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Pooja (Puja) for You!

I offer the Divine Pooja to help people overcome all of their problems in life, and it works for you the same as it has worked for my Apprentices and me. The general purpose of the Divine Pooja is to correct every possible negative aspect of your life, and to unleash health, wealth, prosperity, abundance, happiness, peace, good fortune, love and success in every area of your life including in all aspects of the mundane and spiritual. 

Through the ministry of the Divine Pooja people have regained lost loves, found new ones, gained better employment, prestige, success in various or all aspects of life, and have regained their health. Others have attained greater spiritual enlightenment and psychic powers. Many have been healed of various diseases, and have often been empowered to help others as well. And, the ill effects of improperly places rooms and buildings has been corrected bringing positive and prosperous energies to those places. We also work to neutralize the malefic effects of the nine planets in your life. We have even been able to help a young man gain an exemption from military service in a repressive regime. 

This Pooja process takes from two to three hours, and employs the power of 33 Yantras and their Mantras. Depending upon your needs, other Yantras and mantras may be added. Often there is more than one pooja done for you, and we have done as many as sixteen over a course of weeks or months according to the direction of the Great Mother Goddess. This is determined by means of two forms of Tibetan shamanic divination which also reveals other things that you can do to help as well, and often results in other actions on our part as well such as placing out prayer flags on your behalf, and doing Phurba rituals. 

When we have determined what will be needed than we will inform you of it, and then you can make your donation. People in Japan, for example, have donated anywhere from $1,000.00 to $3,500.00 USD for a Pooja series involving multiple sessions and for a wide variety of reasons. We have recently set up protections from Yakuza and corrupt police officers that will curse anyone who attempts to prey upon them illegally, and cause them to be difficult to be seen by such forces. Other people pay different amounts according to their means, and some send donations of food, spices and other objects since their cultures don't use money like we do. 

Guidelines for making donations are on the home page of this website as well as a Paypal "Donate" button. Before you get to that point then send us a note through the "Contact Us" page telling us in detail what it is that you desire. Then we will do the divination processes, and let you know what comes up from them. Sometimes it turns out to be something simple, and then we tell you what you need to do instead of having a Pooja done for you, and there is no charge for this service.

We also do a more general Divine Pooja every Tuesday night and on every New Moon. While donations are appreciated, anyone can be a part of this whether they can afford to donate something or not. All that you have to do is fill out our contact page, including your email address, and we will add you to the list. There is a specific focus each time, and we will let you know what it is, as time permits, as well as the general Divine Pooja energy mentioned above. 

You are also encouraged to focus your intention upon any desire that you have, and this energy will help to bring it to pass. When your desire has been realized then change it, and the energy will work for your new desire as well. And, wherever you are in the world, set your desire to receive this energy, and even if you are otherwise preoccupied or asleep then you will still receive it. 

Whether you are able to make a donation or not, you are welcome to receive the Divine Pooja. The difference between it and the other is that there will be no divination process on your behalf, and no energies sent specifically for you. It still takes time and energy to do the work, so donations are appreciated, but a donation is not required.


Jai Mahakali!

Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa