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Tibetan Buddhist Package

While all of the courses listed below have some aspect to them that works for healing both ourselves and others, its safe to say that these are some of the most powerful tools for spiritual growth that we have ever encountered, and some of them have so much vital material offered in the manuals that there is enough here to keep the average dedicated spiritual seeker busy for many years to come.

This information is also great for Shamans and Light Workers as well as for those simply seeking enlightenment as the energies in some of these courses is the some of the most refined, powerful and highly intelligent energy that you will ever encounter. Simply put, you will be much better off for taking these courses, and so will everyone who comes in contact with you following taking these attunements and assimilating the information presented to you.

Tibetan Soul Star Reiki:

I have a Teacher named Maya Moonshadow who has helped me through some of the roughest places along my spiritual path, and when she says "I have some courses that I thinks would be good for you, Hun..." then I know that I had better be paying attention! Good for me? Maya is great about understating the facts at times. Most of those recommendations about blow me away. Tibetan Soul Star Reiki was one of those courses.

There are five attunements for this course, and while we normally charge only $10.00 USD per attunement, we make an exception with this course charging $100.00 so as not to insult the value of this energy and material in any way. And, considering the time we often spend with people after the attunement, and after they start using the various mudras, meditations, exercises and mantras they encounter in the manual then except for the wonderful review we receive in working with them, you would think that we had to be crazy to honor our commitment of three years of consultation to help people get the most out of it. However, it is such an honor to be able to take other people through this process like Maya did for me.

Just a few of the wonderful gems you will encounter here are the OM symbol for the embodiment of Oneness, the Water ceremony, the Vajrasattva Purification, Tantric Chakra Activation, Generating Tummo Heat, Double Breathing, the Secret Teaching of the Seven medicine Buhhdas, Tibetan Mi-Tsung Energy Mudras, the Golden Hand Flower, the Reverse the Higher Self symbol used to remove the lack of being teachable, Tibetan Tantra Prana Mudras, the Blue Pearl Meditation, Himalayan Mudras and Palm Healing, and an absolute guarantee that you will never be the same again!

This is easily the most subtle and refined energy for spiritual enlightenment and healing that I had ever encountered up to the time that I received these attunements from Maya. I have been wearing out my first copy of the manual, and expect that I wear out a few more before this lifetime is over.

As I mentioned earlier, we charge $100.00 for this course, but you will get it for less by purchasing this attunement package. This course is a major blessing in and of itself, but the financial savings will make it even more of a blessing!

Tibetan Soul Star Reiki
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Green Tara Seichim:

There are primarily two Taras, the green and the white, though some count a Red Tara in the mix as well. The Red Tara receives limited exposure in this manual. The Green Tara is the more earthy of the two and so of greater interest to those of us in shamanic and tantric forms of spirituality. And, while this manual is focused upon the Green Tara primarily, you are also given information and mantras for the White Tara as well.

It is generally believed that there are twenty-one Taras within the Green Tara, and the 21 mantras for them are given here. The attunement activates both them and the other Tara mantras within you so that they become a powerful force for good in the lives of all who use them. On both a physical and spiritual level, these Taras and mantras increase longevity, bring prosperity, avert earth-born calamities, increase wisdom, protects from criminals, increases personal power, subdues demons, heals sickness, and fulfills the desires of our hearts, just to name a few.

The manual covers attunements, self-empowerment methods, the Tibetan Reiju Empowerment Method, hymns and poetry, pictures of the Taras and much more. The cost for this attunement is normally $10.00.

Green Tara Seichem

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Drisana 1:

As was Usui Reiki, when it was first brought to the United States of America, the Drisana system of spiritual empowerment is so overpriced that most people can't afford it. While Drisana 1 is all that we have to offer out of the seven levels at this time, it is our hope to be able to get the rest in the very near future so that we can continue what we are starting here by offering these 30 attunements at an affordable price at a time when this system of spiritual empowerment and enlightenment is of such vital importance in the realm of human and cosmic affairs that to do otherwise than make it affordable is, to my way of thinking, a karmic crime that can follow people for many lifetimes to come.

