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Sacred Prostitution Package

There was a time in the world when the most respected members of society were the Sacred Prostitutes who were able to provide a greater amount of healing, psychic and spiritual empowerment and enlightenment using sex as a method for spiritual 

development. The courses and attunements on this page are intended to help revive that ancient practice which has never been successfully stamped out by the patriarchal cultures and religions that hate us, and to empower people, through both energetic attunement and training, to do this great and vital work once again.

The series of courses given below can be purchased either individually or as a discounted package. And, depending upon whether you are a man or a woman, other courses will be sent to you free of charge depending upon past attunements you may have done and your own personal needs.

The courses listed here are given in the order they are recommended for you to take them, and some of them do have prerequisites which you must do before taking them. The final course, the Yab-Yum Empowerment, will also give you the requirements for being Ordained as a Sacred Prostitute.

As with all of our courses, no refunds are given once a manual has been forwarded to you as electronically sent manuals cannot be recovered. So, make certain that you want them before placing your order.

We normally only work with someone who has taken our courses for three years following their receipt of an attunement, but will do so for seven years for anyone who makes a commitment to work as a Sacred Prostitute and is Ordained by us in the process.

The Mahakali Reiki Healing System:

Many forms of Reiki deal with specific frequencies of energy which limit them greatly. That is not true with Mahakali Reiki. Mahakali is the Great Mother Goddess of the Void. The Void is the repository of all of the primordial energy used in Creation. The Void is both space and unmanifest energy. Many people in western cultures think that space is empty, but nothing can be further from the truth! Space contains all of Creation within it as well as all of the energy that supports its continued growth and manifestation. In eastern cultures, Yogis and other great masters often speak of meditating upon emptiness, but this emptiness is the space we are talking about here in which the greatest part is known as the Void.

The Void is a deep and dark place in which the center contains no light. In fact, the greatest and most rewarding meditations on Mahakali take place within the Void. At first, you notice the dense and heavy pressing energy of the darkness that wraps you up like a warm and soft blanket on a cold night. Then, way out at the limits of your vision you see the beginning glimmers of Light as all light is the beginning of Creation at the edges of the until then unmanifest darkness. It is here that we find the heart of our Great Mother Kali, and bathe in the ecstasy of Her great Love!

Whereas most forms of Reiki access specific frequencies of energy, Mahakali Reiki accesses all of the unmanifest energy of the Void. This allows you to use it for any purpose whatsoever. Simply access the energy as you will be guided below, and then set your intention for what you desire to happen. The energy will flow, and begin the work to make your desires come about. Energy + Intention = Fulfilled Desires.

As you are accessing the ultimate source of unmanifest energy in this universe then you are able to set literally any intention that you desire. Intention is the key to everything in energy work. While I am giving you a partial list below for your consideration, just know that this is only limited by your own imagination. Here is a partial list:

Spiritual/Mental/Emotional/Physical Healing;

Protection of yourself, your loved-ones and places;

Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity;

To find a new job, or get a raise;

To attract a lover or life partner into your life;

To find your life purpose;

To ramp up your spiritual growth and enlightenment;

To influence others (WARNING: Doing so against their will, for healing or otherwise, brings you Bad Karma!)

To make you or others invisible to enemies in the spirit world;

Psychic Self-Defense;

Healing stones, plants, animals, water and the earth as a whole;


Again, this is just a partial list that barely scratches the surface of what you will be able to do with this form of Reiki.

Also in this manual, you will receive a clear definition of the difference between Reiki and Seichim that will make your use of both systems much stronger and clearer, you will learn about how to do the "Breath of Fire", and how to work with this power force for creation with all of it's great potential.

This attunement will be sent to you in an Orb of Life, and you will receive a detailed manual as well as three years of guidance and counsel to make certain that you get the most possible benefit out of it. A certificate from the NakedShaman Academy will also be sent in honor of your having received this attunement.

Mahakali Reiki Healing System

No refunds are given for attunements and e-manuals as there is no way to recover them once they are sent to you.


Kali Naga Seichim

NOTE: There are two prerequisites to this course in that you must be a Seichim Master and a Mahakali Seichim Master before taking this course. If you are not then you can go to the Mahakali Package page, and order those courses before proceeding with this one. Or, order this one now, and do those before moving on to do this course.

Mahakali is the Goddess of the Shamans, and has been so for many thousands of years before the travesty known as Patriarchy was started on this planet. The Hindus and Buddhists didn’t quite know what to do with Her, and often tried to split Her up or make Her somehow less than their male deities even though Anthropology and Archaeology have proven that She was the first Deity here, and that all others were extrapolated out of Her.

The Christian missionaries in India, with the help of Hollywood, have tried to turn Her into some sort of evil fiend and murderer when She has never killed anything other than demons and Rakshasas. Indeed, Her stated purpose

for existing is “…to trample ignorance on the Path of Love”, and to free us from all traditions, religions and customs which take away our Goddess-given freedoms.

