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Shamanic Training Online

I apprenticed for 25 years in Cherokee Medicine, and now people can learn the majority of the useful information in three years or less. The following courses and attunements are the basic training for this process. The Mahakali and Native American Packages on our website are the advanced training. As with all of our courses, we consult with you for three years after your last attunement to make certain that you get it right, and get the most out of your experience with us.

Shamanism Attunement Package: This set of courses begins with the Magickal Shamanism Lightwork Course. This is an excellent beginning for anyone interested in Shamanism in that it provides three attunements and a detailed manual that are good for both novices and advanced students of Shamanism.

Shamanism is a state of mind in which we connect to our creative Source, Spirit, the Goddess, Nature or Mother Earth. While there are many Shamans living all over the world, me included, who had to suffer great hardships and long apprenticeships to receive the wisdom and power that flows through us that is no longer required. Instead, you can go through a series of attunements that connect you to the energies which are used by all Shamans, and this course offers three such connections.

Level 1: Initiate - The manual for this level explains the basics of what it means to practice Shamanism, and covers how to take a spirit journey, how to look within to discover who you really are, what your Path may be, rights of passage, magical names, and more. The attunement connects you to Mother Earth, and to the energies of Spirit, in a way that will help you grow, and expand your horizons.

Level 2: Intermediate - Strengthens your connection to Mother Earth and to Spirit, and offers a shield of protection as it helps you identify and clear negativity and unwanted energies which brings in a greater degree of healing. The manual for Level 2 covers attachments, soul retrieval, reclaiming lost power, and more. Supplemental materials on soul retrievals are also provided to clear up some of the myths about soul retrieval that have caused a lot of trouble for many people.

Level 3: Master - While only time and experience will truly make you into a Master Shaman, the Master Level attunement allows you to pass attunements in this system to others, and continues to strengthen your bond to Mother Earth and to Spirit. It also opens your Third Eye and Crown Chakras so that your psychic abilities are enhanced. There is also a strengthening of the Stomach Chakra which is our seat of physical instincts. The Level 3 manual covers meditation, healing, herbs, stones and crystals, visions, imprinting, enhancing intuition and instincts, nature magick, living in harmony with nature, and more.

While you could learn Shamanism the old way, connect with Nature, Mother Earth and Spirit, and grow without any attunements, the attunements in this course will clear the path and speed the ascension process for anyone willing to work with these energies.

It is strongly recommended that you follow this course with the Shamanic Empowerment course, and then with the Ajna Activation.

Three years of professional guidance is provided for anyone who takes this course, and a certificate honoring the attunements is given after correspondence concerning your experiences during the attunements. The price for this course is normally $40.00 USD.

Magickal Shaman Lightwork Course

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The Shamanic Empowerment System: I have been doing Cherokee Medicine or fifty years now, and both Tibetan and Celtic Shamanism for twenty years. During that time, I have been far less than polite in my treatment of people who ran weekend classes turning out people at the end who were supposedly Shamans. When I first heard about attunements for Shamanism I was absolutely beside myself with disgust and outrage...that is, until I read this manual and tried the energies of the attunements for myself. Both my personal experience, and the council of the Dragon Spirits with which I work, have convinced me that a new day has dawned in the preparation and training of Shamans.

When I was growing up, it took twenty-five years of apprenticeship to become an Adawehi (Cherokee Spiritual Leader/Shaman). In 2003 we went through a shift that made it possible to train a Shaman in three years, and now we can effectively equip someone to actually do the work in about three months. They will still need some human form guidance for awhile, but they can be effectively doing the work themselves very quickly. This course is the best beginning of that process, and we still provide three years of consulting with those who take the attunements. Apprentices get even more personalized and extensive training.

There are sixteen attunements in this system, and we can set up around four per day, so you should purchase the course, and be studying the manual while we get them set up. Once all of them are prepared then we will let you know. Do NOT call in more than one per day unless you are very familiar with the attunement process, and have been through many in the past. Otherwise, you will go through a detox process that will incapacitate you for a while.

E-mail after you call in each attunement, and we will help you sort out what you are experiencing if it is needed. A certificate honoring your attunements will be sent following the last one.

The price for these Shamanism courses are purposely kept low as this the most needed energy in the world at this time. Without more Shamans in the world humankind, and indeed the Earth, may not survive the changes that are upon us. The price for this course is normally $160.00 USD. See below for the total package cost.

