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   Universal Shaman Empowerments

Shamanism is a willful manipulation of the illusion that is this world for the purpose of bringing about a desired result on behalf of either the Shaman or others who the Shaman serves. Much of this is possible due to the wisdom the Shaman has gained concerning the spirit world, and an understanding and application of Universal Spiritual Law. Anyone who is unfamiliar with Universal Spiritual Law is encouraged to click on this link, and to read about it: Apply it to your life, and teach it to others, and great things will happen for you.

This course gives some basic instructions concerning Shamanism in volume 1, more in-depth information in volume 2, and advanced empowerment in volume 3. There is less instruction here and more experience as well as attunement to various energies used in shamanic endeavors. With exposure to these energies, and some understanding of what they are about, then you will be able to get started learning the shamanic way of things. But, this will not turn you into a Shaman.

No matter how many attunements you have or books you read you will not truly be a Shaman until you have earned the right to be called one, and that is best done with a human form teacher. At the time of this writing I currently have openings for five Apprentices and I may be willing to take you on as a student or a formal Apprentice if you do well with this course. Of course, you can always just call yourself a Shaman, but that is likely to end badly. Here is an example.

In 1995 I was living and working in Tahlequah, Oklahoma doing the work of an Asaga Adawehas (spiritual leader and medicine man), and on many days I would meet Grandfather George for lunch at “The Shack” café which closed several years ago to become a bakery. But, back then I would walk over from my clinic on Water Street, meet Grandfather George on the lawn in front of the Cherokee Courthouse, and we would walk across the street to have lunch.

One day I saw Grandfather George and several other Elders clustered around a young man who looked to be about 20 years old, and he was down on his knees sweating up a storm as he tried to put energy into a pile of twigs and grass trying to make it burn. When I got over to them I asked what was going on, and Grandfather George laughed as he showed me the young man’s business card, and said, “He says he’s a Celtic Fire Shaman, and so I had him put that little pile together, and told him to use his hands to make it burn.” So, I 

asked the kid who he had received his training from, and he said, “George and Caitlin Matthews.” To this I replied, “By reading their books on Celtic Shamanism?” He said, “Yes”, and we all laughed. Then Grandfather George said, “Clifford here is a Cherokee Fire Shaman. Clifford, use your hands to make the sticks burn.” So I took out a cigarette lighter in my hand, struck it, and set the pile of twigs on fire.

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of mGrandfather George tore up the young man’s business card, dropped it in the fire, and as we headed off to lunch told him. “Don’t let that fire get out of control, and don’t come back here again.” We never saw him again. Maybe he got himself a job with Burger King in Tulsa or something.e and selecting the options from the toolbar.

If you are going to do this work right then do the attunements to give yourself a good start, and find yourself a human form teacher to help guide and train you, and to keep you from making some bad mistakes. Then, when you have earned the right to be called a shaman your teacher will declare it to be so, or someone else will with the approval of your teacher. The single proudest day of my life was when three members of the Moss Clan came up from the Texas Cherokees, presented me with eagle, owl and turkey feathers and proclaimed me to be an Adawehas. Earn it the right way. You will be glad that you did.

The 51 Attunements

This course will be split into three sections covering 52 attunements and/or spiritual exercises that will help you find your way into the realms of Shamanism, and demonstrate whether this is a realm of activity in which you should work or not. For example, in the first section there will be one exercise which, if you can do it then you can do the work of a Shaman, but if you cannot then you can take the attunements to help you out in the spirit world, but you will still know that you are not qualified to be trained as a Shaman. Whether you can or not does not make you a good or a bad person. Indeed, only 3% of all of the people in the world can do it. It just means that some people are called to be Shamans, and most are called to do other things. It does not make you either good or bad if you can do it or not. Knowing what you are not supposed to do is half of the battle in finding out what you should be doing. And, there are still many things involving the spirit world that you will be able to do. For example, in the Asaga Medicine Society of the Cherokee Tribe there are many who begin the training to become an Adawehas, but only about 1% of them finish it. The rest either leave the work entirely to do something else, or they become medicine people. Whatever they may do, none of these other activities are either better or worse than being an Adawehas. If everyone did the same thing then a lot of other stuff that is needed for us to all survive and live well would not get done.