There are thirteen dimensions around this world, and most people have lives going on in at least five of them. And, there are also the the nine realms of the Underworld which we must all work through before we are able to leave this world behind and move on to bigger and better things on the evolutionary scale.

Here is a brief overview of the nine realms from the highest to the lowest:

1. The Realm of the higher spirits known as Goddesses and Gods.

2. The Realm of the Demi-Gods

3. The Spiritual Realm of the Human World

4. The Middle Realm of the Human World

5. The Physical Realm of the Human World

6. The Animal Realm

7. The Realm of the Hungry Ghosts

8. The Realm of Hell Beings

9. The Realm of Perpetual Fire

In Tibetan Buddhism these nine realms are covered in what they call the six Loki. They combine the three realms of human existence as one, and the realm of perpetual fire becomes a portal through which you gain access to the rest. An author named John Twelvehawks wrote an excellent set of novels called “The Traveler” series that teaches about both those realms and the motivations that drive them such as the humans being ruled by laziness and fear, animals by pleasure and pain, the hungry ghosts by greed, and the hell beings by anger. I encourage you to read that series of books. Not only are they very entertaining, but you will learn a lot that the governments of the world would rather you didn’t as these books are based upon both spiritual and physical fact.

The energy used in Kali Naga Seichim comes from all of these dimensions and realms, and the healing that is done for yourself and your clients is done in these various dimensions and realms as well.

There are four very powerful attunements in this course. They are as follows:

1. The Earth-Star Chakra Empowerment

2. The Dimensional Awareness Empowerment

3. The Nine Realms Empowerment

4. The Grand Naga Initiation

Each of them will be covered in detail so that you can understand how to work with them both for others and in your own life. The result is that you will be able to heal many conditions and life situations that nothing else can touch, and that you will be better able to know yourself, and understand your true capabilities.

The Earth-Star Chakra Empowerment– The Earth-Star Chakra is located approximately 12 to 18 inches below your feet and is your first and primary connection to the energy of the earth. This empowerment helps you to be able to do your spiritual work while staying more grounded. Just as you have seven main chakra centers in your physical body, you also have seven below your feet, and fourteen above your head for a total of twenty-eight. This one will open and fully empower everything up through the thirteenth Chakra which is your connection to your Solar Angel, but it all begins with the Earth-Star Chakra Empowerment.

The Dimensional Awareness Empowerment– This empowerment helps you learn to sense the presence of lives for your client or yourself in the thirteen dimensions around the earth. It also helps you determine what is going on in those lives, how it is affecting this life, and helps you to see ways to bring healing and harmony between this dimension, and the others that are involved.

The Nine Realms Empowerment– This attunement helps you to see the portals that allow you to move from one realm to another, and gives you an affinity for communicating with the Nagas and Naginis whose help you will need to keep you from getting lost and stuck in the various realms of the Underworld.

The Grand Naga Initiation– This initiation helps you to establish an alliance with the Grand Naga (which has the head of a bearded man) and the Grand Nagini. There will be times when you will need the softer and more compassionate energy of the Naginis to do your work, and others when you will need the more wrathful energy of Nagas to overcome some dark and evil entity as well as times when both energies will be needed. Only by having this initiation into their energies will you be able to develop an affinity for their energies, and receive their approval.

These empowerments are very powerful, and you are encouraged to take some time in between each one. They will be set up in an Orb of Life that will allow you to to do one attunement every seven days, but you may want to wait longer anyway.

As with all of our other courses, you will receive a detailed manual as well as three years of guidance and counsel to make certain that you get the most possible benefit out of it. A certificate from the NakedShaman Academy will also be sent in honor of your having received these attunements.

Kali Naga Seichim

No refunds are given one e-manuals have been sent or attunements have been set up as there is no true way to recover them. There are no exceptions for any reason.


The Yab-Yum Empowerment

Yab-Yum is Tibetan for "Father-Mother", and is the symbol of Balance in that harsh and unforgiving land at the top of the world. And, it is also one of the most powerful sexual positions used in the practice of Mahakali Tantra which is the oldest shamanic form of Tantra in the world predating the founding of the first Hindu forms by almost 100,000 years.

All true forms of Tantra are about 80% breath-work, meditation, and the use of mantras, mudras and yantras with about 20% being the sexual practices that so many westerners get stuck on. We have a number of different courses on this website that reflect the other 80% such as the Kali Naga Shamanic Power series and the Mahakali Package that takes you step by step through some of the most powerful meditation forms in the world, and empower you to use the mantras and yantras that seemingly ramp up your enlightenment process beyond the speed of light.

