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Ascension & Spiritual Growth Package

Ascension is the process of attaining Enlightenment, and Spiritual Growth is the way to achieve it. The information in this package deal is a set of manuals and attunements that help you along the Path of Enlightenment. Some of these courses can be used for healing work, and some are strictly for spiritual growth. All of them will take you to a much higher energetic vibration.

When you do these attunements then we encourage you to drink a lot of water. Recently, a lady I was working with told me that she knew she already had the highest energy available since whenever she called in some of our attunements then she would immediately start detoxing. The truth is that she started detoxing because the attunements had ramped up her energy to a higher and more refined state. That is what causes people to enter a detox situation. Detoxing isn't fun, but it's effects can be reduced by drinking more water, and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Some of these programs, admittedly, are not fun. They give you the opportunity to square off with the Shadow side of yourself - those parts none of us like, but need to make our peace with anyway. In other words, it takes some courage to do this work. If all you want is some airy-fairy feel good stuff then this is not either the package or the website for you. What follows is for people with spiritual and intestinal courage.

The Magickal Lightwork Program:

We begin with this program because it begins with the twelve universal spiritual laws upon which everything in the realms of spirit functions. Coupled with that is a practical program for putting it to use. What we have here is everything that was left out of the movie called "The Secret", and they left out a lot!

After this, the program moves into a series of attunements for a greater connection to your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, The Goddess, Angels, Fairies and Dragons. By working with these spirits, and with your Higher Self, then you will be well assisted in putting to use the spiritual laws you will have learned in all of your daily life.

This course and attunement process is provided for $60.00 USD, and includes the six attunements and and seven course manuals. Because it is a part of this package deal then you will get it for less.

Magickal Lightwork Program

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Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing:

This course gives a pretty thorough covering of Usui Reiki in Level 1 that I thought was going to bore me to tears. Then it got into some great information on physical energy and the emotional body, and I was glad that I had kept reading.

Level 2 seemed to return to the Reiki symbols, and then added a few new ones to the mix that have some very interesting uses. Level 3 was a bit of a surprise as well when it had channeled messages from Mrs. Takata, and then started talking about 352 symbols! However, the course soon covered how to use the symbols without having to memorize them all, and also taught about working with Ascended Masters and the Medical Assistance Teams. Level 3 ends with an attunement to Mahatma energy.

Level 4 begins with a detailed presentation on Mahatma energy and how to work with it, and then moves into processes for cutting karmic ties and then DNA activation and expansion. After that, we are entertained with the Yoga of Laughter, and then the energy of Freedom. This is followed by teaching on the silver violet flame and how to use it, and then gives a detailed understanding of the attunement process.

While this system has some applications in physical healing, it's primary focus is upon emotional healing and spiritual growth. In the attunements, the energy begins very soft and fine, and then comes on with a rush. This is not one of those where you can call in the energy, sit with it for a few minutes, and then go do something else while it finishes. Each of the four attunements takes about thirty minutes, and you should allow for some extra time just in case it is needed.

Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing

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This program normally goes for $40.00 USD.

The Crystal Rose:

This process was channeled by my Teacher, Maya Moonshadow, and causes a an etheric crystalline rose to be manifested in your heart chakra which, in turn, brings in the energies of such things as unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, absolution, empathy, peace, harmony, calmness, comfort, security, self-love, charity, gentleness, and kindness as well as a number of other such energies.

The Crystal Rose works well with many other healing systems, and it was this system that gave me the ability to feel what my apprentices are feeling rather than simply knowing that some issue needed to be faced and dealt with.

This has caused a major shift in my teaching style that is both more effective and more kind.

Maya demands that a set price of $60.00 USD be applied to this course to maintain the value of the attunement and experience. This gives a strong connection to the energy of the Divine Feminine so it is very well worth the price to me.

Ascension Reiki:

This is a nine attunement healing system given as three multi-level attunements. It involves connecting with the Buddhic Breath, and attunes you to the Eight-Fold Path of Right View, Right Intent, Right Speech, Right Focus, Right Alertness, Right Purpose, Right Effort and Right Motivation. this healing system involves healing for spiritual growth. And, as the spirit is healed this allows other forms of healing to take place both emotionally and physically.

This attunement program is priced at $30.00 USD, and is discounted in price by being included in this package.

Spirit Reiki:

This system is intended to provide healing on all levels and to assist with spiritual growth by raising the vibrational level of the person either being attuned or healed. It was founded by Re. Linda Jean Horton in 2003.

While the manual is fairly short, having only nine pages, this is a powerful healing system that can leave people feeling the flu like symptoms of a major detoxification process that can last up to twenty-one days. These symptoms, and the depression that can go with it, are best avoided by by using monatomic gold and platinum along with the attunement process, and by having the recipients drink a lot of water both before and after the attunement.

This attunement is offered for $10.00.

Crystal Rose

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Gentle Love Reiki:

This single attunement/initiation system is one of the sweetest and gentlest attunements you will ever have. I like to give it to people to call in just before they go to sleep as i know that will sleep well and have sweet dreams.

This a very simple and elegant energy, and the healing system is such that virtually anyone can do it. And, the manual is a living document that is continually added to by the people who use and develop the system.

There is another very gentle factor about this system too. It's always given free of charge. To do otherwise corrupts the energy. To receive it just fillout the contact form and ask for it.

Thor's Hammer Empowerment:

This is where courage comes into play in this package! Thor's mighty hammer is not used to crush your enemies, but is used to help show you the darkness in your own spirit and soul, and then to destroy those parts that don't serve you.

There is one attunement in this system, and we normally charge $10.00 USD for the attunement.

Thor's Hammer Empowerment

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Goddess Freya's Warrior Heart Empowerment:

This empowerment provides an energy that empowers and protects the recipient, and breaks down all of the barriers to their spiritual growth. It works by healing the heart of the recipient, and then providing a shield against all negative energies.

The work on the heart chakra is very intense so you should enter this area with a measure of caution. A meditation is given for you to do for at least one week before calling in this empowerment. Facing my shadows is a big part of what i do for my own spiritual growth, and the level of intensity was still enough that I was very grateful for having done the meditation before hand as directed.

In the words of the originator of this system, Reiki Grand master Jay Burrell, "Freya will grant you release from fear, and will give you the courage, strength, self-confidence and power to stand up for what you believe in and to break down those barriers preventing you from growing spiritually and enjoying life."

The Thor's Hammer Empowerment, as well as being a Reiki Master, is required before taking this empowerment. If you are not already a Reiki Master then let me know as we can take care of this in short order, and ramp up your spiritual growth and power in the process. And, due to the power of this attunement, it is required for you to arrange with me to be available at the time you desire to call in the empowerment. This will insure that I can home in on your energy, and help you through it even if you encounter difficulties.

The cost for this empowerment is $10.00 USD, and you receive a manual containing general information and instructions, and a second containing the Goddess Freya Warrior Heart Meditation.

Goddess Freya Warrior Heart

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The courses in this Ascension and Spiritual Growth Package would normally cost you $220.00 USD. We will give you $30.00 off for purchasing this package giving you 23 attunements for $190.00 USD plus three years of consulting by e-mail to make certain that you get the most possible benefit out of these attunements and empowerments.

Spiritual Growth Package

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