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The Tibetan Medicine Package

I have desired the opportunity to be trained and credentialed as a Tibetan Doctor for many years, and now that I am no longer the spiritual head of the Asaga that opportunity has come my way. Further, I needed the money for the training, and one of my Senior Apprentices decided that she wanted to pay ahead on her donations. That made it possible to get the first year paid for as well as a library of 60 reference books for the course. While I will miss the monthly donations, it gave me what I needed to make this dream come true, and I can bear a little hardship to be able to get it done. I needed the money and a way, and Mahakali provided it through her, and by letting me move on from the Asaga five years earlier than expected. It was a great twelve years, but this will be great as well. And, I have no doubt that she will keep me fed and my bills paid as well.

As anyone who has ever taken any of my courses or empowerments knows, I am not a Buddhist and never will be, but I am being allowed to take the course anyway. Much of what they claim to be their own was actually taken from the shamanic heritage of Tibet preceding the arrival of the Buddhists, and those parts I know well now. That is why these attunements, and several others to come, are being offered to you at this time. And, as I go through their training then I will share it with you in this way as much as I can. Obviously, there are many aspects of the subject that will not work in this venue, but I will share what I can.

Below you will see that there are some empowerments being offered for sale now, and there will be others that are listed now that will be available within a few weeks. No matter what you purchase here, we will listen to the gentle voice of Mahakali, and provide you other attunements free of charge that will aid you in the processes that you have purchased. This is a part of our service to you. We believe that you should always receive more than you expected, and we encourage you to do the same for your own clients. 

All of the money generated by this page will be used to further the spread of all forms of Tibetan spirituality. Their Communist Chinese invaders are seeking to destroy all forms of Tibetan spirituality, and not just the Buddhist variety. So, we will help them to survive there, and we will continue to help them spread into other parts of the world as well. There are many people whom we have committed to help, and the money you spend for your purchases will be gone almost immediately. It is for this reason that we do not give refunds for purchases on this website. So, please take your time, and be certain that you really desire this empowerment before you finalize the sale.

If you have any questions about these empowerments then please feel free to use the contact form, and I will respond to you as quickly as I can. I always take care of my Apprentices first, but there is rarely so much going on that I am unable to answer you within a couple of hours if not immediately. And, do check back often as we will be adding courses here regularly.

As with all of our courses, you will receive three years of counseling by email concerning it's use in your life to insure that you get the most possible benefit from it, and you will receive a full color certificate suitable for framing if you so desire to have one.

The Tibetan Manjushri Crystal Empowerment

All forms of divination using tools, cards or other objects are simply a slower means of developing an openness to seeing and hearing what the spirits have to say to you. This empowerment process will help to further connect and balance your Third Eye with your Crown Chakra, empower you to do divination successfully, and also to trust what you sense the first time instead of second guessing yourself which is a certain recipe for disaster. This new confidence and ability will serve you well in all areas of your life, and not just for this purpose.

This empowerment will work for you automatically from the time that you receive it onward, and it will go with you from this lifetime to all of your future lifetimes as well. All of our attunements do this, and they also remind you that the energy is there for you and teach you how to access it in that future time.

There are times when people have reason to doubt what they are getting in their divination, and that is when they consistently have the opposite come true rather than what they were receiving from the spirits. This is usually due to their body’s polarity being reversed. We will show you a very simple and effective way to correct this problem that only takes twenty seconds to do, and yet most people don't know how to do this. 

You will also be taught an excellent divination process that can be done anywhere, and without most people even knowing what you are doing. This divination process is known by only a few people outside of Tibet or Tibetan communities in the diaspora. It is very effective, and you will benefit greatly from knowing how to do it.

Tibetan Manjushri Crystal Empowerment

There are no refunds given for donations and purchases made on this website


Medicine Buddha Healing Eye of Insight Empowerment

Below you will see a photograph of the Medicine Buddha thanka I purchased for the temple here in New York. Below the lotus seat are orbs known as the “Wish Fulfilling Jewels”. Such Jewels are extremely rare and not easily made either by living spiritual masters, or in the bodies of those who have died, so that this is a very rare treasure indeed! This is one such Jewel, and you can be empowered with it's energy by receiving this attunement.

