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Shamanic Business Package

While only formal Apprenticeship can make you into a true Shaman, it is still possible to become a Shamanic Practitioner if you learn how to do some of the things that Shamans do. That is the purpose for this package. Study these manuals, learn to use and make the ritual items covered here, and market these things to the general public, and you too can be a Shamanic Practitioner.

There are other attunements available on this website that will make it easier for you to do this work without going through the full Apprenticeship, and they will be a good second step for you to consider. Those courses are found at Power.html,, and It takes a couple of weeks to do the attunements in the Shamanic Business Package, including the others that I will send you based upon what Mahakali shows me that you need, and you can be doing that work while doing the courses listed above that take just under a year for you to work through, and your power will grow mightily throughout the process. Of course, a full Apprenticeship is better, and you can find that information on the Aghora Apprenticeship tab shown in the blue column to the left.

As with all of our attunements, the energy will reside in an Orb of Life so that you can revisit it as many times as you might care to even though once will certainly be enough. Also, all of our attunements will follow you into the spirit world, and to your future lives prompting you as to how to use them then. Further, if you don't call them in for some reason then they will still follow you, and prompt you to know that they are there, what they can do, and how to access them. In other words, they are your's forever. We do this with all of our attunements and initiations. Do read the manuals when you receive them, and then let me know if you have any questions, and it will be my pleasure to help you.

A certificate honoring your attunements will be sent upon request, and if you get the package deal then you will receive one certificate as a Shamanic Practitioner. The price for these Shamanism courses are purposely kept low as this is the most needed energy in the world at this time. Without more Shamans in the world humankind, and indeed the Earth, may not survive the changes that are upon us as, once again, humans have pretty much destroyed the earth. But, with more Shamanic Practitioners and Earth Keepers then that may change for the better.

So, here are the courses in the Shamanic Business Package, and a bit about each one:

Shamanic Empowerments

I have been doing Cherokee Medicine for fifty-six years now, and both Tibetan and Celtic Shamanism for twenty-six years. During that time, I have been far less than polite in my treatment of people who ran weekend classes turning out people at the end who were supposedly Shamans. When I first heard about attunements for Shamanism I was absolutely beside myself with disgust and outrage...that is, until I read this manual and tried the energies of the attunements for myself. Both my personal experience, and the council of the Dragon Spirits with which I work, have convinced me that a new day has dawned in the preparation and training of Shamans.

When I was growing up, it took twenty-five years of apprenticeship to become an Adawehas (Cherokee Spiritual Leader/Shaman). In 2003 we went through a shift that made it possible to train a Shaman in three years, and now we can effectively equip someone to actually begin doing some of the work in about three months. They will still need some human form guidance for awhile, but they can be effectively doing the work themselves very quickly.

This course is the best beginning of that process. There are sixteen attunements in this system. Do NOT call in more than one per day unless you are very familiar with the attunement process, and have been though many in the past. Otherwise, you will go through a detox process that will incapacitate you for awhile. E-mail after you call in each attunement, and I will help you sort out what you are experiencing if it is needed.

Price: $180.00 USD 

Shamanic Empowerments System

There are no refunds for any transaction on this website. Be certain of your purchase before you make it.


Pictures, Sigils and Yantras

Sigils and Yantras, as well as other sacred symbols, are some of the most potent occult energies on the planet, and the same is true of iconographic pictures of such entities as Tibetan Wrathful deities such as Mahakali and Mahakala and those of other forms of spirituality that are shown with symbolic forms and implements. In this manual I will show you some ways to put all of these to use that work for everyone, and for which no special attunements or initiations are needed. But, first, and bit of information about such items is need to help your understanding of how this works.

On the cover page of this manual there is a full color Kali Yantra that contains within it the fullest expression of the Great Mother Goddess known as Mahakali. She is the most primordial deity known, and is the full embodiment of the energy known as the Divine Feminine. Simply put, she birthed all of Creation into being. There is nothing that exists or ever will exist that did not ultimately come from her in our universe. There is more power and information in that yantra than there is in all of the books that ever existed in any form in the world or in any other world. That is a lot!

