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Sex Magic for You!

It is a fact of life that all shamanic work is really done with sexual energy, but it isn't considered "politically correct" to say so. Well, no one has ever accused me of being "PC"! So, there it is, and here is our offer for you:

If you have a problem in your life that needs some major thrust of new energy to resolve it then allow our Sexual Shamans and Sacred Prostitutes give you the energy boost that you need. Check the box below, and tell us what changes you need in your life, and we will do a sex magic ritual on your behalf, and send that energy to do your bidding. When we receive your payment then we will contact you to determine exactly what you desire, and then we will make it happen!

There are no refunds given for energy work done on your behalf so don't place this order unless you really want it. However, if you do then it will get you the most potent energy you have ever experienced!

Sex Magic for You!

There are no refunds fior either courses or energy work on this website.