Personally, I had thought that I would never encounter a more subtle energy that Tibetan Soul Star Reiki, but I was wrong! I have never encountered anything more subtle on so many different levels than I have with Drisana. This is an energy so far beyond the energy of Reiki that I am at a loss as to how define it, and most people who know me knows that being at a loss for words takes some doing for me. So, to give you just a hint of all of the levels this energy works on we are going to list the 30 attunements for you here:

1.Kundalini Shakti - an energy of spiritual unfoldment.

2. Angelic Forces Attunement

3. Alleviation of Karma

4.Cosmic Union with God

5. Monadic Attunement

6. Atmic Attunement

7. Buddhic Attunement

8. Mental Attunement

9. Emotional Attunement

10. Physical Attunement

11. First Light - Makes the Drisana energy more coherent and powerful

12. Activation of programs and symbols by will alone

13. Light Carrying Capacity Attunement

14. Mental Imagery Attunement

15. Heart Center Enhancement

16. Etheric Heart Attunement

17. Triangulation Attunement (Channel Building)

18. Soul Star Attunement

19.Soul Contact Attunement

20. Chakra Release Attunement

21. Star Tetrahedron Attunement

22. Stabilization Shakti

23. Power Setting Attunement

24. Drisana Absentee Symbol Attunement

25. Mode Setting Attunement

26.Trasdimensionality Attunement

27. Meditation Enhancement Attunement

28. Samadhi Attunement

29. mental Control of Energy Attunement

30. Drisana Seventh Ray Attunement

Many of these energies are autonomous, and some of them you activate as needed. And the attunements are provided in two multi-level attunements that take 35 minutes each. The first includes attunements 1 - 16, and the second includes attunements 17 - 30.

We offer this attunement by itself for $150.00 USD, but you will get it for less by purchasing it with this package.

Drisana 1

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Yab-Yum Ghau Blessing Empowerment:

The Yab-yum Ghau came to me from Tibet by way of a Tibetan Buddhist couple named Jack and Debbie Funfer. They run a store in Santa Fe, New Mexico called Heart of the Lotus Interiors where they sell the items they purchase from the monks and nuns in Tibet to help them avoid starvation while continuing to resist the efforts of the Chinese Army to destroy their religion. That was how this very special Ghau had come to be in their store, and when you read about it then you will know why they were hoping someone other than a collector would wind up purchasing it. When I wound up with it then we were all pleased.

This Ghau first wound up in Lhasa around 150 years before the Chinese invaded Tibet where it was used in the service of the Dalai Lama. When people would bring him gifts then he would give them a Blessing, and they would leave. As they did then the senior Lamas and Rinpoches would observe the ones with good hearts and serious problems, and they would take them aside for a further Blessing with the Yab-Yum Ghau.

As you can see from the photo above, there is a likeness of Mahakala and Makakali in the sexual position known as Yab-Yum in which the female sits on the lap of the male as they either have sexual intercourse or do exercises involving the balanced use of power for various purposes as Debra and I do. To the western or patriarchal mind, the female is considered to be the consort of the male, and this is patently wrong. In this case, Mahakala is the consort of Mahakali who is known as Bhadamramo in Tibetan Tantra. In Tibetan, Yab-Yum means "Father-Mother", and represents Balance.

The Yab-Yum Ghau Blessing removes negative energy from your body, and gives you a wisdom transmission that helps you bring your life back into Balance. The energy from this empowerment lasts for one year. Sometimes the shifts happen quickly, and sometimes they are more gentle, but they definitely happen and are very good for you. The result is that your life changes for the better, and you become a more spiritually pure and empowered person. And, when you have received the Yab-Yum Ghau Empowerment then you can sit in Yab-Yum with someone else, either of the opposite sex from you or with someone who holds the opposite predominant energy than you, then the two of you can transmit this energy to others as well. All that you must do is make certain the feminine energy is in the superior sexual position, hold the intention, chant the mantra either 108 times or as long as you can, and let the energy run it's course. The results are often quite pleasant for both of you.

