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Mahakali Priestess & Shaman 

Training Criteria

Requirements for those who apply to train to serve in our Mahakali Temples are as follows:

You must be intelligent, dynamic and physically fit and attractive. Attractive is best defined as healthy, and to have the ability to draw or attract others into your realm of influence. You do not have to be beautiful. Many of society's most beautiful people are seriously unhealthy! Toxic bodies and personalities do not inspire others to make changes in themselves. If you need to get physically healthy, and therefore attractive, then let me recommend the following book to you: "Living Beyond Organic: Nutritional Knowledge Redefined" by Christina Avaness. You can find out more about it at her website located at Within 21 days this information and plan, if followed, will detoxify you, rejuvenate your energy and your appearance, improve your digestion and help you lose weight - all while nourishing your body with delicious food! While I don't personally agree with everything in this book, it is one of the best that I have ever seen on this subject, and Diane and I have put much of it into practice in our daily lives. If you desire to detox your personality and spirit as well then we have many courses and attunements that will help in that part of the process of becoming truly attractive.

You must enjoy doing energy work, healing and teaching, and be willing to go through the process of becoming a Sai Maa Blessing Giver and Mahakali Bliss Deeksha Giver as well. These activities are powerful tools in promoting Unity, Enlightenment and Personal Freedom and Autonomy.

You must be willing to commit to three years of apprenticeship in Mahakali Shamanism and Tantra. More information about this is available on the Apprenticeship page on this website.

Priestesses must be willing to wear a red silk sari or similar style of dress when in public, and be willing to do your ritual work and healing in the temples nude except for ritual jewelry and symbols of your position. Shamans serving with them are expected to wear black or red shirts of Tibetan or Nehru styling in public while serving nude in the temples as well.

That being said, you are encouraged to come to us with an active membership in either The Naturist Society, the American Association for Nude Recreation or the International Nudist Federation, and adhere to their membership ethics and guidelines. Preference will always be given to memberships in The Naturist Society headquartered in Oshkosh, Wisconsin USA.

You must be willing to relocate to a temple as needed, and commit to serve for an additional three years following your training, or be willing to establish a temple that is publicly known where you are living. And...

You must love the Goddess with every fiber of your being, and strive to serve Her at all times in ways that will honor Her.

What you will receive in return:

You will be trained in Mahakali Shamanism and Tantra, receive all of the attunements, initiations and training reflected on the website and many more saved only for Apprentices, and be trained to work with the rituals honoring Mahakali as the Goddess of the Shamans, and to provide Healing, Blessing and Liberation with the Phurba (Ritual Dagger) as well as with the Khatvanga (a shamanic magic wand made from meteoric iron).

Your training will include an education concerning the various Goddesses of the world including Mahakali and Her ten Wisdom Goddess manifestations, Inanna (the Sumerian Queen of Heaven and Earth), Lilith (The Sumerian Dark Mother Goddess who has been much maligned by patriarchy for being unwilling to be subjugated by men), The Goddesses of ancient Egypt, the Goddesses of the Celts, The Goddesses of Tibet, Monolah (the Earth Mother of the Cherokee Tribe, the various Goddess figures of Native America and Africa, Pele Honua Mea (the Hawaiian Goddess of the volcano and fire), various other Goddesses and Quan Yin/Mahakala (the man who has come to 

embody the fullness of feminine energy and compassion), Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonna. You will be expected to know each of them, and various rituals and mantras associated with each of them, well enough to teach about them in your temples.

Each temple complex will have both interior and outside temple areas, and living quarters for the unmarried priestesses and shamans living there. Any priestess that is married will be expected to live with her family, and guest quarters will be available in case of inclement weather not permitting her to go home after her shift. The same will be provided for the Shamans who are married.

The temple complex will be supported by land used to grow fruit, berries and nuts as well as a garden having both edible and medicinal herbs, vegetables and flowers. Priestesses and Shamans will be expected to work in the sun, moonlight and the soil to maintain a strong connection to the spirits of nature as well as to help support the temple.

In as much as is possible, each temple will function autonomously, and each priestess will be expected to fulfill her assigned role under the guidance of the Temple High Priestess. Issues beyond the temple will be decided by the International High Priestess and High Priest of the Dual Regency. Shamans will follow the guidance of the Shaman/High Priest working with the Temple High Priestess, but no one will give up their personal autonomy to anyone else.

Guidance and limited oversight will be given through the headquarters in Ithaca, NY. All temples will function with one basic rule of conduct which states: "An it harm none, do what you will, except in the case of self-defense or the defense of others. To that end, you will also receive ongoing training in self-defense and non-violent conflict mediation.

Every Mahakali Priestess will have a male Shaman assigned to work with them. The two of you will strive to train and empower the general public in every way that leads to their spiritual self-sufficiency and freedom from the tyranny and control of religion. Your actions, words and teachings should have the single greatest focus of bringing more spiritual freedom into the world.

Initial applications to join the Mahakali Priestess or Shamanic cadre should be made by applying through the contact form at After that, you will be expected to send a resume, photo, and an essay as to why you should be chosen to serve the Great Mother Goddess in this way. You would do well to begin by reading everything about Mahakali given on our website.

May your lives be filled with Bliss!