisturbed since their phones and computers are not working well, and we Kali devotees will get more done since our’s are working just fine and we understand that this energy is all about finishing things begun in the past. Anything that you have already started to at least plan may well get done during this time, and you will feel great for it.

However, some of my Apprentices still worry about it, and most people have never done anything to maximize the potential of the positive effects of the nine planets, and that is what this empowerment is all about. Whether you worship Kali or not, this empowerment will help to rid you of the malefic effects of the nine planets, and will also enhance and magnify their positive qualities in your life when you are finished receiving it.

This empowerment was set up by contracting six Hindu priests to do a Navgraha (Nine Planets) Puja in India while I was doing the same process at the same time here. During that time they did around 11,000 mantras and I did around 2,400 mantras here at the same time. The energy from both of the rituals, there and here, and the mantras were being captured in an Orb of Life, and then replicated so that you and many others will have access to this energy. The end result is a greater degree of power and freedom in the world for each of them and for anyone else who receives this empowerment.

This picture shows the Nine Planets Yantra. Each planet has its own mantra, and each one is a part of the mantra for this process. The Yantra consists of nine squares with each one having a talisman that represents one of the planets with both the sun and the moon being counted as planets. If you feel the need to make some astronomy comments about that then save it as the inventors of the system are long dead and I just simply don’t care. It works so let it be.

The general purpose for both the Yantra and the Puja is to negate the malefic effects of the nine planets and bestow their beneficial effects in our lives. It is specifically recommended for those people with birth charts indicating negative positioning of the planets in their astrological chart that can damage someone’s health, wealth, prosperity and general peace of mind, but it is still a good thing for everyone to receive. If you would like to get an Astrological reading before doing this process then visit the Vedic Astrology page near the top of the list on this website where you will find the contact information of the Vedic Astrologer that i consult with, but whether you do so or not, this process will work for you, and it will free up a lot of power to better operate in your life.

A complete manual will be provided for you giving you all of the information that you need to make this process work for you both now and for the rest of your life. This gives you access to not only great peace but great power, and that is what this page is all about.

The Nine Planets Empowerment

There is great power in this, and there are also no refunds so be certain of your desire for this purchase.


The Templar Sword of Truth Empowerment

Every Templar sword is considered to be a real “Sword of Truth”, and not because of any religion but for the significance of what it provides it’s Knight in spiritual growth and meditation. Now this empowerment process is here for you, and it is also here to empower your very own sword.

Truth is a concept which cannot be fully defined as most people try to deal with it subjectively. Absolute truth makes most people so uncomfortable that they cannot live with it, but anyone can get closer to it over time. These empowerments will speed up the process for you, and make it easier to discern the truth in every situation.

Here is an example for you. Most people think the Knights Templar are a Christian Order of Knights, and that used to be true until we were attacked by the Roman Catholic Church just over 700 years ago, and even before that we were an Order that the rest of the Church would have abhorred if they had known that we were an Order of Knights dedicated to the Goddess rather than to any god. Indeed, the Templar Order and the true Illuminati have worked hand in hand to restore the equality of women in the world, and to free the minds of men from the scourge of religion since both organizations began, and while the Illuminati was openly hated by the Church the Templars were able to help them openly due to their power and wealth.

That ended 705 years ago, but we have still supported each other. You see, the truth is that we and the Illuminati are the “good guys” and that the Roman Church has done everything they can to discredit both organizations with outright lies and disinformation. How effective have they been? Right now many of you are thinking, “No! Everyone knows the Illuminati is evil and trying to control the world!” Soon the Illuminati will be introducing some public organizations in the world again, and then you will see just how much in error that line of thinking can be.

Popular vs. Real Truth

There is little that is actually known by the world at large about where the Templar Order actually came from, but it’s roots will surprise you. Recently, the International Mahakali High Priestess (and also a French Chevalier in the Templar Order) and I were discussing this, and I decided that it was time to share this with all of you. Known history tells us that nine Knights from the organization known as the Knights of the Circle, under the leadership of Sir Hugh De Payen, approached King Baldwin the Second, King of Jerusalem in 1118 CE, and asked for a Commission to form the new Order. He gave it to them, and assigned them the stables under the Temple Mount as their headquarters and barracks. But, there is more to the story.

