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The Three Phases of Healing

© 2009 by Dr. Sir Clifford Alford

Working within the shamanic realm of healing is a more thorough approach than what we often find in other such activities. While a Naturopath or an MD, DO or Chiropractor may pray with a patient, prayer is a passive gesture as compared to actually doing work in the spiritual realms on behalf of the client. In the shamanic venue we see that there are three phases of healing, and the first is the spiritual phase where all disease truly begins. There is a spiritual law that says “Nothing happens in the physical realm unless it happened in the spiritual realm first.”

When someone comes to me for healing then I talk with them, and then talk with the Spirits who tell me how to best address this issue in the spiritual realms. There are three physical dimensions around the earth, and ten spiritual dimensions so you can see why it is important to start here first. In a typical first session I talk with the person about what is bothering them, and this not just the physical or psychological complaint that brought them to me. I want to know about everything that is going on in their lives, and that includes things of a spiritual, mental/emotional and physical nature. All of this gives clues as to the spiritual roots of the problem.

The spiritual work done in the first session will typically include some form of Phurba ritual, a Yab-Yum Ghau Blessing and possibly a Mahakali Blessing which includes an initiation into the Mahakali Mantra. This helps the client overcome whatever is going on in their life that they have no control over, removes negative energies from their body and energetic field, and it gives them a wisdom transmission that helps them to bring their life into balance. We also talk about appropriate herbs for their condition, and various energetic and physical therapies as well. And, we will often do some physical or energetic work before the end of the session. Typically, sessions last two hours, but I usually allow three for the first session.

The spiritual work may continue as a main activity for a couple more sessions if needed. For example, only about twenty-five percent of the world’s population will ever need a soul retrieval, and since it’s one of the most dangerous activities a shaman can undertake I prefer to take some personal time to get ready for it. Some people think that all of the entities in the spiritual realms are totally enlightened, and they are naïve at best. In most cases, they are no more enlightened there than they are here.

There is an organization in this country that purports to make shamans out of people in a weekend, and they teach about soul retrievals early on in the training they provide. In these classes there are usually one-hundred participants, and all of the students a get a soul retrieval from another student whether they need one or not! And, the rest of us waste a lot of time cleaning up their spiritual and psychic messes. In the Cherokee end of things we apprenticed for at least fifteen years before being taught such activities, and at least twenty years before being taught about psychic combat.

Likewise, traditional pre-Buddhist or Hindu Tibetan tribal shamans typically grow up in a shamanic household, and they assist and learn from their parents and grandparents until they reach adulthood when they then go through a minimum three years of formal training. Buddhists and Hindus may also be trained as a lama or priest as well. This is often the way in many traditional shamanic cultures.

Phase Two: Herbology and Other Self-Administered Therapies

Self-empowerment for healing is a big part of what I do with my clients, and I teach them about the use of herbs, crystals, stones, feathers, mantras, mudras and spiritual activities that they can do on their own to speed up their healing and use to help other people as well. People should always be responsible for their own healing, and should never give up their personal power to someone who claims to have more education than they do. Empowering clients helps them help themselves and others, and it makes the world a better place to live in.

Phase Three: Bio-Energetic Therapies and Physical Bodywork

The use of herbs, stones and other self-administered therapies is half of the mundane side of therapy, and the use of energy work and physical manipulation of the body is the other. If the best for a client is acupressure, massage, Deep Tissue Therapy, Ortho-Bionomy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Kundalini Reiki, Solar and Lunar Light Empowerment, or any other therapy or combination thereof then we do it. And, if the client gets to the point that someone else is better for them then I make referrals as well.

People often ask, “How long is this going to take?” My answer to them is that most conditions can be dealt with in from one to twelve sessions, but that we won’t know how long until we get there. A lot of the success of a healing process depends upon how much the client is willing to be involved in the process. If the client wants the healthcare practitioner to do it all then they will likely never get over it, and I would prefer them to go and waste someone else’s time. However, if you are interested in being involved in the process then please come and see me.

The previous paragraph is a general timeline, and some things take longer. For example, if you have a scoliosis (curvature of the spine) then you can expect to be over it in approximately four months. Three months will involve the spiritual, herbal therapy and Deep Tissue Massage process, and another process will take approximately ten minutes per session for several times per week for the first few weeks, and then will be needed less and less through the remainder of the time. If you have a friend or family member whom I can teach that part to, as well as to you so that you can help others with it, then I will do so, and it will drastically improve the speed and progress of your healing. Lupus takes about eight sessions, and then the next three and a half years is up to you. At the end of that time then you will be free of the disease. Type 2 diabetes takes from six to eighteen months, and you will only have three or four sessions with me.

How I Do My Work

Both in my Asaga/ Cherokee training and apprenticeship, and as a result of being a Mahakali Phurba Priest, I do all of my ritual work and healing work nude. This maintains a greater purity and strength of energy in the process, and it aids in the clarity in which I hear the voice of Spirit. You can test this for yourself by going outside on a pleasant day, and sitting in the grass with your clothes on for five minutes. Get in touch with your body and emotional state, and see how much you can sense in nature around you. Then, take off all of your clothes, and sit in the exact same spot for another five minutes. Not only will you be able to hear more form Spirit, but you will have much less emotional and physical stress in your body.

If you are a healer yourself then do a session for a client with your clothes on, and then wait twenty minutes before doing another session nude. If you are unable to do so with the client physically there then do a distance healing both times. I have a student who tried this after a Kundalini Reiki class. She said that she could feel the energy move powerfully from her hands, eyes and third eye while clothed, but that she could feel it move even more powerfully through every pore in her body when she did her work nude. That was three years ago, and it continues to be the same for her and others as well.

If nudity makes you uncomfortable then its obvious that you need the Mahakali Initiation, but before you take it, I invite you to go to my website at and click on the tab entitled Mahakali. She is the Goddess of the Shamans, and you should know about Her from someone other than members of the patriarchal religions and Hollywood. And, you are welcome to bring someone else with you whom you know and trust, and who can help take notes for you as you will receive a massive amount of information in each session.

Payment Options for Full Sessions

There was a time when people knew how to gift appropriately for the work they received, but those times are past. So, I value my work at $88.00 per session with most sessions running for up to two hours. There is an exception to that rule, but most people will never even hear about that work as they would not be open to such kinds of tantric work anyway. If $88.00 is a problem with you then I am willing to barter with you for part of it so long as I am receiving something in return that I want, need or value for the future. The same is true for the courses, initiations and attunements that I offer online from my website.

If you want to make an appointment with me here in Tulsa, OK then call me at

918.706.8171 or use the contact form at If you want me to travel to you for either healing or to teach or present a seminar then we will work something out, and spiritual healing can also be done with distance work with the consultation being by phone. You decide what works best for you, and we will do our best to make it work for you.