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   Defense Against Psychic Vampirism

A recent question by my best Apprentice in Eastern Europe caused me to check out these vampire attunements, and to correspond with some of the people who use them. Don't worry,it will not make you turn into a vampire by taking these attunements. That is only possible by being born as one, but it will make you more aware of vampire energy when you encounter it in others, and give you some good resources for defending against it besides what I have told you about below. When you have done this attunement then let me know if you want the Master attunement, and I will set it up for you. Now, here is a bit of history on Vampirism:

Prince Dagon of Sumeria was the first true vampire,and he got that way by engaging in some of the darkest rituals ever carried out upon the face of the earth. If you have a strong stomach,and are interested,then I will send you "The Cursed Book of Dagon" upon request if you order both of these attunements so that you can get some understanding of this. Dagon tried to make something better and new, but his pride got in the way. As a result,his daughter - Seraphina - was taken over by the evil as well. She seduced her father, and their children became the first genetic vampires. All genetic vampires, both then and now, have a thirst for the energy of others they often cannot control. They have a partial disconnection from their own source of power, and can only make up for it by either gaining great personal power through esoteric means, or by stealing it from other people. It has been my pleasure to help a few of them take the former path, and it has also been my sad duty to deal with some who either refused to quit attacking people, or who were unable to do so even though they tried. The current reincarnation of Seraphina was one of the latter,and she has suffered the shielding and siphoning process that I will share with you below. There are several different types of energy stealers in the vampire line, and most of them don't even know they are doing it. They are known as subjective vampires. Both they and the ones who know who and what they are can all be helped to get over it. It is simply a process of helping them to gain new ways of getting energy. And, you can use the KNSP mudra 4 to help them gain a better connection to their personal source of power for life in general.

Of course, there are those who like the idea of stealing the energy of others. My Tibetan teacher, Geshe Tamang, taught me how to deal with them a long time ago, and it still works. I will describe what it does here, but will reveal nothing about what makes it work so well for me as i have no idea who will be reading this some day. On the outside of my aura are lots tasty seeming traps that vampires don't resist well. I occasionally feel one go off, laugh, and continue on my way. When one goes off then the vampire is shielded in such a way that they cannot send out either negative energy, cannot steal the energy of others, and they cannot barb anything to steal energy. In fact, when they try the latter then the barb bounces back, and they barb themselves which seriously hurts! 

The traps also cause them to be siphoned to and from other vampires that I have done the shielding process on so that they can only feed upon each other. These siphons remain until a vampire desires to find a better way to live, and then the siphons break, but the shield remains. If they learn to get energy in better ways then that is good, but if they don't then their physical body sickens and dies. You can also set up this process consciously on a case by case basis. I have several Apprentices who have vampire genes and I monitor them continuously in case it becomes necessary to do the same to them. Its one of those spiritual activities that I have little tolerance for. 

There is a certain prejudice by people toward vampires that needs to be dealt with here as well. A vampire can be on a higher spiritual path as well.That is why I have some vampire Apprentices. Most serve the Dark Lodge because they have been driven there by the so-called "good" people of the world. In truth, some of the greatest healers of our time are psychic vampires.They have some abilities in that area that most people do not, and they also have free will just like everyone else, and so can choose to do good with the powers they have rather than to do evil. It is a guarantee that every last one of you know vampires, but simply do not know what they are. If you simply know them as good people now then there is every reason to believe that is exactly what they are whether they are conscious of a vampire gene or not.

There are three ladies whose protection I am directly responsible for on the West Coast of the USA, and also an Apprentice there, who are attacked by vampires regularly. The first three rarely have any knowledge of these attacks since I intercept them, and deal with them personally. Their energy is so sweet and pure that it attracts these energy stealers like flies to honey. When you become aware of such things then you can also defend those for whom you are responsible. These psychic battles can be very intense, since they don't volunteer to lose, and there are times when I get hurt in the process, but not very often as experience is a great teacher. If it comes up for you to deal with,and it likely will at some point, then know that there are some dangers to you to be aware of along the way.

As with all of our attunements, you will receive the manual by PDF that details how to receive the attunement as well, and three years of counseling by e-mail to insure that you get the absolute most possible benefit from this experience. We will also send you a beautiful full color certificate that is suitable for framing to honor the attunements that you have received.

Due to these manuals being sent by electronic means, and to the fact that the energy - once sent out on your behalf - cannot be recalled, there are no refunds for any purchases on this website. So, be certain of your desire for this purchase before you make it. Of course, if you do have a problem then we will do what we can to help you work through it short of giving a refund.

Real Vampire Reiki Attunement

The goal of this Manual and the Attunement is to attune those drawn to vampires and Vampirism to the Real Vampire Reiki energies for a better understanding of the lifestyles, needs, wants, desires, strengths, and uniqueness of all human Vampires as well as Vampire Bats. Human vampire is a human just like everyone else. They have many characteristics that make it more apparent to themselves or others that they are, or might be, a vampire. They are not evil, nor do many of them prey upon anyone (any more so than any other human). They love, they laugh, and they live just as other humans do. Your grandmother, the mailman, even your next door neighbor or mate could be a vampire and you may never know it, unless you know what to look for. This manual and attunement will help you with that awareness.

Real Vampire Reiki

There are no refunds from purchases on this website.


Real Vampire Reiki Master Attunement

This attunement to master level allows you to share this system with others of like mindedness. You will now have the ability to attune others to this energy as well as empowering them to master level. As this energy is passed from teacher to student (one conscious to another conscious) the level of understanding of whom and what real vampires are will increase the energetic vibration of the consciousness of the all. This is one of the goals of sharing this energy; to increase awareness and acceptance of those once ridiculed and misunderstood: to live in harmony and learn to expand together as one.

Our main goal in sharing the Real Vampire Reiki Attunements however is to empower those with PROTECTION against psychic, dark and negative energy as well as to energize, uplift and invigorate; to more than maintain a healthy existence; to exude health and happiness. And, it is to offer hope to the vampire community as well with the understanding that help is available to those who are out of control and need it.‚Äč

Vampire Reiki Master

There are no refunds for purchases from this website.


Vampire Reiki Package Deal

Order the package deal and receive both attunements for $40.00 USD. And, if you have nerves of steel and request it, then we will send you a copy of "The Cursed Book of Dagon" which was written by one of his later followers to detail the great depravity of his lord and master so that you can better understand the depravity and darkness in which Vampirism was born. 

Vampire Reiki Package

There are no refunds for purchases from this website. Be certain of your desire before making your purchase.