On the second page you see a picture of me ashed up for ritual work. It is not the best picture of me for this work, but will still do some good if this were all that I could get, but I do have full pictures of me sitting naked in meditation, and those are much better for this purpose as those pictures represent all of my energy, and not just the energy of my higher soul and upper chakras. So, not all pictures are created equally for such work as what we are covering here, and that is true of dressed pictures of deity figures. The less they have on then the greater the primordial power is that you can receive from them. Both clothing and it's representation carries an energy that interferes in many things.

In this manual I will provide you with a couple of useful pictures of things and people that you can use to further empower yourself from where you are in life at this time. And, I shall give you detailed instructions for doing so. Pay careful attention to those instructions, and READ EVERYTHING before attempting to do any of this. If you don't, and if you screw up, then you deserve whatever you get. In that case, you may not get exactly what you want, but you will still have some very interesting life lessons so it will still not be a complete waste of time.

How to Work this Process

The most powerful yantras are those that are carved on copper plates, and then are covered with 24 carat gold. The copper holds a powerful charge while the gold keeps it from dissipating. And, if you attune it to your energy then it will work only for you for as long as it exists. However, others are still good and powerful too, and even one drawn or printed on paper can do great things for you. The same is true of other spiritual and occult symbols such as the symbols of the Asaga Medicine Society or the Seals of Solomon. Each one has as much power and information in them as several complete sets of dictionaries.

The thing to be careful of with symbols is to be certain that you are in agreement with all of the energy that you are receiving. Take, for example, this symbol here. It was created around the idea that people of all religions should get along together and be able to co-exist. Now, personally, I see all religions as being about controlling people, and I tend to detest them all equally because of it. So, I would choose to not to imbed this energy into me at all. And, my real world experience is that they all give lip service to this concept, but the fundamentalists of most religions, and especially those of Christianity and Islam, make the concept of co-existence out to be a lie. Further, the views of most religions concerning the lack of 

equality for women with men is diametrically opposed to mine so I want nothing at all to do with their energy. Therefore, I will never do anything that might attune me to this energy.

There are a fair number of other symbols that had some great energies at one time, but other things have been programmed into them over the years that I, once again, want none of. There is a way to get what you want, and to not get the bad energies so we need to talk about that a bit, and it is covered in the course.

This is the Tetragrammaton Seal, which seems fairly straightforward on the face of things, but which now has all manner of energies embedded in it by various occultists as well as by that bunch of pissed off Christians that are known as Satanists. And, yes, you have to believe in the fundamentalist Christian form of Jesus to be a true Satanist. Are we having fun yet?

But, we will teach you how to do it right so that you can get all that you desire, and avoid that you don't want. And, you will rapidly become a powerful occultist!

This course is free to anyone who purchases the package deal at the bottom of the page.

Ethereal Herbology and Plant Spirit Medicine

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with a detailed understanding of medicinal herbs and their uses for treating various diseases, both acute and chronic conditions, by means of the spirits of the plants. In our current day and age, most people do not have access to areas in which unpolluted plants are available, or to places where they can find the herbs for themselves. In this course you will be acquainted with eighty-eight herbs, and will receive four attunements to twenty-two herbs at a time. You will also be taught about ways to become attuned to other herbs, a process made possible by the fourth attunement, as well as about ancient Native American methods of working with Plant-Spirits. You will also receive instruction on Universal Life Force Energy, the human energy field, Plant-Spirit Breathing and the Plant-Spirit Meditation, how to do hands-on and distance healing, as well as how to receive distance attunements and pass both distance and hands-on attunements to others.

