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Vital Life Force Empowerment

A few months ago, I violated a personal decision that I would never join another multi-level marketing organization again when I became an Amega Global Business Associate. Simply put, they had the neatest technology I had ever seen in their Zero Point Field Energy wands and pendants, and I wanted it! 

Then, I found out that there was something better, and started selling a Nano-Wand that is far more powerful than the Amega wand for far less than what Amega was so that we really could change the paradigm that they were only giving lip service to. Now, there is an even better way that has been tested by Shamans, Medicine People and Naturopathic Doctors!

How would you like to be able to make your own wands and pendants all day everyday from the comfort of your own home? How would you like to be able to start reversing, rapidly, all of the evil things humankind has done to our Mother Earth? How would you like to be able to use this technology with people who are weak, and have no hope, and either do it with your own wands and pendants, with anything else that you happen to find laying around, or even with nothing at all? Well, you can!

There is an eleven attunement process that makes all of this possible and more! Either you can receive them individually, or you can receive them in three multi-level attunements, and one more powerful attunement at the end. Debra and I recommend the single attunement process for people who don't do a lot of energy work, and the latter process for those who do. The reason for this is that doing too many powerful attunements, or a multi-attunement for someone not used to working with energy, can cause you to go into a major detox that, while it may be good for you, will be very uncomfortable.

The manual that accompanies these attunements explains how to work with the energy, how to make general field products similar to the Nano Pendant shown above, and how to make laser like products like the Amega and Nano-Wands shown in the first paragraph. And, you can do so with just about anything! You can even cause your own body to pull this energy through it so that you don't have to use any other device at all. For example, the energy that comes out of any finger on my hands is far stronger than the energy that comes out of the Amega and Nano-Wands, and this will work for you too. All you have to do is take the attunements, and work with the energy so that you can tolerate the higher levels of energy like Debra and I can.

This past Tuesday, Debra, Diane and I went to a Oneness Blessing session, and when we were leaving there was an MD there who wanted to know how to protect herself from the negative energy she works around. She has just graduated from her post-doctoral training, and owes a small fortune in student loans so she certainly couldn't afford a Nano-Pendant, much less the overpriced Amega one. So, I asked her about the crystal pendant she was wearing, and she said she wore it everyday. With her permission, I took it into my hand for less than thirty seconds, and she felt the energy begin coursing through her body! When I turned loose, I pointed at a Nano-Pendant another lady was wearing and said, "Your pendant is now stronger than hers!" The truth is that her pendant can also be made to be over twice as strong as it is now as she adjusts to the effects of this energy in her body.

I have charged my rings, pendants, ritual jewelry, phurbas, khatvanga, massage table, clothes, chairs, traffic lights, parking meters, wadded up paper I was throwing away, and just about anything else that I can get my hands on for long enough to set the intention and transfer the energy. There are plastic bottles and other trash in the Tulsa dump that will be radiating this energy for as long as they exist, and will be helping to clean up the dump and Mother Earth in the process. I charge telephone poles and streetlights as Vital Life Force energy lasers to target the healing and empowerment energies deep into the earth with the intention that it will help to heal and empower our Mother from the damage our kind has caused Her. And, you can too!

We live in a time when all things that have been hidden have to be revealed, and this is a fulfillment of that paradigm. This will also make the vision one of the multi-level marketing systems I wrote about above claims to have become a reality: We will change the 

"health care" paradigm into a "Self-Care" paradigm so that we have little or no need for such fear based systems as insurance that so many people can't afford anyway, and no need to subject our children and other loved ones to drugs that poison their ability to either hear the spirits or live their lives free of the chains of pharmaceutically induced dependence and addiction.

So, what will this eleven attunement system cost you, and what do you get for the time and expense? Well, the cost for the eleven attunements, a certificate honoring the attunements you are going to receive, and three years of consulting to make certain that you get the most out of this system is $100.00. It's worth a thousand times more, but you can't change a paradigm unless people can afford it.

Please read the tab labeled "About Us" when you have the chance. Debra and I do all of our attunements together in a process rooted in Mahakali Tantra that guarantees that they will be strong and yet very well balanced. Each attunement takes approximately twenty-five minutes, and we can set them up for you to call in from a distance as there really is no such construct as time or distance in the spirit world. We know that your desire is be to be vital and empowered, and that we all want to heal our Mother Earth. By ordering this program today you are seizing the opportunity for both your individual life as well as the whole of Creation. The next time you hear Master Yoda say, "May the Force be with you!" you will say, "It is!", and know that it's true!

Order the Vital Life Force Empowerment Process today!

Vital Life Force Empowerment

Attunements are normal given for $10 each, and there are 11 attunements in this system. We are giving you one free of charge!

Vital Life Force Empowerment