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Services Offered by The Naked Shaman

We offer a wide variety of healing services and rituals performed on your behalf for any of life's problems. Those problems may include, but are not limited to, healing for spiritual, mental/emotional and physical ailments; life transitions; breaking curses; soul loss; anxiety, depression and out of control emotions; both current and past life issues; removing negative energy from your body and aura, home or workplace; scoliosis, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma and all other disease conditions; issues concerning the empowerment of both women and men freeing them from the damage caused by patriarchal societies and religious fundamentalism; and overcoming all other obstacles in your life.

Some of the modalities used include Cherokee Medicine (the use of herbs, feathers, crystals and stones, Soul Retrievals and working with the Spirits of Nature), Spiritual and Shamanic Counseling, Phurba rituals and other practices from Tibetan Shamanism; Guarani Shamanism; the Ukdena (Dragon) Healing System; Kundalini Reiki; New Usui Reiki; the Zdenko Domancic Healing Method (, Native American forms of massage for clinical purposes; Death Walking (traditional Cherokee hospice work), Solar and Lunar Light Empowerments; the Orb of Life Spiritual Gift; and the Tantric Sexual Healing and Empowerment Process.

While some of these require hands-on work, most of them can be done on a long distance basis so that you are not required to be present at the time of the work done on your behalf, but simply must be able to relax and be open to receive the energies sent to you. While it is preferred that you be nude at the time, if that is not possible then you can wear -- in order of preference -- silk, leather, cotton, linen, flannel, hemp, or wool clothing, and then as little as possible with nothing binding your body tightly. You should also not wear any kind of metal on your head as it interferes with telepathic transmissions.

Sir Clifford is available to teach on any subject or modality with which he works, and has been presenting seminars and workshops for over twenty years. He is also available as a speaker for events and as a personal mentor.