Every 26,000 years the Warrior Knights of Mahakala have made a “come-back” in the world, then are here as a public organization, and then they seemingly disappear again only to return to the public light after the beginning of the next Cycle of Ages. During this past Cycle the remnants of the Knights of Mahakala journeyed into Europe with the Aryan migration from India, and later became the Knights of the Circle who guard the descendants of Mary Magdalene and the Shrines of the Goddess in Europe. They became the illuminati and the Knights Templar. Recently, the Knights of the Circle have been reborn publicly in the form of the Warrior Knights of the Golden Circle (, and they are now your best hope of gaining access to the more ancient secrets and Knightly Orders mentioned above. The point here is that commonly held myth has little to do with the truth, and I have no doubt that this will make some people very uncomfortable. Such is life.

The Truth Empowerments

Just as there are many lies told as truth to the general public, so too are there many such untruths told to us by spirits and our own minds. Indeed, the deceptions that are the biggest threat to us are self-deceptions. Have you ever met anyone who claims to have it all together and yet the slightest thing sends them into a tizzy, and they live like paupers? That should be a clue to them, but many don’t see it as the illusion is just so much more fun. Well, if you are like this in any way then drop this manual now and run screaming into the night, because if you do these empowerments then your illusions will soon be taking a hike. Here is a list of the empowerments and what they do for you:

The Mask Destroyer – Many people present deceptive views of who they really are to themselves and to the rest of the world at large. This empowerment strips away the illusions we have built up around us so that we can see ourselves for who we really are, and provides an energy that will cause you to dismantle the illusory images of yourself that you have created to live less than honestly in your relationships as well. There is great peace and healing in learning how to be real. Mahakali will help you with this both ruthlessly and with great compassion.

The Deception Destroyer – Easily see through the deceptions and lies of others with whom you are involved, and discern their true motivations.

The Myth Destroyer – The truth behind publicly held myths will be revealed to you so that you can see how you and others are being manipulated by governments, corporations, religions, social organizations and your peers.

The Truth Magnet – This energy will cause people to desire to tell you the truth at all times, and especially when they are trying to deceive you in some way. Don’t be surprised if you start hearing the truth from people, and then they say something like, “Wow, I really didn't intend to say that!”

The Courage to Be who you Really Are – Many people are scared to death to be who they really are. This empowerment will help you to live with honesty and integrity in every area and facet of your life, both in your outer life, and in your thoughts and dreams as well.

This is all about a life lived with honor and integrity, and it takes real courage to face these energies and embrace them. In doing so, you build a true and strong foundation for real and enduring power in your life.

Templar Sword of Truth

There are no refunds for purchases from this website, and this is the truth so be certain of your desire to have this course.


Confuse and Defeat Enemies Empowerment

This extremely versatile amulet has two standard uses. It can be worn to protect and repel any unwanted influences, or can instead be hidden upon your foe or in their domain as a focus for attacks.

There are a lot of really good people in this world, but there are also a lot of scumbags too. That is reality whether anyone likes it or not. Recently a vaccine in England poisoned a man’s daughter and she died. That was sad enough, but it got even worse when his attorney and the court were bought off and crucial evidence was omitted that would have proven the truth, and now he is life in prison for murder. If he had received this attunement then his attorney would likely have become confused and accidentally submitted the needed evidence and given both the judge and the pharmaceutical company involved a does of collective panic.

This energy works by causing your enemies to become confused and to defeat themselves. Causing the truth to be revealed generally does this. Real justice is often hard to come by, but now the likelihood of it being realized is much greater. As this is the purpose of this process then it will not work against those who are innocent. The Orb of Life this comes to you in is a very intelligent spiritual energy, and it will not be deceived in this. The truth will be exposed for all to see so be certain that is what you really want before you send out these energies to do your work. This energy can be used purely defensively, as an offensive weapon, and it this regard it can be set in place and triggered either remotely or as a booby-trap. All of this is covered in the manual.

As with all purchases from this website there are no refunds given so be certain of your desire to have this course before you complete the payment.

Confuse and Defeat Enemies

There are no refunds for purchases from this website.


The Nekhbet Empowerments

The manual gives the basic information the public normally receives about this Goddess of the Nile, but this document is about the views and beliefs of the Khemetic Shamans of Egypt which I learned about from one of their own, a Shaman named Shekhem Auset. Auset appeared on my doorstep with four of her Apprentices in the summer of 1995 in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. She was being guided to find a particular Native American Adawehas/Shaman, and she and her Apprentices would know him by the gifts that he would give to each of them. As it turned out, I was that man. In turn, she gave me a beaded medicine bag from the Zulu tribe of South Africa, and she and I shared much about her ways and Cherokee Medicine. Eventually, I transferred one of my Apprentices to her for training, and then lost touch with her a few years later when she returned to Egypt, the Djedhi Siddha and the Khemetic Shamans there.