Below you will find a listing of the exercises and attunements for each of the three sections. Some may interest you more than others, but they are set up for you to take them in order. Don’t worry about if the energies represented are some that you are already intimately familiar with. That just means the attunements may take less time. But, do them anyway. You may be surprised at what you get.

As you will find out when you complete Section 3, you must have done all 51 attunements and worked with the energy to be able to pass these attunements to other people. The reason for the assignments in this course is to correct an error that has come to my attention due to the actions of some of my Apprentices. What they have done is simply do an attunement, not bother with working with the energy to learn about what it really does and how to work with it, and then have turned right around and started selling the attunements to other people. So, in this case, if you do not do the work to get familiar with all of this energy then the Orb of Life it was sent to you in will not replicate for you to be able to pass these attunements to other people. It will take you a minimum of 51 weeks to finish this course. If all that you want is to take a bunch or attunements, get your full color certificate from us, and then start 

setting up the attunements without doing the work first then do not take this course. We will not sent you the certificate in less than 51 weeks from the date of your purchase, and the copyright precludes you from doing so until sufficient time as passed as well. We are very serious about this, and we enforce our copyrights both spiritually and legally.

Basic Shamanic Practices – Section 1

1. The Earth Keeper Initiation

2. The Original Mind Attunement

3. The Earth Mother Attunement

4. Find your Guardian Animal

5. Find your Upper Realm Teacher

6. Spirit of the East Attunement

7. Spirit of the South Attunement

8. Spirit of the West Attunement

9. Spirit of the North Attunement

10. Spirits Above Attunement

11. Spirits Below Attunement

12. Spirit Within Attunement

13. Spirit of the Earth Attunement

14. Spirit of Air Attunement

15. Spirit of Fire Attunement

16. Spirit of Water Attunement

17. Spirit of Ether Attunement

18. Stone People Attunement

19. Plant People Attunement

20. Animal People Attunement

Intermediate Shamanic Practices – Section 2

21. Shamanic Divination Empowerment

22. Shamanic Wisdom Empowerment

23. Past Lives Empowerment

24. Weather Magic Empowerment

25. Psychic Empowerment

26. Spiritual Power Empowerment

27. Charisma Empowerment

28. Authority Empowerment

29. Tabaku Empowerment

30. Spiritual Cleansing Empowerment

31. Spiritual Healing Empowerment

32. Energy of the Sun Empowerment

33. Energy of the Moon Empowerment

34. Energy of the Stars Empowerment

35. The Dragon Empowerment

36. The Naga Empowerment

37. The Devic Empowerment

38. The Shadows Empowerment

39. The Light Empowerment

40. The Shamanic Way Empowerment

Advanced Shamanic Practices – Section 3

41. The Pathfinder (Wolf) Initiation

42. The Hawk Initiation

43. The Badger Initiation

44. The Owl Initiation

45. The Fox Initiation

46. The Raccoon Initiation

47. The Coyote Initiation

48. The Rattle Snake Initiation

49. The Ghost World Initiation

50. The Red Hand Initiation

51. The Light-Bearers Initiation

52. The Odiyya Initiation

This is easily the most comprehensive shamanic attunement and initiation course that you will ever likely find online. And, whether you actually go on to become a full fledged Shaman it will be a powerful and life-changing experience for you. 

As with all of our courses, the attunements will be set up for you, and the manuals for each section that you purchase will be sent to you by email. Because of this there is no way to recover this material so be certain that you desire this course before you make your purchase as there are no refunds given for purchases and donations made on this website. However, if you do have a problem then discuss it with us, and we will do what we can to help you to resolve it in some other way.

As with all of our courses then you will receive three years of help by email to insure that you get the most possible benefit from your experience with us. And, we always include supplemental courses, according to the guidance of the Goddess, with every purchase. She will determine what you receive in addition, not you or me, and we will send it.

To take this course you can do so either by section, or you can get a $100.00 USD price break by ordering the package deal. Do not ask for permission to pay out the package deal as that defeats the reason for having it. We did that once, but will never do so again. 

Section 1: Basic Shamanic Practices

Universal Shaman - Section 1

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Section 2: Intermediate Practices

Universal Shaman - Section 2

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Section 3: Advanced Practices

Universal Shaman - Section 3

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Universal Shaman Package Deal 

Universal Shaman Package

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