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Jinlap Maitri - Secret Teachings of Tantrayana Buddhism

No refunds are given for e-courses as the e-books, attunements, initiations, transmissions and empowerments sent are unable to be recovered if you change your mind later.


Jinlap Maitri and Tantrayana Buddhism

Recently, at a seminar in the Catskill Mountains of New York State, the Tibetan High Lama who was teaching the seminar said he would share none of the deeper spiritual teachings that we had paid to learn with Westerners, and then said maybe he would in the future. Well, here are some of those secret teachings from a different source in a system known as Jinlap Maitri. In these pages are some of the most profound teachings of this branch of Tibetan Buddhism presented is 

This healing system also includes an initiation to the Medicine Buddha as well as a Wisdom Transmission that works with very subtle energies to effect change within you as well as to the rest of Creation, especially in the fifth dimension. As such, it is one of the best preparations you will ever receive for the Kali Naga Bliss Initiation as the Six Lokas are the ultimate realms of the Shadows in our lives.

There are some wonderful practices in these manuals including the Nine Breaths, and some excellent forms of gTummo as well as ways to energetically release trauma, negative energy, do psychic surgery, create and shift psychic energy, beam energy from the third eye, and do Medicine Buddha healing sessions.

It is best to read all three manuals first, and then to do the attunement, transmission and initiation processes as outlined in the third manual while reading through the first two manuals again. As with all of the attunements and transmissions I send to you, (except for the Mahakali Storm Initiations), these are contained in an Orb of Life for you so that you may repeat the process as many times as you care to do, and receive the full power each time.

Jinlap Maitri comes in three levels, and you will receive a manual for each level. They contain the information on how to do all that is mentioned above as well as how to go through the attunement, transmission and initiation processes. You will also receive a beautiful, full color certificate honoring the Master initiation from the Naked Shaman Academy that is suitable for framing, and three years of e-mail consultation on this system to insure that you get the most possible benefit from your experience with us.

May your lives be filled with Bliss!

Prajna Shiva Kalidasa