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Stop Smoking Now! - A Proven

Method from The Naked Shaman

Tobacco is the most sacred herb in North America, and it's abuse has caused more death and disease than most other things on the planet due to that abuse. We have a proven method that has been used successfully for many years to help people quit smoking. This involves a Reiki attunement as well as a realistic plan of action.

This plan works because it takes into consideration the often missed part of the process involving overcoming the spiritual, emotional and physical parts of the addiction, as well as the habit of doing something with your hands, rather than just the physical aspects of the addiction.

With this program you will receive two manuals. One is for the Stop Smoking Reiki attunement that tells how to work with the energy for both your own healing as well as for healing others, and the second manual tells you how to gain great spiritual help as well as how to overcome the emotional addiction and the need to do something with your hands. This involves herbal therapy and instruction as well.

The attunement is sent to you by means of an Orb of Life so this manual is also provided to you which adds yet one more highly effective tool to use to overcome this addiction. And, while this course is aimed specifically at stopping smoking, this energy will help overcome any other form of addiction as well.

This program, like all of our courses, includes three years of counseling and advice by e-mail to make certain that you gain the most possible benefit out of your experience with us. Couple that with our many years of using these methods, that help to heal your lungs in the process, and you have a program that gets results!

Stop Smoking Now! - A Proven Program that Works!

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