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The Shamanic Resilient Psychology

Certification Course

People and tribes have survived many horrific experiences, and come out better for it in the end, because their Shamans have shown them the way!


There is no way around the fact that we live in a world torn with hardship, death and strife, and that there has never been a time on the earth when we have had the peace that so many people seem to strive and hope and pray for, but never realize. However, there are ways available to actually enjoy this world, and live in peace, contentment and happiness in spite

of the seeming chaos and disaster all around us, and to be able to show others the way to do the same. This is a great part of the work of the Shaman. We set the example by doing this, and living at peace with ourselves and nature, and when others are living lives of extreme chaos and general crisis then they see the difference in us, and come to us desiring to learn how to be like us. Leadership by example is always the best kind.

To see through the eyes of a Shaman means to see the opportunities and possibilities that many others cannot, and yet have the ability to make those others realize the possibilities for themselves. Many people have heard the story of the day the white invaders with Columbus first came to the shores of the American continent, and the Aztecs were unable to see their ships since they had no concept of anything so large on the water. To them, those ships with their tall masts and sails looked like billowing clouds on the water.

It took a Shaman who was able to see the ships through his peripheral vision to be able to teach the other Aztecs to do the same until the day came that every Aztec could look directly at the ships and see them. Such is the value of seeing with the eyes of a Shaman!

Some of the Requirements for this Course

There are several courses that need to be taken to complete this certification process, and that my Apprentices know as the Foundation Courses. Here are links to each of them:

The Universal Shaman Empowerments Sections 1-3

Kali Naga Shamanic Power Levels 1-4

All of the basic Kali Naga Sorcery courses

The Ethics of the Shaman Empowerments

My Apprentices do all of these in a year, and you can too as well as the other courses in this process, but you are encouraged to take two or three years to do this part of the process as well as the book work that you will have to do as follows:

As a part of this process you will need to purchase a book by Al Siebert, PhD. D., and do the work as follows: First, receive this empowerment and begin doing the work as described after that for your follow-up process. The, read Siebert's book, do the exercises, and then do a detailed outline of it by reading each paragraph, and then saying it in your own words. You are expected to send me the detailed outline as well as the results of your exercises. I will read every word, and respond to them, and then will destroy what you have sent to me. If your words are simply a copy and paste job from the book then you will have to do it over again to complete this part of the course. Here is a link for the book:, and here is the description of it given on

The Resiliency Advantage: Master Change, Thrive Under Pressure, and Bounce Back from Setbacks

“Resiliency - the ability to adapt to life's changes and crises - is the key to a healthy, productive life. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to get bogged down by feelings of anger and helplessness. The Resiliency Advantage helps readers banish negative, self-defeating thoughts and break free from the roles of ""victim"" and ""good child"" while improving problem-solving skills, maintaining humor and optimism during rough times, and becoming both self-reliant and socially responsible. By mastering the five stages of development - sustaining health, energy, and positive feelings; handling challenges; achieving positive self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-concept; honing the skills and attributes of highly resilient people; and developing a talent for serendipity - readers learn to stand up to adversity, overcome obstacles, and meet life head on.”

The energy of this empowerment sets this up in your subconscious mind while reading this, and working the exercises in this book, bring these concepts clearly into your conscious mind. Because of these combined processes, you will gain a much greater advantage from this than simply reading through the book and doing the exercises alone. And, a part of this empowerment process is also about accessing the information stored in your monad, the repository of all of the experiences of your previous lives, to bring forward those energies where have done this in the past.

Suffice it to say that your life will not only never be the same again, but that nothing life ever throws your way will ever keep you down, or keep you from finding the way to overcome it, and live a successful and happy life in spite of it all.

There are several other books you will need to purchase and do this process with as well. Here is a list of them along with their links on so that you can purchase them before they are needed:

Learning the lessons in these books, coupled with the empowerments you will experience, will cause you to see the world through new eyes, and in ways that you have likely never dreamed of. Simply put, you will become aware of things all around you that you had never noticed before.

There is also a 12 month process for you to work through called the

“Aghora Life Transformation Series”

In the past we had a Shamanic Counseling series that proved to be a bit of a problem to teach to people from all over the world so I had shut it down until a way presented itself to do it better. Then the courses offered by another group became the basis to make this possible so here we are. I got these courses through the Pillai Center, improved upon the delivery system, and then expanded the material so as to make it easier and more effective than what I had received from them, but I must say that I do enjoy taking their courses, and that I have benefited greatly from them. Their Fire Labs did not do what they said they would, but the other things I have learned from them have been very beneficial. But, only a small part of what I have learned from these course of theirs will be shared as it is – to put it bluntly – patriarchal as hell, and I desire a much more balanced approach. And, the Mantras we will use will, for the most part, be quite ancient and potent to a greater degree because of it.

Now, the best time to start these courses astrologically is on the 15 of April, and so we will begin with the April Empowerment, and will move through the rest of the year. Each one is aimed at the 15 of the month it is named for. However, you do not have to do them on those dates, but can start them at any time, and they will still work for you. The only restriction is that you have to do them in order as the energy for the first one sets things up for the second one and so on, and there are four attunements that you will be expected to before those as well.

Here are descriptions of all of them:

The Karma Healing Mantra Empowerments – Just about every problem that we experience in our lives is due to both our karma and our astrology. We have ways to neutralize those problems.