The detailed manual that comes with this course covers everything from the processes that make all forms of ritual work, touches upon Quantum Physics in relation to Tantra, covers the process of Deity Identification and Generation, how to use Mahakali Tantra for everything from gaining new psychic capabilities to how to cleanse and heal the earth, improve the fertility of the land we live on and the animals we share it with, and how to use it to remove curses and negative entities.

You are also given detailed instructions on tantric kissing, a step by step guide on how to run a very simple and effective tantric first date, information on herbal aphrodisiacs, herbal birth control, and herbal ways to defeat sexually transmitted diseases. There are also methods for raising and releasing sexual energy both with and without sexual intercourse, instructions on how to engage the Cobra Breath of Kali, how to share psychic gifts with tantric kissing, and how to do a total psycho-spiritual download through tantric intercourse in the Yab-Yum position.

There is also a detailed covering of the role and work of the Sacred Prostitute, what it is and is not, what differs it from the average street prostitute, and real life examples of how Sacred Prostitution is changing the world in which we live. In this section you will learn about the near death of the Grandfather Stone that is the living heart of the American continent, and how a Sacred Prostitute was used to save it and reconnect it with it's source of power. You will also learn about the work of Sacred Prostitutes who serve as Sex Surrogates working with Psychologists and Sex Therapists to help people who have been sexually abused, introverts, and socially inept people who never learned to interact with others during childhood learn to become comfortable with the human body and engage in training and confidence building so that they can have a life with normal relationships just like the rest of us. And, most importantly, you will be empowered to do what they do if you so choose.

There are three attunements that you can do right now, and a fourth one that will take more preparation, but which is included in this course should you decide to do so later on. They are as follows:

1. Clearing and empowering sexual energy channels - healing the damage caused by sexual molestation and abuse, and by the lies and brainwashing of patriarchal society.

2. Shaktipat for gentle Kundalini Awakening - Shaktipat is the Gift of Grace from the Divine Feminine that created all things, and did so with Her sacred sexual energies.

3. Chakra balancing for better sexual psychic gift exchanges.

4. Ordination as a Sacred Prostitute is only available to those who have also completed attunements and empowerments in the Mahakali Package listed in the Sacred Prostitute Package below, and has received empowerment to the Inner-Self Evolution, all of which are available on this website. The Ordination also includes a Daka/Dakini Empowerment which is given at no additional charge as well as a number of free attunements that will be provided at no cost to you based upon our communications concerning your needs and desires. Ordination also confers the right to pass these attunements to others.

There was a time when the most respected women, and occasionally men, in the Mediterranean world, as well as other places, were Sacred Prostitutes such as Mary Magdalene who was also the wife of Jesus and his final initiator into the Sacred Mysteries. Like that great lady, and many others of us before and since, you too can walk in these ancient sacred ways bringing peace, love, healing and empowerment to all of the rest of Creation.

There is also a bonus section in this manual which will expand upon the information in the Sacred Prostitution portion of this manual. You will not want to miss this!

As with all of our courses, you will receive three years of counsel and guidance for the first three attunements. if you take up the Divine Calling to serve as a Sacred Prostitute then that will be extended to seven years. Those who receive the first three attunements will receive a certificate honoring that level of tantric empowerment from the Naked Shaman Academy, and those who complete the fourth level will receive a certificate attesting to their Ordination as a Sacred Prostitute as well.

The Yab-Yum Empowerment

No refunds are given for courses once e-manuals have been sent or attunements have been set up as there is no way to recover what you have received by electronic and/or energetic means.


The Sacred Prostitution Package

This package includes attunements as a Seichim Master, Mahakali Seichim Master, the Kali Ma New Moon Empowerment, Kundalini Reiki and the Kundalini Activation Process, the Protection of Kali Ma Empowerment, the Mahakali Reiki Healing System, Kali Naga Seichim, and the Yab-Yum Empowerment. If you are not already an Usui Reiki Master then that will be provided for you as well.

The Mahakali Reiki Healing System, Kali Naga Seichim and the Yab-Yum Empowerment were channeled to me directly from Goddess Mahakali during the Mahakali Storm Initiation known as the Initiation of Remembrance. Raven Mahakali and I were spiritually joined in Yab-Yum in the spirit world throughout that time so this energy comes from both of us and may well be some of the strongest you will ever experience.

All of our other attunements and empowerments involving sexual healing and empowerment will be provided for you as well, and most of them are not shown on this website. The best are reserved for the people who purchase this package. Without a doubt, you will receive far more than you have paid for with this package.

To simply purchase the individual named courses covered here would cost you $561.00 USD. However, the price is being reduced to $480.00 because you are purchasing this package deal, and you will still receive many more attunements at no charge based upon your personal needs and desires in the sexual healing and empowerment realm. And, the best of those are not on this website, but are reserved for special people like you. Your commitment to help the world in this way will be amply rewarded.

The Sacred Prostitution Package

No refunds are given on courses once manuals have been sent, or attunements have been prepared. Be certain that you want this package when you place this order.