Among the Djedhi and the Khemetics there are many stories about Nekhbet’s roll in the process of creating the earth, and they are almost exactly the same as the stories told about Suli Equa – the Turkey Vulture – in the Cherokee Tribe. In the manual for this course, that we email to you, we cover a couple of those stories in detail.

The Winged Orb of Ra is the best known symbol of Nekhbet, but so are the other symbols in the picture important, and each is of great importance. We shall cover each one so that you will understand it, and then move on to the empowerment process. The pyramid behind the Priestess represents the focal point of power both from the earth upward and from the stars downward while the golden headpiece represents spiritual mastery. Indeed, this is indicated in ancient drawings by either the cobra or the Life Key being at the third eye. The black cat represents the independence of the spirit and the ability to move unseen through darkness while the cobra represents the kundalini energy and the ancient wisdom of the dragons. The vulture overhead represents both death and rebirth, and the see-through robe is the Garment of Truth which has many meanings.

The Garment of Truth conceals nothing allowing the glory of the body to be seen. However, in the desert there is still a need for some measure of protection and the gauze robe allows for both some shade, and for the sweat of the body to be dried upon the breeze allowing for the cooling of the body. In ancient Egypt the body was considered to be sacred and so was nothing to be ashamed of, and the Garment of Truth allowed this to be seen by everyone. Further, it was well known that there were those people in the world who had a very special and high calling and others were able to be healed and to receive empowerment by being able to see the naked body of these special people. There is a companion attunement to this empowerment that deals with the Life Key in which you will be able to learn more about this process, but in this empowerment you will be attuned to each of these items, the Garment of Truth included, and the ability to heal by being seen naked will be awakened within you. You will also receive the courage to allow this to happen as needed, and this is in preparation for being able to provide “The Service of the Heart” at some time in the future. More will be shared concerning this at a later date.

The blue hair represents the depths of the oceans and the healing waters of the Great Mother Goddess which has come to be known in our modern day and time as “Amrita” and is the nectar that flows from the priestesses providing the “Service of the Heart”. And, it also relates to the vastness of the sky on a clear day. There are many such days in the desert where it seems as though one can see forever.

Nekhbet Empowerments

There are no refunds for purchases from this website.


The Blue Bear Empowerment

This has easily been one of the most amazing years of my life as so many wonderful spiritual tools have come to me. Of course, as is often the way, many of them have now been given to my Apprentices and to other Shamans to aid them in their work, and many have gone on to aid those involved in Tibetan Bon Buddhism as well. In many cases this has freed up the space and energy for others things to come my way. That is why this Tibetan bear skull came to me that has been used for over 200 years to do shamanic ritual work. Now it is my great pleasure to share it with you.

Growing up in the Asaga Medicine Society was quite an experience, and attending some of our rituals from time to time was always a dangerous proposition since our religious practices were “illegal” according to white man’s law. Sometimes, even as a child, we were attacked by them, and it was a kill or be killed situation. Sometimes I still hate the race traitors from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Texas Rangers for it. Sometimes forgiveness is a daily process.

At many of those rituals the people who were the leaders of our various Orders or of the Asaga itself would show up, and they were always wearing bear skull necklaces. When I became the Dragon Priest for the Order of the Red Hand then I received a black bear necklace, and then received a grizzly bear necklace as the Dragon Priest of the Asaga many years later. That particular bear skull necklace will soon be going to Naga Sin Mesharu, our new Dragon Mother for the Asaga. My next bear skull necklace is supposed to be made with the skull of a prehistoric cave bear, but those are really hard to come by, and the only one I know of is for sale in Albuquerque, NM for over $2,500.00. Unless a miracle happens then I will not be making one out of that bear skull. However, I now have this Tibetan bear skull that helps to further amalgamate the Kapalika Aghora Path and Tibetan Shamanism with the Tsalagiyi Asaga tradition.

In just about every culture of the First People of this world there are stories of a great famine in which people chose to become bears instead of remaining human to be able to ease the strain on their families and tribes. It is for this reason that Bear Medicine is our most powerful medicine, and receiving Bear Medicine is the final step in the traditional process of becoming an Adawehas in the Asaga Medicine Society. And, having a bear skull necklace is a great honor and blessing.

This Bear Skull Necklace

This Tibetan bear skull necklace is covered in the ancient symbols of Tibetan Shamanism. There is the Tibetan OM, symbols for Nagas and for the Garuda, and for many other things. And, when it came to me there were holes that indicated that it had been a bear skull necklace before. Once I had restored it as such and put it on then the energy that flowed through and around me confirmed that it had, and that it was often used for various rites if initiation and passage.

