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Sai Maa Diksha Daily Blessing!

Diane and I have been giving the Oneness Blessing to people for over a year now, and have just over 2,000 people on our list who receive it daily. Recently, we were initiated as Sai Maa Diksha Givers/Initiators at the Temple of Consciousness Ashram in Crestone, Colorado. The day after that we were called upon by Spirit to initiate two wonderful people in the very temple where we had been initiated the previous day!

Like the Oneness Blessing, and all other forms of Diksha, the Sai Maa Diksha can be provided from a distance as well as in person. Therefore, we want to extend to everyone the opportunity for you to receive this Blessing which fills every part of your brain with Divine Light and gives Bliss to the recipient as well. Simply send us an e-mail through the contact form located at the website asking to be added to the Sai Maa Diksha List, and you will begin receiving this Blessing daily. This is also available to those who are already receiving the Oneness Blessing from us, but we make no assumptions about what you desire to receive so will not automatically add you to this list.

This form of Diksha is also known as Ananda Jyotir Diksha which means "The Light of Bliss Initiation".  

History shows that Master Jesus received and, later in life, gave Diksha. Today, many Masters give one form or another of Diksha including such Masters as the Shankaracharyas, Ammachi, Mother Meera, Gurumayi, Amma and Bhagavan (Oneness), Sathya Sai Baba, Sai Maa (Light and Bliss), Guruji Trivedi (Super-Consciousness), Shiva Kalidasa (Mahakali Bliss), and a number of others.

Diksha can be given by the Master in many forms including by sight, by touch, by intention, or simply by the aspirant seeing a picture, reading the words, or hearing the voice of the Master. All of these different forms open the heart, and are offered and received by the Grace of the Guru, Teacher or Master. All Diksha is activated by the Shakti of the Master and the Master's Lineage, and is, therefore, unique to that Master. When an aspirant receives Diksha directly from a living Master, or someone trained by that Master, then the power and blessing of the Guru's Grace is poured into the brain of the recipient making it possible for that person to pass the Diksha to others as well.

Ananda Jyotir Diksha comes from Shaivite spiritual lineage that includes Sai Maa, Sathya Sai Baba, Master Jesus, Mahavatar Babaji, Lord Matreiya, Lord Shiva, and many other great Masters. Her Holiness Sai Maa has asked that this Blessing of Ananda Jyotir Diksha be given freely to everyone so as not to limit it's being spread throughout the world in any way. Sai Maa feels that this form of Diksha has the power to transmute the densest illusions and negative karmas of the mid brain, initiate the process of Enlightenment, and thereby create Global Enlightenment. She once said:

"Many great enlightened beings know that bringing Light into the brain is a central part of the process of Enlightenment, but very few have spoken of it."

Thanks to Her Holiness Sai Maa Devi Lakshmi, thousands of us are now speaking about it, and we are sharing it freely with the rest of the world! Go to our website at, fill out the contact form, and allow us to share it with you as well. You may include as many names on the form as you have personally contacted to get their permission to include them. Please do not violate the free will of anyone by including them without their permission. If you have to send more than one contact form because of this then that is acceptable. You are welcome to forward this e-mail to them as well, and let them make up their own minds about it.

Here is one location for information about the Sai Maa Diksha: Google "Sai Maa" and you will find many more.

May your lives be filled with Bliss and Light!

Dr. Sir Clifford Alford, Th.D, DD, M.Min.