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Prosperity Package

The nine programs below will radically change your life for the better with greater wealth, abundance, happiness and success. The total package would cost you $170.00 if you bought each course separately, which you may certainly do if you so desire, but you may get them all as a package deal for $140.00. So, read about the individual courses below, and either order some of them separately, or come back here to purchase the Prosperity Package for a great savings!

The Prosperity Package

Product Description


Attraction Reiki

This is an excellent system for manifesting all that you desire in life. Not only does it have three attunements to heal past issues, and empower current and future wealth, but it has one of the best plans I have ever seen for putting into action the energies involved that will make you receive all that you desire and meet all of your needs. Indeed, I have never seen a better plan of action ever!

With this course, you will receive three detailed manuals, three attunements, and three years f consultation by e-mail to insure that you get the most possible benefit out of this course. You will not be disappointed if you simply follow the plan.

Attraction Reiki

Product Description


Purchase Attraction Rays

Purchases happen because of agreements, and attracting agreements is what these Purchase Attraction Rays do. They seek out people who not only desire what you have to offer, but have the ability to pay for it as well. Those people become aware of what you have to offer, and so agreement becomes possible between you and them in accordance with Universal Spiritual Law. Money is a form of energy exchange, and they pay you for the product or service that you have to offer so that everyone is happy with what they have received.

This program has worked exceptionally well for people like real estate agents, and also for people with internet businesses. And, it has instructions for making this happen as well as for all other forms of business. Do you need more people to come into your store to make purchases rather than just window shop? Do you need more people to buy your cars, or attend your church or temple? This program is the one for you!

Purchase Attraction Rays will bring the people with the money to you and your products and services. The rest is up to you.

This is a fixed fee system which means that the originator of the system as set a fix price. You will receive the manual for the system, and one attunement. And, as with all of our courses, you will receive three years of e-mail support and coaching to insure that you get the most possible out of your experience with us.

Purchase Attraction Rays

Product Description


Feng Shui Reiki for Wealth & Blessings

Feng Shui literally means "Wind and Water" and is a complex, and yet easy to understand system of balancing the energies in any space to create equilibrium and harmony, and to attract the desired results in that area of your life. Combining Feng Shui with Reiki brings enhanced energy, peace, harmony and protection.

Feng Shui is based upon the Taoist vision and understanding of nature. Using this understanding, along with the energies of Reiki, allows you to remove blocked energies from people and structures, and negative energies such as Geo-Pathic Stress from structures and land on both the surface and underground.

This attunement comes with a detailed manual giving you step by step instructions for working with the Bagua Map for Wealth Blessings, Yin and Yang energies, and the five elements of Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water. Balance the energies in one area, and it will work wonders. Do it in all areas, and prepare to be totally amazed!

How effective is this? I made one simple change in my office that seemed wrong to me, and right according to Feng Shui, resulting in my entire business turning around starting thirty minutes later! And, the directing this new wealth came from was totally unexpected. Will it work the same for you? Yes! Will it work as quickly? I don't know, but it will definitely work if you will give it the chance.

This is a fixed price system as set up by the creator of the program. When you receive the attunement then you will also be able to others.

Feng Shui Reiki for Wealth and Blessings

Product Description


Illumination of God's Wealth Reiki

The Illumination of God's Wealth Reiki Attunement is based on an affirmation the originator of the system received years ago from one of Tony Robbin's Wealth Tapes, and the affirmation has always worked for her just as it does for me now, and will for you. The affirmation and how it works is included in the manual.


When a person has open money channels, money flows to you easily and effortlessly without limitations and in avalanches of abundance. When it is your intention to open up these money channels, God illuminates these money channels for you and assists you in clearing up your negative beliefs about money; and , therefore, removing your poverty mindset. It is not God’s will for people to have a poverty consciousness.




Money Freedom

Financial Security

Real Estate Success

Success in Business Ventures


Raise your life condition

Raise your money condition

Raise your income level

Peace of Mind

Feel Blessed


Expanding your true money potential

Creative Mind

Doors & Windows of Opportunity Open For you

New Car


And so much more…….


You will receive one distant attunement which also gives you the right to pass the attunements on to others, 1 pdf manual and three years of e-mail support to make certain that you get the most possible out of this system. This is a fixed price system.


Product Description


Kubera: Lord of Richness, Wealth & Prosperity Empowerment

Kubera is the God of Wealth and the Gods Treasurer. He is the dwarf god of the universe. He will empower you with:



Good Fortune



Draws New Avenues and Sources of Income

Accumulate Wealth

Increases Flow of Funds

You will be sent two different manuals, and will receive an attunement for each of them. Both will educate and empower you to work this most benevolent of Deities, and this will include empowering you to use the Kubera Mantra to increase your abilities to work with his energies in more specific ways.

The Kubera Empowerments

Product Description


Prosperity Flow Reiki

Prosperity Flow Reiki harmonizes your energies to the frequency of prosperity. This system connects you to the higher energies of manifesting prosperity. When you are in harmony with prosperity, you draw prosperity to you. You vibrate with the energies of prosperity. When you are in alignment with prosperity, the energies of lack, limitation, and poverty consciousness cannot stay in the energy fields of prosperity. Those negative energies cannot exist in the same light and energies of prosperity.

The lady who brought this system into being works powerfully with the energies of the moon, and has brought this wonderful system to us. She has made it a fixed price system, and has also set it up so that you may pass the attunement to others after you have received it yourself.

You will receive a pdf manual. one attunement, and three years of e-mail support to help you get the most out of your experience with us.

Prosperity Flow Reiki

Product Description


Above the Radar

This attunement helps get you noticed by the people who need to see you for you to be able to be a success. Some people have an energy that simply will not allow them to be noticed by others. This attunement adjusts your energy so that you will be seen my those who desire what you have to offer while protecting you from those who would strive to hold you back.

You will receive one attunement, a pdf manual, and three years of e-mail support to insure that you get the most possible benefit out of your experience with The Naked Shamans.

Above the Radar

Product Description


The Ganesha Empowerment

Ganesha was the First Shaman who faced Death and then returned to life. He is known as the Elephant Headed Boy, and he works to provide focus, grounding and the removal of obstacles from our Path through life. I received the ability to pass this attunement both through a Reiki type empowerment and through a Ganesha Puja that was done on my behalf in the Mahakali Temple in Mubai, India. Mahakali Bhairavi Shakti (Also called Parvati by some) is the mother of Ganesha in the pre-Hindu shamanic traditions.

The manual for the Ganesha Empowerment will be e-mailed to you as well as the Ganesha Mantra. And, you will receive three years of e-mail support in working with Ganesha so that you get the most possible benefit out of your experience with The Naked Shamans.

The Ganesha Empowerment

Product Description


Allowing Abundance

This is an excellent attunement for helping people overcome issues concerning Poverty Consciousness. This is a great need in the USA due to the lingering effects of the "Great Depression" of the 1030's and the even greater one that we are in right now. Couple that with the issues brought here by the Irish during the "Potato Famine" of the 1800s, and the idea that so many members of various spiritual beliefs have about money, rather than greed, being evil, and this has become a spiritual and emotional epidemic in this country.

This attunement has a manual that is given free of charge, and the attunement that is set up for you for $10.00. The attunement also confers the right to pass the attunement on to others.

Allowing Abundance

Product Description