As with all of our other courses, you will be able to gain support by e-mail to help you get started in your Plant-Spirit healing practice as well as advice on how to improve as move forward with your work. We are also available to help you with those difficult problems that always come along so that you will never be alone in your work. Study the manual, and then e-mail with any questions you may have. The attunement will be sent to you in an Orb of Life at the time that you receive the manual, and you will be able to call in the first attunement when you have read far enough and are instructed to do so. You will be surprised at the healing that will begin to take place within your own body at that time. The manual will be sent to you as an e-book upon receipt of your payment.

Price: $108.00 USD

The Ethereal Crystals and Stones Healing System

In this course of instruction you will be attuned to the spirits and energies of sixty-three different kinds of stones and crystals. Further, you will also learn how to do the Ethereal Crystal and Stone Breathing Meditation, how to receive and give both hands-on and distance attunements and healing sessions, how to prepare and use crystal and stone essences and tinctures both physically and with the spirits of the stones to which you have been attuned, how to strengthen physical crystals and stones with their etheric counter-part, how to use ethereal crystals and stones in the spiritual realms, and you will receive a detailed materia medica of crystals and stones to guide you in your work. You will also learn how to breathe in the essences of other stones not covered in this course, and become attuned to them. As with all of our courses, ongoing support is available to you as you begin your healing work with this system, and whenever you need it in the future. We are here for you, and you will never be alone in this great work. The manual will be sent to you as an e-book upon receipt of payment.

Price: $108.00 USD

How to Make and Empower Talismans and Amulets

Knowing how to make things that will allow you to aid people in great and powerful ways, often without anyone else knowing about it, is a power tool for an Shaman or Shamanic Practitioner to use. This process teaches you how to do such things including making the objects, and empowering them and also objects that others may bring to you.

You will also be taught and empowered to open any book of magic or occult teaching and be able to attune yourself to any symbol that you see that has no restriction included with it, and to do so safely. As a result, the only thing holding you back from becoming exceptionally powerful will be your own fears, and those can easily be overcome. This ability in and of itself is truly priceless.

Price: $180.00 USD

The Spirit Doll Empowerment

Spirit dolls are used all over the world. A few examples are European Mandrake Root, Cherokee Straw Dolls, Wiccan Wax Dolls, Naga Shaman's Dolls, Voodoo Dolls, Corn Husk Dolls, and there are many more from many other tribes and countries. In this empowerment process you will be taught how to make and use them, and also receive the empowerment that makes them actually work. The ability to do this is priceless, powerful, and saves you a lot of time!

Price: $80.00 USD

Negative Entities Clearing Reiki

Spirit dolls are used all over the world. A few examples are European Mandrake Root, Cherokee Straw Dolls, Wiccan Wax Dolls, Naga Shaman's Dolls, Voodoo Dolls, Corn Husk Dolls, and there are many more from many other tribes and countries. In this empowerment process you will be taught how to make and use them, and also receive the empowerment that makes them actually work. The ability to do this is priceless, powerful, and saves you a lot of time!

Price: $80.00 USD

The Playing Card Divination

The Playing Card Divination is a process that will allow you to quickly and easily get answers to many of the questions that a Shaman is faced with, and since it is done with a regular deck of playing cards it can be done anywhere without anyone else knowing what you are doing.

Price: $17.00 USD

The Tibetan Manjushri Crystal Empowerment

All forms of divination using tools, cards or other objects are simply a slower means of developing an openness to seeing or hearing what the spirits have to say to you. This empowerment process will help to further connect and balance your Third Eye (Brow Chakra) with your Crown Chakra, empower you to use the most powerful mantra in the world for aiding with Divination, empower you to do divination successfully, and also to trust what comes to you the first time rather than second guessing what you have heard, seen or felt which is a certain guarantee that you will miss the truth if you do it. And, this new level of confidence in your abilities will serve you well in all other areas of your life.