This empowerment allows you to tap into these various energies from the Great Work that it was used for, but you need to be very aware that it is impossible to get the full benefit from it unless you have the training to go with the energy. It is for this reason that I recommend that anyone who receives this empowerment process either complete a Kapalika Aghora Apprenticeship which you can find out about at:, or that you at least complete the one year course of instruction and empowerment at However, this empowerment will still do great things for you whether you complete either the two afore mentioned processes or not. It will just not be all that it could be.

Now seems like a very good time to tell you what it will do so here it is:

  1. It will allow you to tap into the collective wisdom of the Shamans who used the bear skull before me.
  2. It will allow you to receive a Tibetan Blue Bear as a totem spirit which is an animal spirit that will work with you when you need it.
  3. It will teach you how to enjoy your life, and to better do the work you are here to do happily.
  4. It helps you to learn how to be content.
  5. It will teach you how to “dance” spiritually as well as in the physical world if you will allow it to do so.
  6. It will help you to better see your opportunities and advantages in an otherwise harsh and dangerous world.
  7. It will help you to face your own personal Darkness without being overcome by the severity of it.
  8. It will help you to have greater self-confidence and to see the humorous side of life.

There may be other things that it will do, but that will depend upon the needs and desires of the person receiving the attunement. None of us have exactly the same needs, and it would be the height of arrogance to think that it will play out the same way for everyone. And, if you find yourself laughing like a bear at the absurdities of life then rather than being surprised just enjoy it as you scratch your back on a handy rock or tree.

Blue Bear Empowerment

There are no refunds for purchases from this website.


The Life-Key Empowerment

The Ankh, also known as the Life-Key, was one of the most potent symbols from ancient Egypt, and it still is for those who understand its true meaning, power and use. You will have such an understanding by the time that you have finished this course. And, you will know how it was used by the ancient fertility cults of Egypt to bless both the earth and all who lived upon her.

The basic structure of the Ankh is a loop over a column with a bar across the middle. The loop represents the “Sacred Temple” (Yoni or vagina) of the woman, and the column represents the phallus (lingam, penis) of the man, and the bar represents the union of the two in an act of sacred power and magic. Many ankhs are also covered with hieroglyphic symbols having to do with healing and empowerment. Not all Ankhs have the exact same symbols, but this is what they do none-the-less. 

There is another aspect of this which is less often thought of or appreciated, and that is the ability to use the Ankh as a weapon. For example, if someone were to force their sexual intentions on someone in the Cult of Life then all that member has to do is hold the intention to reverse the energy of the Ankh and they will wish they were dead long before they really are. The same can be done to curse a place where the people have dishonored the Ageless Wisdom, but it is NEVER used to curse the earth.

Ritual Use of the Ankh (Sex Magic)

The Ankh can be used for sex magic either during intercourse with another person, or for a solo process. You will be taught the basic process, and also a way in which you can have the energy with you throughout the remainder of your life, and in future lives to come.

There is another aspect of the sex magic process to be covered, and that is a process known as “Deity Identification”. This process will be explained to you in detail. The deity identification process is a part of all Goddess-oriented forms of sex magic and Tantra, and adds much to the experience of those doing the work.

Of course, one may desire the carnal aspects of sex as well, and this is quite natural. But, there is no good reason to waste the energy so here is what you do. Set up an Orb of Life in the spirit world into which you can store the energy released in reserve for those times when you need more energy than you can generate from one session. Then you can call upon it when you need it.

All of these activities work for gay and lesbian couples too and also work well for group sex activities. Whether the use is for healing or empowerment, you will learn how to do it all in this course as well as how to use the Life-Key as a weapon.

The Life-Key Empowerments

There are no refunds for purchases on this website.


The Naga Peacock Empowerment

Often found near the doorways of Tibetan temples, these powerful protective devices carry potent energies to identify and consume dark and negative energies. Consisting of the energies of both the Peacock and three powerful Nagas, this is anything but a lightweight energy, and it is able to function either with or without your personal direction. While it is defensive in nature, it has the ability to be used in offensive spiritual warfare as well, and it operates both quickly and with great destructive power on the behalf of whom or whatever it has been set to protect. But, to be able to use it effectively then you must understand its energies and how they work.

In this empowerment the spirit of the Peacock will be aligned in an alliance with your own, and will work to help you in all of the ways that are covered above, and will also work to give you a warning whenever danger is near. The Peacock has one of most haunting cries of any bird that you will ever hear. Many a city type who has heard it has been terrified by the sound echoing through the woods, and those of us who frequent wilder places from time to time tend to be a bit more alert when we hear it. When the peacock calls to you in the spirit world then you will become more alert as well, and your enemies will have cause to be frightened.