Specifically, this Jewel is intended to give one greater spiritual and psychic insight, and to help one learn and grow more quickly. It opens and empowers the third eye, balancing and aligning it with the Crown Chakra, heals the owner and removes all weakness and infirmities, grants long life under normal circumstances, and carries the full energies of the Medicine Buddha. It also increases clairvoyant awareness which is so necessary for one to be able to achieve excellence in the realm of Tibetan Medicine, and causes all of these things covered above to manifest in your life, as needed, for the rest of this lifetime and in all of your future lifetimes without your having to consciously think about it.

Here we see that the Medicine Buddha has made 21 Wish Fulfilling Jewels, and the Masters at his feet have only made three each. This empowerment will attune you with the full energy of this particular Wish Fulfilling Jewel so that this energy will flow through you at all times, and you will be blessed by this energy as well as able to see the true underlying causes of disease in others.

Medicine Buddha Healing Eye of Insight

There are no refunds given for purchases on this website.


Tibetan Medicine Male+Female Effigy Oil Empowerment

In this empowerment manual we will cover the process whereby ordinary objects such as these effigy wands, herbs, teas, tinctures and other healing items are made exceedingly powerful, and then we will attune you so that you are able to do this Great Work in the spirit of wisdom and power both within this tradition as well as within your own wherever you may live. And, you will be attuned to the energy of this oil so that you can transmit it in healing as well. As far as I know, no one has ever shared this specific information outside of strictly Tibetan circles before and also given the energy transmission that makes it work for you.

Here is a special note from the Tibetan Lama who made this possible for me: "Once the healing oil is gone you can use these over and over again because the hand carved wood effigies were consecrated and made by the Buddhist monks in wood and special rituals and so they still hold a healing vibration per say within the Buddhist teachings and I have shared with many healers these bottle where the oils evaporated due to age and were re-filled and used and with wonderful healing results from comments I received from energy worker friends. So this is the foundation of a very special tool for you. For you healers you will love working with this sacred oil the results could be fantastic!" 

When you use the process that you will be taught and empowered to do here then the bottles of oil that you empower will continue to work in the same way for both you and others to whom you give them or sell them.

By receiving this empowerment then you will be able to do the process that makes some of the most powerful healing objects in the world, you will know how to empower many other items as well, and you will also be able to transmit these energies from yourself to others for their healing, and after March of 2016 then you will be able to attune others to this empowerment as well.

This energy is not only spiritually life changing for you, but it makes it possible for you set up a much needed and powerful business making and empowering sacred oils, effigies and other such things. If you can read the manual, receive the empowerment, and then follow the instructions then you can be the owner of your own business tomorrow. It is our great pleasure to be able to make this possible for you.

Tibetan Medicine Male+Female Effigy Oil Empowerment

There are no refunds for purchases from this website.


Tibetan Tribal Medicine Necklace Empowerment

Here are the words of the man from whom I received this necklace:

“This kind of healing mala/necklace made of medicinal herbs is mostly used by tribals in Tibet and other part of the world to bring good luck, to cure disease and to protect from evils. Beads are tied to black thread that blackens (destroys) the incoming negative effects. It contains herbs that are believed to have strongest positive effect. The local names of the herbal beads used in this necklace are: Sphatic crystal, Red sandalwood, Pitaujiya, Red coral, Karjani, Bodhi seed, Majum fruit, Vorla, Rudraksha, Balyangra, Lapsi, Ritha, yak teeth, brass yantra, hard nut, berry, etc. Each individual bead of this necklace is supposed to bring particular kinds of positive effects, together they protect from almost all kinds of evils.”

This High Tantric Lama is obviously not well versed in the English language, but the energy that he imparts is exceptional. Because of this, in this empowerment process and manual you will be empowered to work with these energies, make similar necklaces for yourself and others, and taught how to empower them as well. In effect, as with the process covered in the Tibetan Medicine Male+Female Effigy Oil Empowerment, you will have the ability to begin your own spiritual business that will bring peace, healing and protection to people everywhere. Receive them both, and you will have a spiritual enterprise that will know few limits in the good that you can do for the world and for your family and yourself. 

Cost: $80.00 USD

Coming soon!

The Melong Mirror Empowerment

In this empowerment process your will learn about an ancient spiritual tool for protection and divination. You will be empowered to work with such energies, to have them within you so that you do not need a physical melong to make it work for you, and you will be taught how to empower other objects for use with this powerful and little known form of water divination. 

Cost: $44.00 USD

Coming soon!