You will also be attuned to the energy of a powerful Tibetan divination crystal, and learn to use a form of Tibetan divination that will aid in the rapid development of your abilities. You can expect rapid advancement in your abilities so that you will eventually be able to hear a question, and automatically know the answer even though you may still want to do a physical reading to help the one who asked the question to be able to believe it even though you already know the answers.

Price: $80.00 USD

The Tibetan Tribal Medicine Necklace Empowerment

There are thirteen beads on this necklace, and you are attuned to all of them, but more importantly you are attuned so that you can make and empower such necklaces yourself out of any useful bead or object. And, if you have the other courses in this package then you have a vast wealth of information about different things to use, and also what they will do for you.

Here are the words of the man from whom I received this necklace:

"This kind of healing mala/necklace made of medicinal herbs is mostly used by tribals in Tibet and other part of the world to bring good luck, to cure disease and to protect from evils. Beads are tied to black thread that blackens (destroys) the incoming negative effects. It contains herbs that are believed to have strongest positive effect. The local names of the herbal beads used in this necklace are: Sphatic crystal (Free Energy), Red Sandalwood (Removal of Negative Energy, and bringing in Positive energy), Pitaujiya, Red Coral (Protection), Karjani, Bodhi Seed (Enlightenment), Majum Fruit, Vorla, Rudraksha (The blessings of Shiva Mahakala), Balyangra, Lapis (Stone of Higher Wisdom), Ritha, Boksi Kanda (Witch Thorn - curse breaker), yak teeth (provision for all of life's needs), brass yantra (Blessings of Mahakali), hard nut, berry, etc. Each individual bead of this necklace is supposed to bring particular kinds of positive effects, together they protect from almost all kinds of evils."

You are attuned to all of these items as well as the general purposes covered in the Introduction, but more importantly, you are empowered to make such healing items yourself and others. Then whenever they are in the wearer's aura they will work for them. Being able to make and empower such objects is a priceless gift in and of itself.

Price: $44.00 USD

The Shaman Jhankri Bia Gae Amulet Empowerment

Shamanism is humanity's oldest form of relationship to the spirit world. As such, it is the underpinning beneath all religion. But shamanism is not a religion. It is a complex set of practices, beliefs, values and behaviors that enable the practitioner to elicit a shift from ordinary consciousness into a trance state with a specific goal in mind, such as for healing, obtaining information, power, vision, divination, contacting the spirit of the deceased, soul retrieval or guidance for right action. Shamanic work is done with the aid of a helping ally of some sorts that the shaman has befriended. They work together as a cooperative team, with the ally being an intermediary between different levels of reality and the shaman, an engineer of altering states of consciousness.



Though from Bhutan, This one has a Thai style Takrut as well.

A TAKRUT is rolled up metal foil that is inscribed with yants. A Yant is a sacred geometry design incorporating Buddhist psalms and magical formulas that invoke various elements and powers of protection and various blessings. The Buddhist psalms written within and around these yant are know in Thai language as "kata". A kata is what we might call in the West a "Mantra", the word Mantra is a Sanskrit word meaning "prayer”. The casting of a magic spell is similar to the recitation of a Mantra in the sense that the concept of invocation / evocation is inflected in order to achieve a certain result. The ancient tradition of tattooing a sacred yant is probably at least one to two thousand years old. The oldest definite historical evidence of sak yant being practiced in Thailand dates back to around the times of King Naresuan Maharaj, around the time that the kingdom of Ayutthaya was still in its golden age. The warriors were tattooed with Yant and also wore "Suea yant" (yant shirts, that had protective designs intended to ward off the blows of sharp weapons 

inscribed all over the surface). The Yant designs themselves are not the only element necessary to enable the magic power believed to be contained within these sacred geometrical designs. Many Buddhists believe in the power of the Yant. Some Yants are meant to protect against physical harm (Kong Grapan Yant) whilst others are meant to bring good luck (Maettha Yant).