There is also an alliance with the Nagas that results in a merging of your consciousness with theirs that has only become possible since the wedding of Queen Naga Kanga with King Sesha. The following picture gives and artist’s rendering of what that may feel like and how it may appear in the spirit world.

This will allow you to see much more clearly in the spirit world even as you are seeing things in the physical world. And, when the danger is perceived then the Nagas will move to neutralize or destroy it while the Peacock energy causes you to blend into your environment so as to not be seen by your enemies. Such great advantages as this are what real power is all about.

The actual Peacock Naga Temple Guardian used for this comes from an ancient Tibetan Temple. It was both very expensive and hard to to obtain, but all that you have to do to have these wonderful energies work for you is order these empowerments. They are normally $260.00, but are on sale for a limited time for $180.00.

These manuals are sent by email, and the attunements are sent energetically in Orbs of Life. Since these manuals and energies are unable to be retrieved after being sent then we have a blanket policy that there are no refunds for any purchase on our website. So, be certain of your desire to have it before finalizing your purchase.

Naga Peacock Empowerments

There are no refunds for purchases on this website.


The Naga Conch Empowerment

Balance the Chakras and enliven the Kundalini with the power of Sound, Vibration and the Power of the Nagas. 

As is often the way of things, I had a ritual conch shell that I loved and which fit very well with my work for many years, and then the Goddess said to give it to the Order of the Light Bearers. This was not all together a surprise since she had had me order another one just a few days before even though I had argued with her about it since it was expensive and I can’t blow two of them at once. So, now the other is gone, and one of my more dedicated Apprentices and I set about the process of discovering the qualities of this conch trumpet. This attunement is the result of that investigation.

Conch shell trumpets are objects of powerful sound and vibration, and it is the vibration that is captured here in this attunement. We will do what we can soon to also get it captured in sound for you in a YouTube video before the end of 2013. This particular conch shell trumpet is very old which is obvious by it’s heavy weight, and it has been carved and blessed so resemble the Nagas and to also carry their energy. Altogether, this makes it a very special ritual tool, and I have a few suspicions as to where it may wind up in the future as well.

When I used this conch on one of my Apprentices the end result was that its sound came out in short blasts, and each one cleared, balanced and charged her chakras from the root up to the crown. Then we took the photos for the attunement, and set it up. I sent it to her first to try, and when she did it at home then it had an even more profound effect for her, and we expect that this will be true as well for you.

When using such conchs physically then it is my preference to have the person I am working on either sit naked in front of me as I face their spine or lay down face up, and then I blow the conch at each of their chakras beginning at the root and working upward. Conch shell trumpets are great in this way as their vibration both gently and powerfully clears blockages from them while doing the other processes simultaneously. And, since this empowerment is also sent in an Orb of Life then you can also tell it under what circumstances that you desire for it to work automatically on your behalf, or you can even set up a schedule for it to do so, and it will do that for you as well. Of course, you can also reactivate it simply at will as you need it so it is a very versatile tool. And, while it will always work best when you are nude it will still help you a lot even when you are not.

Here is what Donna has to say about her experience with this empowerment:

“The energy takes a couple seconds to start. Then you feel a strong energy in the first chakra which builds and builds. Next it will go up through each chakra. It rises like the Ida and Pingala wrapping around each chakra, cleansing and strengthening as it goes. This is not a quick, fast energy. It is strong and slow until it has completed its work. When it is done with the seventh chakra it returns to the first chakra where it sits with the same strength as if waiting. I loved this energy!”

Sometimes the physical use of it comes out in long, clear tones. In attunements to it, and when using the energy, sometimes people actually hear it, and sometimes they don't, but the energy definitely does its work. Having balanced chakras and enlivened Kundalini energy guarantees that you have access to your personal power when you need it.

Everything you need to know to use this energy is covered in the manual, and you are also shown how to make your very own conch shell trumpet. This puts a lot of your very own energy into the trumpet with phenomenal results for you, and then you can also attune it with these energies to make it even stronger. You will not find this kind of practical and useful information anywhere else.

Naga Conch Empowerment

There are no refunds for purchases from this website.


The Path of Power Package Deal

It would normally cost $730.00 for these attunements, with the special deal you are already getting for the Naga Peacock Empowerments, but we will still give you a further price break of an additional $80.00 USD if you purchase the package deal which will get you the eight powerful empowerment on this page for $650.00 USD.

Path of Power Package Deal

There are no refunds given for purchases made on this website.

Path of Power Package