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   Praying with the Sacred Pipe 

The Sacred Pipe is the most powerful ritual object in all of North America, and similar traditions are found among the First People in tribes all over the world. In this manual you will learn of a great power for which there is no attunement needed, but which comes only through right use, respect, and experience. With the help of this e-book you will be able to harness this great power yourself.

This manual is filled with a detailed understanding of what the Sacred Pipe is, the rituals with which to work it, and a proven system for quitting smoking tobacco casually in ways that dishonor this most sacred spirit of our land. There are also photos and diagrams illustrating the rituals, and many stories about how the Sacred Pipe has changed the lives of many people for the better, and dealt justice to those who do evil.

Chapters in this book include:


The Power of the Sacred Pipe

The Spirit of Tobacco

The Sacred Pipe and the Elements

Four Kinds of Sacred Pipes

Preparing the Pipe for Ritual Use

Loading the Pipe

Smoking the Pipe

Some Basic Rituals

The Blow Pipe

Using the Sacred Pipe for Healing

Using Cigarettes and Cigars

The Truth Pipe


By the time you have read this manual you will have been exposed to many rituals rarely taught outside of Native America, know how to determine if the Creator will honor your prayers with a pipe, know how to treat it properly, use it for different kinds of healing, what makes one either a war pipe or a peace pipe, or any other kind, know a ritual that will reveal the truth and destroy those who lie in the process, be able to use the Sacred Pipe yourself in effective ways that will radically change your life, and the lives of those for whom you pray, for the better.

From the time when one of the most powerful and respected Pipe Carriers of modern times used his pipe to begin the healing of my lungs that were damaged by asthma and what was supposed to be a fatal dose of childhood emphysema, on through my life up to now, you will read about the great things done by the Sacred Pipe, and by "Tabaku", the Great Spirit Herb, with detailed descriptions of every process for which it has been used that I was able to put into this book. When you do these rituals yourself then you will see seeming miracles take place, and you will be blessed by the Sacred Pipe even as I have been.

Learn how to heal seemingly incurable diseases;

Learn how to effect and change the weather;

Learn how make and use a Truth Pipe;

Learn how to use a Blow Pipe;

Learn how to find the answers to all of life's questions;

Learn how to pray the Medicine Wheel;

Learn how to make Grandfather Tobacco;

and much more!

Read this manual, work with the Sacred Pipe and the Spirit of Tobacco, and then ask any questions that you may have. It is our desire that you get the greatest possible blessing and empowerment out of your experiences, and we will help you in any way that we can.

Anyone who purchases this manual will also receive at least one free course, as we are led to send by the leading of Monolah (Mother Earth) and the Great Spirit, to help you to better utilize this sacred information

As with all of our courses and attunements, there are no refunds for anything ordered on this website, but we encourage you to contact us if you have a problem with your purchase later on so that we can help you work it out. We don't give refunds since something that is sent energetically and electronically cannot truly be returned. So, be certain of your desire to have it before making your purchase.

SPECIAL SALE: In honor of Native American Month, this manual, which normally sells for $26.00 USD will be sold to you for $17.00. Once the month of October, 2012 has ended then the price will revert to $28.00, and it will not be offered at this lower rate again.

Pray the Sacred Pipe

Detailed instructions on how to pray with the sacred Pipe, and do the rituals that have made it work for countless thousands of years. There are no refunds given for purchases on this website.