Since the time of King Naresuan (สมเด็จพระนเรศวรมหาราช), Thai soldiers have sought protection from the power of sak yant and the wearing of amulets. In the Korean, Vietnam and second world wars, Thai soldiers were nicknamed “tahaan pee” (Thai: ทหารผ) or "ghost soldiers" by the allied forces, because of their sak yant tattoos and amulets.

While a lot of attention is focused upon the Shamans of Tibet, due to the invasion of their country by the Chinese, the truth of the matter is that the country that has had the greatest effect on Shamanism in that part of the world is the country that is now known as Thailand. Honor should be given where it is due!

I own one of each kind of Bia Gae as the energies they carry are somewhat different even though they do the same thing.

Some Bia Gae are made in the ancient Tibetan way without the Takrut, and they still work well (exceptionally well and with more Naga energy!). Being able to tap into both kinds of energy for the same purpose gives me a more powerful experience, and this attunement will provide the same for you. However, I have sent out Orbs of Life that have replicated the energies of all of the Bia Gae back to the beginning of this practice, and also back to the beginning of the roots of this practice, attuned myself to all of this energy, and am including all of that energy in this empowerment process for you in buffered Orbs.

Due to the evil ways of the fundamentalist patriarchal religions in the area where these items originally came from it often became necessary for Jhankri to carry these items in a pocket, and so they would do so in a black velvet bag that would add to the energy of the amulet and also allow the energy to flow out to the aura of the Shaman for his or her use. This also allowed them to reveal it to people in places where it was safe to do so as it would also establish their spiritual authority for those who did not know them. At night, when sleeping, the amulet and bag are generally kept near the head of the Shaman to protect their dreams. Sometimes the Shaman will extend its influence to his or her patients as well. Personally, I am keeping the one with the Takrut on the main statue in our temple to continually aid all of my Apprentices and those of the new Dragon Mother of the Tibetan Kapalika Aghora Path as well.

“I swear to fight all forms of suffering with perseverance and compassion and perpetual vigor.”

You are invited to take the oath, and to do your best to fulfill it. If you decide to take it then please let me know about it.

This empowerment process will provide you with all of the protection of the two forms of Bia Gae to aid you in your spiritual and shamanic endeavors.

Price: $125.00

The Mahakali Bliss Deeksha

The Mahakali Bliss Deeksha purifies the subtle force centers (Chakras) of the body and aids the awakening and ascension of the Divine Kundalini Energy, and gives you the ability to overcome all problems, illness, pains, afflictions and enemies in your life. It births the condition of Supreme Consciousness and Divine Intelligence in those who receive it, causes a hypnotic charm to radiate from those who receive it causing you to have many friends while your enemies fear to touch you, and Blesses you with wealth, fame, respect and a happy family life. Mahakali assures you of both material prosperity and Spiritual Enlightenment and Bliss while also making you be unattached from these things. True happiness is not about the things you have, but is a state of mind, and yet the Goddess desires that you have Bliss, happiness and every good thing this world has to offer for you to experience.

The Blessings of Her consort Mahakala (Known as Shiva by the Hindus) are also your's as well as He and the Goddess are sitting in Yab-Yum working on your behalf to insure Balance and Harmony in your lives.

This is just one of several empowerments that you will receive free of charge when you order this Shamanic Business Package, and you will be taught how to share it in person as well as at a distance. Doing so in the prescribed manner will enhance the view of your community as to your abilities and your obvious care for them. We spend time in meditation with Mahakali, and she always shows us what is best for every customer to receive beyond their order to better round out what they will need to be able to do.

The Shamanic Business Package 

If you were to purchase each course in this package individually then it would cost you $870.00 USD, but by purchasing this package deal then you will get it for a significant savings for a total of $700.00 USD. This is an excellent price for a series of courses and empowerments that will set you up to work as a Shamanic Practitioner, Multi-Cultural Medicine Woman, or Medicine Man. And, as with all of our courses we will advise you on every facet of it for three years to see that you get the most possible benefit out of it, and help you to get started successfully in this great work.