We normally charge $30.00 USD for the Blessing and $50.00 USD for the Blessing and Empowerment together. Getting the Blessing and Empowerment as a part of this package will make it much better for you, and we will provide a recording of the Kiliya (Dagger Sharp) Mantra to use with it as well.

Yab-Yum Blessing & Empowerment

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The Quan Yin Lavender Flame:

More often than not, Quan Yin is referred to as a woman instead of as a man. In truth, he is a man who is completely in touch with his feminine side to the point that he has become the living embodiment of Divine Love and Compassion. Quan Yin is the gentle version of the same being in Tibet who is the wrathful version known as Mahakala. The ritual tool known as the Phurba is the living representation of Mahakala in the Shaman's arsenal. When we do the Phurba ritual then we use this representation of Divine Love and Compassion to destroy the evil we see in the world by destroying it in ourselves as we are One with all of Creation and we know it. And, that includes with what we are "destroying".

This is another of the courses my Teacher, Maya Moonshadow, thought that I needed. I had told her that I knew that Crazy Man Wisdom Teaching is becoming a part of the past, and that I needed to find a more loving and compassionate way to teach or I was going to lose an apprentice of mine whom I have come to Love far beyond anything I had experienced in this lifetime. This lady has become so dear to me that I would rather rip out my own heart than to hurt her in any way not dictated by the Teacher-Apprentice relationship in which we current reside. Quan Yin's Lavender Flame, and the Lotus Jewels that come with it, were a part of her answer to meet my needs.

The Lavender Flame of Quan Yin is all about spiritual growth and transformation. It has the power to transmute and purify just about anything in your life. This is spiritual alchemy at it's best. Let me give you an example of the power it has: A while back, I was a part of a New Thought church in which I and three other people did the majority of the grunt work that kept the place operating, and I ran a mystery school that attracted in new people and brought in some much need money to help keep the doors open. There was a clique in that group that wanted to run the place with perfect autonomy, and would do so against the wishes of everyone else. When they did then I would get in their face about it, and the issue would end. The other members were willing to be supportive if I would provide the leadership in the confrontation, and so it went from year to year.

One day we were asked to go to a "finance" meeting where this group of five people made baseless accusations, and refused to say who had made the bogus "complaint" against me so that I was powerless to defend myself. It destroyed my work in this community, and alienated me from the people I loved. To put it mildly, I hated these five people with every part of me! It was this attunement that made it possible for me to forgive them, tell them so, release them from any karmic debt and move on with my life. Why release them from their karmic debt you may ask? Because I gained so much more from the lessons I learned than I would have if they had never attacked me. What these New Thought Christians had intended for evil, my Goddess Mahakali had used for good, and I am grateful! And, when Debra and I are in Yab-Yum together then I am truly honored to play the part of Mahakala/Quan Yin in the process.

This is a single $10.00 USD attunement, but it will profoundly change your life!

Qwan Yin Lavender Flame

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The OM Empowerment:

The OM Empowerment is a simple attunement to the primordial sound that brought all of Creation into being. I had chanted OM for hours in meditation before receiving this attunement, and the results were already profound enough that i would do so fairly regularly, and had done so year after year. However, since doing the attunement, I have felt a subtle shift take place that was not there before whenever I chant OM as a part of my meditations.

In truth, there are three separate sounds in OM that are best shown as A-U-M. The "A" sound destroys anything you are dealing with that no longer serves you, the "U" sound creates something new to take it's place, and the "M" sound stabilizes the new creation. The whole process of Creation resides within this one simple sound.

This attunement is normally provided for $10.00 USD as well. As a part of this package you get it and the others for less.

Qwan Yin Lavender Flame

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Like the other packages offered on this website, you rewarded with more for less when you take the package deal. Normally, these courses and attunements would cost you $330.00 USD, but we will send you these manuals by e-mail, set up all of the attunements and empowerments for you, give you a certificate for each course, and consult with you for three years to insure that you get the most out of them that you possibly can for $280.00 USD. That is a $50.00 savings for you.

Tibetan Buddhist Package

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