The Shamanic Empowerment System

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The Ajna Activation: This is an extremely powerful attunement that releases your ability to manifest all of the eight greater paranormal powers and the thirty-two minor paranormal powers as well as be able to sense the presence of positive energy and attract it to you. The exercises that come with this activation will transform your psychic experience rapidly, detoxify your chakras, and empowering you to do all that you desire.

The meditations given with this program will also transform your life. If you desire greater power for doing your psychic or spiritual work then this is the key to making it happen. The activation process takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Read the material that is e-mailed to you, call in the attunement, and then do the exercises.

As with all of our courses, you will receive a certificate honoring your receiving the Ajna Activation, and you will be able to pass the attunements yourself as well as pass on the material to your students. You will also receive three years of counsel and assistance to insure that you get the most possible benefit out of this course. The price for this course is normally $10.00 USD.

Ajna Activation

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The Shamanic Healing Energies System: This is a single attunement system that helps to connect the recipient with the healing energies used by Shamans in their work. In so doing, the recipient will receive healing while being empowered to provide that energy for others as well as to pass this attunement to others.

The manual covers such subjects as how to become a 21st century Shaman,reconnecting to Spirit, Power journaling, personality behavior vs spiritual self-behavior, the Hopi Prophecy Stone, and how to pass the attunement to others.

This course will not turn you into an instant Shaman, but it will provide a good introduction to the energies used in and shamanic healing and empowerment, and will make it possible for you to begin a basic energetic healing practice.

A certificate is given in honor of the attunement.

The course price by itself is normally $10.00 USD. 

Shamanic Healing Energies

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Ama Deus (Guarani) Shamanism: The Ama Deus Shamanic Healing System is the healing practice of the ancient Guarani Tribe that lives in the Amazon rain forests of Central Brazil. This is the cruelly mistreated tribe made famous in the movie entitled "The Mission". Even though they have been abused by people of European decent since they first were invaded, the Guarani took in a young man named Alberto, trained him in their system of healing, and helped him develop and empower symbols which make more sense to the "civilized" world from which he came and to which he was going back.

As the Guarani has no written language, and since the Portuguese language is the primary language spoken in the area, Alberto named the system "Ama Deus" which is Portuguese for "I Love God" which is the main statement of belief for the Guarani people. Ama Deus is an easy to learn shamanic system that is very powerful and effective in a wide variety of situations. It has been a stand alone system that has served the Guarani for over 6,000 years, and it will work the same for you.

There is one attunement, and a 43 page manual which will be sent to you by e-mail. A certificate is sent to you following the attunement, and ongoing help is available to help you learn this system well, and get the most out of it.

The price is normally $30.00 USD by itself. 

Ama Deus Shamanic Healing System

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How to Make and Use Prayer Feathers: Feathers can be wrapped, blessed and used to carry any long-term prayer to a successful conclusion. Prayer feathers can be used for healing, to find your best life partner, to bring wealth, abundance and prosperity, or for any other purpose. Gain wisdom and knowledge from the spirit world, or use the feathers to bring peace and contentment in your life.

The information about how to make feathers work for you will be sent to you by e-mail upon receipt of your payment. If you have questions about how to make this work for you then send an e-mail, and I will respond just as quickly as I can. Be empowered now!

The price for this information is usually $8.00 USD 

How to Make and Use Prayer Feathers

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OBE Reiki: OBE stands for Out of Body Experience, and this Reiki attunement helps the recipient make journeys in the spirit world easier for those who have little or no experience at it. Actually, it matters not how many attunements or initiations you go through. If you can't leave your body at will to either gain information or do your work then you are not a Shaman.

This attunement comes to us from Indonesia where the Shamans, especially the Balinese Shamans, are some of the best in the world. This system is very short and to the point, and the best part of all is that it works. When a friend was having problems due to spontaneously bi-locating this was the first attunement we did to start bringing that process under conscious control.

This is a single attunement system that we would normally charge $10.00 USD for, but it is given free of charge in this package as it is such a vital ability needed by so many in the world we live in.

OBE Reiki

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The normal price for all of the above is usually $268.00 USD with a base rate of $10 per attunement. Each of you who follow through with the desire to walk the Shaman's Path may purchase this Shamanism Program for $225.00 USD, and also choose one of the free attunements reserved for package purchases.

Shamanism Package

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May your lives be filled with Bliss!

Dr. Sir Clifford Alford

The Naked Shaman