The Resilience Empowerments – Both success and survival are dependent upon our ability to see the truth quickly and clearly, and to adapt and change as needed to get through whatever comes our way These empowerments will help you with that.

The Survivor Empowerments – Resiliency leads to the ability to survive when catastrophic changes come our way, but survivors have abilities beyond that of most resilient people. We shall help you to gain those abilities by building upon what you received in the Resiliency Empowerments.

The Audacity (Hero) Empowerments - Audacity: the ability to take educated risks, having considered all of the possibilities, when your actions would take the measure of seemingly “better” people who will not have the courage to go where you will lead. This is the ultimate ability and power of the Shaman, and especially of those involved in “Crazy Wisdom”.

After you have completed these four courses then you can begin these courses, and do one per month, or longer if you so choose, until you have completed all twelve of them:

The April Empowerments - Change Your Personality and Appearance – Did you know that you really can change your personality to be more of what you would like to be, and that you can do the same with your appearance? In truth, as you change one aspect of your life then there will be corresponding changes in the other area, and vice versa.

The May Empowerments – Improve Your Finances – There are steps that you can take beyond your karma to improve your finances, and it's all in your head and in your heart!

The June Empowerments – Risk Taking Revisited – Refining the Audacity Experience to become like a secret super hero.

The July Empowerments – Material Comforts Really Matter – There is a big difference between being filthy rich and being materially comfortable. Being comfortable is also about being content, and those who are materially content are able to pursue their spiritual lives more authentically.

The August Empowerments – The Goddess and Spirituality – understanding who and what you are in relation to the Goddess and the rest of Creation will transform your life in many wonderful ways.

The September Empowerments – Rid Your Life of Negativity – Negativity is the single greatest impediment to every good thing in your life, and everything we have done before this will have prepared you to see it all and be capable of getting rid of it.

The October Empowerments – Improve Your Relationships – Building upon the previous empowerment, you will see your relationships in new and powerful ways, and learn how to change them for the better, and when and how to end them if they become destructive.

The November Empowerments – Overcoming Obstacles – In these empowerments you will receive the “Mind of Ganesha” so that you can improve your ability to concentrate and focus your intentions, and remove all obstacles that no longer serve the highest good in your life, or prevent those that simply interfere with your life to no good purpose. And, of course, there is the factor that plays into this as well as the other parts of this series in that anything that you can do for yourself you can also do for others if you develop Grace and Compassion...

The December Empowerments – Grace and Compassion – These are the two most overlooked and under-developed skill sets upon the Shamanic Path, and at the end of this month you will be well along the way toward making these a powerful part of your life.

The January Empowerments – Finding Your Calling – All Shamans know how to do many of the same things, but not all Shamans are called to work in the same way or on the same things. This is about developing your own Calling and Path to Mastery by determining the color(s) of your magic, the primary element(s) that you work with, and the activities that are the most satisfying in your daily life.

The February Empowerments – Profits and Spirituality – It never ceases to amaze me how many people have believed the lie – at least to some degree – that you do not have the right to make a profit if you are on a true spiritual path. Well, not only is your education not free, as it isn't for anyone in a mundane profession either, but you have the right to be paid for your training, wisdom, and expertise just like anyone else so that you can live well and learn even more. In this course we will help you to get over any and all forms of poverty consciousness in relation to your spiritual work.

The March Empowerments – The Truth About Enlightenment – Enlightenment is a process rather than a destination, and people often want to know when they have “arrived”. In this course we will help you to gain a right understanding of this seemingly elusive attainment, and help you map out your steps along the Path for both the rest of this lifetime, and the lifetimes that are yet ahead of you whether on the Earth, or “on a new planet and under a new sun” as Maharishi Sananda Ishaya was so fond of saying. And, if there is anything about this empowerment that I can absolutely guarantee you is that it is positively enlightening!

Along with each of these you will receive other empowerments that are not strictly a part of this course, but that the Great Mother Goddess tells us that you should have to better complete your process. One individual recently wrote to say that he looked forward more to the extra courses that we send than he does to the ones he has ordered as the “extras” often prove to be more powerful, vital and good for him than those that he had chosen for himself. However it works out, you will be blessed by them. Doing these will not be a requirement to finish this certification process, but you will be wise to do so anyway.

Throughout all this process you will be expected to communicate about what is going on with you at least every couple of weeks. More often, to include daily if so desired, is also good, but at least every two weeks is required. Not only should you tell me what you are working on, but your should tell me what you are learning about yourself, others around you, and your specific part of the Shamanic Path as it becomes defined for you, and ask any questions that come to mind in the process. Good communication between us is absolutely crucial if this process is going to work for you to the degree that it should.

When you finish these books and courses then there will a project for you to do and report on, and depending upon that then you can expect to receive your certification. We will begin discussing what you will do after you finish the January Empowerments as your project will be related to your specific manifestation of the Shamanic Path.

So, learn to think for yourself, and change your life at will:

Let me know if you have any questions, and I will be happy to answer them as quickly as I can. You can do so through our form on the page titles as "Contact Us", but don't try to call the phone number in various places on this website that we are removing as I have had nine different cancers in the past twenty-three years, and cellphones have been proven to be a major cause of seven of them so I am now rid of that device.


Jai Mahakali